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- Hide Preview | 0 Comments | submitted about a year ago by the13thmonk [Post Locked]

Met a woman, 25, decent career, submissive, good looking, low n-count (2 including me). She's very interested. We have similar outlook on life.


At the moment she came out of a 6 year relationship, and started being open to dating about a week before we met. We went on three dates, all went well, she offered to pay for her half so that wasn't an issue. Comes from a good family. We banged but after that happened she was talking about not being sure of a lot of things in her life at the moment, not looking for relationship, wanted to experiment sexually because she hasn't yet. So on so forth.Fine with me, she's a plate. I'm not emotionally invested, although i enjoy our time together and her as a person.
She does have a lot of the qualities i'd look for in a potential LTR.

I'm not 100% sure what I'm asking here. What I plan to do is what I'd do with all plates, just bang them until they break. However I see it as a possibility of getting into an LTR with her.


Is there anything wrong with my mindset there/how to look at it in a better way? Has anyone had a past experience similar that they'd share?