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979 - [TheRedPill] "I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC"

[-] tb87670 254 Points about a year ago

I never got that, even as a moderate porn addict while I was bluepill. There are guys who love watching their wives get banged by strangers. A married woman proposed such a deal to me before and it was just too weird for me to even consider because she kept saying her husband had to watch, I didn't need a nut that bad. Has to be a mental illness for a man to enjoy that, not natural. Porn probably doesn't help but it's not the cause.

733 - [TheRedPill] Remember: A Woman Will Have Sex With A Man She Doesn't Love, But She'll Never Love A Man She's Not Having Sex With

[-] tb87670 219 Points 3 years ago

A few times women bought up how they don't want to ruin what we have by having sex too early. I simply ask them if they gave it up faster for other guys in the past. Locks them up, jaws drop etc. and the hamster kicks into drive. Each one of them go on how I'm the best this and good looking and great at that, romantic (not even trying, don't get it) so after the first question and first salvo from the hamster fired my way I bring up how if I'm the best she's had yet why make me wait longer than the guys that were worse? Hamster shifts from drive into overdrive and off she goes. This has happened a few times now and I simply walk away while she goes nuclear. These bitches hate it when someone won't pay a higher price for an obviously devalued perishable commodity.

552 - [TheRedPill] Donald Trump teaches us something very important. Never bow down when put on the spot infront of a women.

[-] tb87670 136 Points 3 years ago

Exactly. SJW's common tactic of asking for an apology and instead of stopping attacks using said apology to fuel further attacks is a bitch/cunt move but it's their favorite thing to do because it works. But it only works as long as guys apologize. Do not apologize and you can actually bring the debate towards facts, which leftists, SJW's, and feminists never have on their side. Trump is using this to win.

Personally I think Trump is redpill as fuck. See all the hot women he married over the years? He likely naturally learned to deal with them since a young age due to his wealth. No messing around he chose the winning strategy to deal with them and that happens to be something close to redpill tenets. He might not be able to save the country in the next 4 years due to extensive damage by the current administration but he can at least call out this PC culture and make it known the SJW's don't have as much power as people think. Also Megyn Kelly might be conservative but she's my least favorite of the female anchors on Fox. Not sure why she has her own show besides looks and sometimes she messes up her hair to screw that up even.

650 - [TheRedPill] The entire system sickens me, I'm ready to opt out.

[-] tb87670 127 Points 3 years ago

The anger phase is strong with this one. I'm perpetually in and out of anger phase myself and I don't think I'll ever leave it, those guys going on how they have become zen and accepted how things are they are simply admitting defeat to the feminist imperative. It's like being told you are going to eat a shit sandwich no matter what. Most of us would be pissed at that idea and then you have those guys telling you to accept and make peace with it because it's gonna happen. Nah. I'll stay pissed about the deal.

I'll admit TRP has taught me to be a happier more productive man in this world we live in today and to ignore the lies and BS from women and feminist propaganda. Before TRP I was already seeing through the liberal leftist BS.

but most of all fuck all you guys who perpetrate the lie that you can better yourself and become part of this top elite tier of men who have it all

Now this part, it's not a lie you can better yourself. You can better yourself. Me, I'm likely going to have money issues the rest of my life. I see posts here about guys saying 'you can get 100k if you wanted to' no I call BS, if anyone can get it through hard work and want then lots more people would already be there. I would like to be there, oh yeah, but I'm not going to bullshit myself and say it WILL happen. But I did get in better shape, I did learn about female psychology and evolved social quirks women have, and I did obtain lots of sex with minimal effort which was one of my initial goals when I first came to TRP. I know now what women are about and that they are not worth near as much in reality as Bluepill indoctrination led me to originally believe. I now prioritize other more important things in life and don't have to give a damn about women anymore. I satisfy my sexual needs and don't have one in my home latching me down trying to take resources or time from me. A few have tried but it's not working anyway. How is that not improvement compared to being a mid-20's virgin?

One thing about this rat race overall is even if I don't make that 100k a year barrier I'm going to try. I hunt a lot. Lots of times on animals you have to finish off will give up when badly wounded when they could continue to struggle. This is very predominant in prey species. Feral cats can have their guts everywhere from a fight with a bobcat and still claw at your boots, prey animals though when wounded lay down and sit there until they go to sleep. It's a sobering thing to witness. I do not want to be prey. If there is fight I'll still try. Life is more valuable than to just give up. If you want to go MGTOW OP then do your thing, become a hermit or whatever makes you happy and focus on that. The only person you have to please is yourself, so go for it.

1228 - [TheRedPill] Remember the girl who dumped her boyfriend because he lacked "ambition" but was secretly loaded with cash, well here's the update from the same girl

[-] tb87670 125 Points 3 years ago

She really believed she dumped you after you packed up your shit and left her. This is so fucking stupid that it can't be made up. You dodged the bullet broseph.

817 - [TheRedPill] Rape accusers sue University of Tennessee for giving the accused student due process

[-] tb87670 117 Points 3 years ago

This shit will go on until punishment occurs for false accusers. Without punishment they will keep doing it and not care about the lives of men being ruined. I don't care if the punishment is legally sanctioned or not honestly, at this point too many men are having their lives ruined by false accusations and something needs to be done to stop the public slandering until evidence comes out.

611 - [TheRedPill] UVA Jackie lied about gang rape, terminal illness, and invented a dude, all to manipulate one guy into fucking her

[-] tb87670 81 Points 3 years ago

Don't stick your dick in crazy

Every time someone says this I have to correct them. Are you a straight man? Well any time you have sex in a woman you are sticking your dick in crazy. I've seen logical fairly smart women turn emotional and incredibly dumb the moment something upsets them or gets them emotionally excited to the point of facts not mattering. That explains this whole case, a bitch went way too far with the false rape claims in order to gain emotional leverage over a beta and earn sympathy.

297 - [TheRedPill] Government informs women about age and fertility, feminists get triggered by reality

[-] tb87670 78 Points 2 years ago

That's sad. I honestly think we need to flip this, praise mothers who want to be part of a healthy family and further stigmatize the sloots. This is how liberals/SJW's/feminists of all shades work. They push and are on the verbal offensive all the time. Then you have to defend your position. As we all know from reading sidebar here, defending what you said or even engaging is losing. This is how liberals can get into an argument with literally no facts nor saving grace, have evidence proving they are wrong, then they whip up the crowd in a fervor in their favor by pulling a dumb red herring out of nowhere.

This has played out with feminism obviously but also on gun control. In fact the NRA and other gun organizations have learned that being on the defensive at best gets you a temporary stalemate. Eventually a minor bill gets shoved through by an ultra-liberal and they slowly chip away non-stop. The only thing that has been proven to work against the liberal/SJW slander was to go on the offensive. Ask them why they are denying women the right to defend themselves with firearms? Why are you afraid of responsible citizens who do everything by the book? Why deny women the chance to compete in a sport where physical body-size doesn't matter and is more 'even'? (In reality guys still have way better reactions but there are fast women in shooting competitions) Point is the same goes for this shit on feminism. Push back. Put THEM on the defensive. Then they either buy time and stall for a while or lose small battles. That is how to win over time.

628 - [TheRedPill] Man is upset to discover his wife is stripping nude on a beach while on vacation without him. Relationships subreddit calls him a shitlord, tells him to man up and accept her open sexuality. Yeah, this is what's become of male dignity.

[-] tb87670 77 Points 3 years ago

Fucker is going to be Darwinism'd because his genes won't pass on. He will raise another man's child while being told by the bitch and the state that it's legally his.

169 - [TheRedPill] Don't discount the 40 plus women, they can be good for you.

[-] tb87670 76 Points 3 years ago

Single moms are toxic OP, don't care what you say. Otherwise I agree, even for a guy like me in his 20's the post-wall women can be fun because of enthusiasm and drive. Overall good post but please cannot say it enough single mothers are poison and have done nothing but ruin the life of every single man I've seen that tried one, from a cousin to personal friends to co-workers to even 3 of my brothers close friends. It's a 100% failure rate from what I have personally seen so don't play with fire.

106 - [TheRedPill] Sweden - The end is neigh.

[-] tb87670 74 Points 3 years ago

Sweden - The end is neigh.

Reading the title I thought horse-ma-geddon happened or something haha. Seriously saw an image of all the horses jumping off cliffs in refusal to work. I think the word you are going for is 'nigh'.

As for these countries ending I'm certain Germany is also going to end as a culture. They have so much shame about WW2 they made laws against 'Holocaust Denial' and it's literally not legal to have a model tank or plane with period correct WW2 German markings on them. Illegal, as in jail time. They take politically correct to a whole new level of freakishness. What is happening with Merkel and their leftist policies finally showing the long-term results of poor decisions being made I don't think Germany is going to make it. Sweden, well they're gone at this rate that is a given at this point.

776 - [TheRedPill] On Attraction

[-] tb87670 73 Points 3 years ago

Great Post. Point is be yourself but include at least most if not all the alpha traits in required amounts. Otherwise dating and shopping around the SMP is a waste of time for you. If not there yet then work up to that point sorta like a 'basic training' to get all the required stuff out of the way before you go into the world.

505 - [TheRedPill] How to Stop Being an AFC

[-] tb87670 72 Points 3 years ago

Bookmarked. Just hit another fucking anger phase. Forgetting my prior sexual conquests I'm currently mad as shit from several women flaking on me this week all in a row almost as if they had a fucking conspiracy going on. One. After. The. Other. Each one alone is nothing and I brushed it off, but out of sheer shit luck they ALL flaked and the whole thing turned into a 'straw that broke the camel's back' sort of deal.

I feel almost exactly like I did back in my AFC days. It's a very eerie familiar feeling that I thought I would have never experienced again. This is exactly the kind of post I need to read at this moment.

410 - [TheRedPill] Low Testosterone

[-] tb87670 71 Points 3 years ago

Male contraceptive is a scary thing because it puts men back in control. Control is exactly what those at the top only want for themselves. In their position a population of alpha's instead of passive-aggressive subservient betas is also a very scary thing.

138 - [TheRedPill] A woman hires a male escort to a dinner party and is universally priaised

[-] tb87670 67 Points 3 years ago

And yet women hate prostitution for men. You know why? It would force them to be better than the hookers. Women can't just starfish fuck their way through a relationship anymore after prostitution is legalized, no no. They must actually work on the relationship and be worth keeping. This is why it's not alright for us to get prostitutes. Yet on the flipside bitches are nothing but praise over a woman using a male prostitute.

This is the same as the sleeping around argument women hamster to their advantage without any logic nor fact. A woman fucks around with 10 guys she cannot be slut-shamed because she's an 'independent woman'. A guy sleeps around with 10 women he's called a pig by both women and their male white knight counterparts. It's a double standard. It sucks. Pendulum will swing back towards fairness at some point but I do not expect this in my lifetime.

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