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- Hide Preview | 1 Comments | submitted about a year ago by RedUnderSurface [Post Locked]

Hey guys,

I’m 24 and my LTR (6 months) is 22.

She’s been a bit colder to me in the past couple of days.

Something just seems a bit off. She replies to me without the usual emojis she uses and seems a bit more distant.

She’s still coming over to my place tonight and we’re planning to spend next weekend together.

But even now when I texted her: “Im picking you up at 9 :)” she replied with a simple “ok”.

Yesterday I texted her to bring her cute PJs with her, she replied “ok”. I know it seems trivial but she’s usually a bit more excited I guess.

I’m letting her invest more in texting and contacting me since the relationship begin, so I’m not really over doing anything.

Should I ask her if somethings going on or just ignore and see what happens? Since she’s still coming to my place and all that’s involved with that...

[-] RedKnightTime 1 Point about a year ago

What's up buttercup? You alright?