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- Hide Preview | 9 Comments | submitted about a year ago by TehJimmyy [Post Locked]

Not the best day for me , being ultra busy the whole day and in really depressive mood today while raining outside.I was returning home from college with train transportation.


While i got off in my stop it was raining hard and i pulled out my umbrella. I got approached by a girl who asked me where i was heading to . This caught me really off guard since its been a while since i got approached by a girl smiling at me and asking weird stuff ( its me usually doing that ) and answered across.She asked if she could get under and i said sure.

She didnt say much and i asked her name which she told me with a huge smile.I was dumbstuck for a second and ask her what did she study etc. I was really nervous the whole time saying autistic stuff and it basically was 1 minute conversation before we parted ways with just saying bye and her thanking me.


Should i have pushed it more asking her out? How can i be less nervous the next time ?

[-] FREECRACK6 3 Points about a year ago

Why do u write like you've been castrated?

[-] TehJimmyy 1 Point about a year ago

lol what do you mean

[-] caius100 3 Points about a year ago

He means that you should grow some fucking balls mate

[-] Atheist_Utopia 1 Point about a year ago

Because he probably feels like he's been castrated? I'd too if I were in his shoes.

[-] Empodocles 2 Points about a year ago

When you can't do a pullup, what exercise are you going to do to achieve being able to do pullups? Pullups.

To develop social skills in talking to females, you need to talk to females

[-] TehJimmyy 1 Point about a year ago

Thank you.

[-] FereallyRed 1 Point about a year ago

Maybe she was using you for your rain shelter.

Maybe she was interested and saw an opportunity.

Too bad you'll never know.

If only you had her number....

[-] TehJimmyy 1 Point about a year ago

This is what i thought.I was the one doing the most talking. Theres a good chance i will run into her again.


What should i do ? Should i bother ?

[-] FereallyRed 2 Points about a year ago

Ask her out/get her number. She owes you a beer for your rain protection equipment usage.