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1173 - [TheRedPill] Putting An End To The Black Pill.

[-] strikethrough123 475 Points about a year ago

These fuckers don't want to put the effort in, so they adopt the victim mentality as an excuse so they can tell themselves all work they put in will ultimately be futile. It's pathetic.

897 - [TheRedPill] Reminder: Never discuss your feelings

[-] strikethrough123 345 Points about a year ago

Your mother is the only woman that will see you at your weakest and still love you unconditionally, which is why I think you're able to trust your mother with your emotions.

502 - [TheRedPill] I didn't think the redpill would change me this much

[-] strikethrough123 341 Points about a year ago

You have one hell of a father.

1141 - [TheRedPill] This better not have been any of you

[-] strikethrough123 250 Points 2 years ago

Women know the power their pussies have over men. Any girl who pretends otherwise is playing you.

1187 - [TheRedPill] Girl I am seeing gets visibly upset when I take out a condom..

[-] strikethrough123 239 Points about a year ago

Sounds like this bitch already has a bunch of Chads' cum swimming in her.

203 - [TheRedPill] The girl at my gym.

[-] strikethrough123 202 Points about a year ago

Translation: Can you get off the machine so me and my lazy friend can pretend to work out and go snail speed for 15 minutes and gossip and take selfies so we can justify our ass pictures that we'll put up later on Instagram?

Might've exaggerated a little bit.

180 - [TheRedPill] FR: Crabs in a bucket mentality - Don't change. You're already great.

[-] strikethrough123 183 Points 9 months ago

The closest people to you eventually end up dragging you down when they start seeing you do better than them. These people are people that you grew up with, got close to, and shared life experiences with. They already put you in a box, they don't want to see you escape it.

I've had to drop countless friends because of this, even family. Don't let anyone get in the way of your progress, only you have your best interest at heart.

283 - [TheRedPill] Man tries to escape the friendzone and convinces himself that what he did was sexual harassment

[-] strikethrough123 170 Points about a year ago

With this new wave of cucked non-gender abominations it's as if people have forgotten that men have penises and women have vaginas.

190 - [TheRedPill] You think you can plate your ex.

[-] strikethrough123 155 Points about a year ago

Plating your ex is only fun if she wants you more than you want her. I've done it before and it turned out fine. If you truly don't give a fuck if she leaves, you can plate your ex.

359 - [TheRedPill] When improvement outpaces confidence

[-] strikethrough123 143 Points 2 years ago

For me this post really hits home. From the "on top of the world" feeling to the mischievous little grin. It's really interesting how although you know she's definitely interested you still have that betabitch in your subconscious that tells you to keep doing as you've always done.

449 - [TheRedPill] Get Out of Your Head!

[-] strikethrough123 136 Points 2 months ago

This all depends on SMV. If your SMV is high, you’re the charming extrovert with great people skills. If your SMV is low, you’re the annoying nerd.

If anything, frequently striking up random conversations is a good way to determine SMV.

239 - [TheRedPill] ..and it checks out

[-] strikethrough123 124 Points about a year ago

I'm guessing we might see a field report soon of how a 30 year old machinist dumped his cheating GF.

140 - [TheRedPill] Less is More!

[-] strikethrough123 120 Points about a year ago

No matter how many times I experience it, it always baffles me how ignoring the fuck out of them makes them want you, and how showing a little too much interest makes them avoid you as if you had the plague. If you had texted her within the initial week you ignored her and tried to make conversation you would've never smashed. It blows my mind.

198 - [TheRedPill] The bitch face

[-] strikethrough123 114 Points 11 months ago

That's how it is with pretty much all girls. It's a buffer to weed out the betas. If someone's facial expression is enough to prevent you from getting what you want, then you've been filtered out.

813 - [TheRedPill] A scary truth I am learning about success in both life and with women.

[-] strikethrough123 101 Points about a year ago

They genuinely don't believe you will succeed, because:

  1. It hasn't been done before by you.

  2. They don't see themselves accomplishing it.

  3. They don't want you to be better than them.

  4. They aren't successful themselves.

The only people who want you to be successful are those who are already successful themselves. I've never been shamed by a successful man for striving to be something more, I've only received the opposite. Successful men are generally generous with advice for those who seek it.

The only people that have interjected with their negative "advice" without being asked are the ones that are leading mediocre lives with no purpose or goal in sight.

Bottom line is, people that think they have a say in how you should steer your life should be ignored.

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