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- Hide Preview | 62 Comments | submitted 10 months ago by whysointp [Post Locked]

Someone recently made a post asking you guys to respond to some common shit test. Here are some I’ve gotten along with some made up ones and want to get a good chuckle so give me your best replies:

Statement 1 : “You seem like a fuck boy”

Statement 2 : “I’m waiting till marriage for sex”

Statement 3 : “You probably have a small dick”

Statement 4 : “I’m really tired I don’t feel like doing anything”

Statement 5 : “I just met you” (Excuse for not allowing certain escalation)

Statement 6 : “You probably use that line on every girl”

Statement 7 : “I’ll only do that if I’m your girlfriend”

Statement 8 : “Your friend is really hot”

Statement 9 : “You aren’t that cute”

Statement 10 : “I only like [race or appearance that isn’t yours]” ex. “White guys”

Statement 11 : “All men suck”

Statement 12 : “I need a guy who makes a lot of money”

Statement 13 : “I want a deep guy whose in touch with his feelings”

Statement 14 : “You should respect me (after saying something she seems as disrespectful)”

Statement 15 : “You’re annoying/rude”