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616 - [TheRedPill] Get to average first

[-] throwaway-chemist 39 Points about a year ago

Last line is key. Whatever you are - bald, short, white, black, purple - own it. Guarantee women will treat you less shitty if you rock the bald like Mr Clean than if you try meekly to hide it with headware.

64 - [TheRedPill] Style advice for men.

[-] throwaway-chemist 29 Points 3 months ago

Have a good body.

Select clothes that fit your lifestyle, taste, and body.

Don't overcomplicate things.

700 - [TheRedPill] From fat to hulk: 4 big lessons learned

[-] throwaway-chemist 15 Points 2 years ago

Top kek. OP is faggot confirmed

1160 - [TheRedPill] One Skill That Will Drastically Improve Your Life

[-] throwaway-chemist 14 Points 11 months ago

And send money, don't forget.

40 - [TheRedPill] The Emphasis on Lifting Iron

[-] throwaway-chemist 13 Points 2 years ago

Wait until you have a 1500 total, 200lbs at 10% bf and tell me if you still feel that way.

434 - [TheRedPill] Why Millennial Men are failing

[-] throwaway-chemist 11 Points 11 months ago

Agreed. So our options are:

-Bitch and moan about capitalism like Marx et al -- what most of this sub does, eg: "If I cuss and say ((jews)) a lot, its Alpha, not whining!"

-Do your own thing and cram as much hedonism into your worthless meaningless life as possible, you nihilist you. -- what most of this sub preaches but leads to up inconvenient moral questions. Not that many of the people here are truly enjoying the decline.

-Get involved in local politics and content yourself with the admittedly miniscule amount of progress we can make there. -- Why tf would we do that? Talking to people and winning a popularity contest sounds hard. Plus, why would we want power or the burden of leadership? Yikes.

434 - [TheRedPill] Why Millennial Men are failing

[-] throwaway-chemist 9 Points 11 months ago

Want to do something about it? Raise your sons better.

Don't feel up to it? Enjoy the decline.

One of those is more fun. The other is better for the rest of western civ. How much you're willing to sacrifice for the tribe isn't something you can let others decide for you.

3 - [TheRedPill] The Red Piller's Guide To Weight (Fat) Loss and Eating Like the Animal You Are

[-] throwaway-chemist 8 Points 3 years ago

The first third of this post is hokum. The final two thirds are pretty good. Most of what you say is accurate, though I believe you've arrived at the right conclusions by flawed means.

Any mention of alkalinity in diet should be met with heavy skepticism; the "pH Diet" has been debunked on numerous occasions. I am happy to see that the ketogenic diet is gaining traction in this community. I recommend higher amounts of protein to those trying to lose weight, as its thermogenic effect is greater by far than fat's, as well as for other myriad reasons.

Eat more meat, no sugar, and some veggies. I'm a graduate chemist and med student, so I'm happy to expound if people wish me to do so.

EDIT: Other problematic (or simply untrue) bits include references to nutrient timing, which has very little to anyone not in the elite levels, "toxins," especially in nuts (though I will grant that some fungi and nuts can be poisonous, it's also true that we tend not to eat those), and several potentially harmful or destructive bits, such as: the implications that most meats can safely be consumed (near) raw, that "organic" or "grass fed" actually mean anything, or that nutrients are actually lost when cooking. The last of these is only true if you drain fats, to which any self-respecting caveman would respond with a hearty spear-chucking.

Fixed grammar.

653 - [TheRedPill] Lift

[-] throwaway-chemist 6 Points about a year ago

You're skinny. Gain some weight, get >1000lb total, abs. If you can't be tall and jacked, be short and jacked.

0 - [TheRedPill] Secret Societies

[-] throwaway-chemist 6 Points 3 years ago

I've been a Master Mason for a few years; no secret/super cool/metaphysically practical teachings so far, though some of the ritual is interesting. Most of it is stuff like "sleep enough, help people when you can, be a good person," and other standards

I've heard OTO has secret practical magic(k)al teachings if you believe such things. If you're looking to discover more of that path I'd suggest them; I haven't seen anything supernatural in the Masons, though I suppose anything is possible.

For networking, community service/outreach, and such, the Freemasons are hard to beat. Though there are a lot of Beta(tm) males there, just like everywhere else. If nothing further, it's a good place to find male-only companionship. You'd probably find similar friends in fishing/hunting/mechanics/marksmanship or any other stereotypically-male activity.

Gyms and martial arts studios are another good place for camaraderie; I'd start with whatever your passions are, keeping in mind that wherever you go will be full of Betas and likely no less PC than the rest of the world.

357 - [TheRedPill] The Paradox of Choice and Online Dating (AKA What Killed the Sexual Marketplace; recommended for beginners)

[-] throwaway-chemist 5 Points 6 months ago

Online = communicating to the world that you are low value. You have enough free time and desire for random women to actually go on and set up a dating profile and compete with betas sending text messages to girls over the internet. I feel like a cuck using Tinder.

And people wonder why men have so much trouble dating online. Would Brad Pitt waste time sitting in his ass swiping?

EDIT: he said, in the gym, instead of doing something productive, lol

26 - [TheRedPill] April 06 - Weekly Improvement & Progress Thread

[-] throwaway-chemist 5 Points about a year ago

Still got my decent grades in med school.

Lost a few % of body fat, maybe around 12-15 now. Lost no strength on squats, and I hit 245 on overhead press yesterday. Prepping for a meet so I'm happy with that.

LTR #1 is getting her shit together, prolly trying for a promotion so I'm enjoying a little more of her company. #2 is cooking more and getting strong af in the gym; she probably lifts more than half of you fukkbois.

Side plate #1 wants to get kinkier. Considering trading her for another man's wife for a night. She likes sending cuck videos to her ex so I'm getting into that.

Next week trying for more strict diet.

391 - [TheRedPill] Tip to Look More Masculine and Skyrocket SMV

[-] throwaway-chemist 5 Points about a year ago

Get shirts that fit your neck. Find a woman who can sew to tailor your shit.

358 - [TheRedPill] Misogyny Alert: Men’s Brains Are Significantly Larger Than Women’s Brains

[-] throwaway-chemist 5 Points 4 months ago

Why is "mongoloid" the dis of choice from angry intellectually-superior niggas on this sub

Seriously the Mongols were fucking bad ass. Pick a lamer race if you must dis.

26 - [TheRedPill] April 06 - Weekly Improvement & Progress Thread

[-] throwaway-chemist 4 Points about a year ago

Good luck brother. Last piece of advice: find someone in real life who looks like how you want to look/is way stronger than you. Go up to him and say "Hey man, you look awesome. Can I buy you a drink/chicken breast/protein shake and pick your brain about how to get swol?"

9/10 times they will say yes and be super friendly and helpful. Pro tip: this goes for every other endeavor as well.

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