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554 - [TheRedPill] Students Accused of Rape Can Fight Back // Court OKs Suits Against University, Employees, and Female

[-] ubrayj02 20 Points 5 years ago

[Totally off topic with this] Harvard used to accept people this way - but too many Jews were getting in and spoiling the WASP club. Subjective entrance requirements were instated to keep minorities out of the Ivy League. Affirmative Action is subjective requirements to do the opposite. Crazy world, isn't it?

257 - [TheRedPill] We are not organised and that is our strength

[-] ubrayj02 19 Points 5 years ago

This is a nitpicking point I feel compelled to bring up:

"as men we are logical creatures" --> I understand why you feel that way, but you've not spent enough time working with and amongst people (I think) to make such a statement. Men, and women, are NOT logical creatures. We are usually "not logical" in different ways, but to pretend that people are logical is stupid. Try and move people to action in any domain (work, war, politics, sport, parties, etc.) and you will soon find that we are not "logical creatures" at all.

554 - [TheRedPill] Students Accused of Rape Can Fight Back // Court OKs Suits Against University, Employees, and Female

[-] ubrayj02 14 Points 5 years ago

I think the universities will add a clause into their entrance application that requires students to accept their fake courts and sign away their legal rights to do any of this federal court faffery in the future.

363 - [TheRedPill] FR: The RP Salvage Mission (or: How Treating My Wife Like A Child Is Saving My Marriage)

[-] ubrayj02 8 Points 5 years ago

OMG, that is a horrifying sub.

249 - [TheRedPill] Feminism is ruining the lives of young American boys.

[-] ubrayj02 6 Points 5 years ago

Televised sports, vidya, and ample porn doesn't help make strong men either.

463 - [TheRedPill] How Men Love / Male Commitment

[-] ubrayj02 4 Points 4 years ago

These types of criticisms from your woman are easy to deflect to protect your emotional state: "I'm that bad, huh? So what does that make you?"

263 - [TheRedPill] A Tale of Two Women

[-] ubrayj02 3 Points 6 years ago

Nope, you pretty much nailed it. Someone's got an answer for this but it isn't me.

24 - [RedPillWomen] New to red pill, husband is beta. =/

[-] ubrayj02 3 Points 6 years ago

Maybe the work he's doing is meaningless labor that only feed coins into a vending machine lifestyle (pay to play American consumption). Meaningful work might be what he needs, perhaps.

289 - [TheRedPill] Hey, were the second worst Subreddit :D

[-] ubrayj02 3 Points 6 years ago

I don't know about this "out of context" non-apology thing you've written about. Like all of reddit, there are people who make some pretty awful, outlandish, rude, and stupid comments. I think /r/TheRedPill is not immune from this - and those stupid comments are fodder for anyone looking to criticise everything else in this subreddit.

24 - [RedPillWomen] New to red pill, husband is beta. =/

[-] ubrayj02 2 Points 6 years ago

You know, there might be productive work for him to perform in the home that will bring real value (aside from housework). If he has a set of skills, is able to fix things, or work on a certain type of special problem - that might provide a conduit of not only supplementary income but a sense of purpose for him. There is also a lot of food & clothing needs that can be met by a stay-at-home partner - and that can turn you guys into a real economic unit. Intensive gardening, grey water systems, bicycle powered machines for washing, food processing, etc. - all of these things can provide material goods (allowing you to bank your income instead of using it on consumables) and be a vehicle for self worth for the person doing these various projects.

This is just an idea - one I've gathered from reading a few different writers on the slow collapse of American civilization.

575 - [TheRedPill] Uncle Vasya’s Guide to Submissive Women {NSFW-ish}

[-] ubrayj02 1 Point 4 years ago

What I meant was, "Getting submissive women sounds like a shit load of work."

It's like a kink tax.

317 - [TheRedPill] Visiting Prostitutes/Escorts, and what I've learned about sex and pair bonding. TLDR; Once a hoe, always a hoe.

[-] ubrayj02 1 Point 4 years ago

Try selling human affection, intimacy, and sex for a few months and see what happens to your worldview. What would "repair" look like to you after that?

524 - [TheRedPill] Girl on TwoXChromosomes continues hooking up with "an inconsiderate, disgusting douchebag" for 3 years straight. Hamsters ahoy!

[-] ubrayj02 1 Point 4 years ago

I would really like to see some pix of this guy.

474 - [TheRedPill] The Red Pill is Pro-Woman

[-] ubrayj02 1 Point 5 years ago

That is something that I studied as an undergraduate evolutionary anthropologist.

You bring up salient points - few I would refute, in fact I agree with a lot you have said. Your points, however, do little to weaken the statement I made initially. The demand/request for sex does not take place in a vacuum. We have some evolved dispositions that complicate matters considerably.

Again, I am not trying to hold one party blameless or totally guilty in all interactions.

335 - [TheRedPill] Perhaps the best post I have ever seen on the internet. I found this post 4 years ago and it has changed my life since.

[-] ubrayj02 0 Points 6 years ago

Tangential politicizing: I think it is a shame that dropping a bomb on Japan and the Truman-era stupidity that the U.S. engaged in is seen as being "a man" by a lot of Americans. Truman was the least popular president of the 20th century (until GW Bush).

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