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158 - [TheRedPill] Thinking of marriage? Don’t

[-] sezamus 47 Points 3 years ago

Just a few words from me. Don't even fucking think you are better than other guys and you are able to hold the marriage. Maybe she won't divorce you, but you will be a slave whole your life. And guess what? You will not even know who your fiance had a crush on and how many times, when you were together.

A female friend of mine had a huge crush on a guy 2 weeks before her BF gave her a ring. Now they are "meant to each other happy married couple expecting a kid". Guy had no idea. A friend of my ex-gf was extreme CC rider fucking everywhere without thinking about responsibilities. She got pregnant with a good looking guy who decided to be a provider and married her. Guy until this day has no idea how many dicks she had in her mouth. It made me sick watching them kissing at their wedding...

My ex-gf dumped me, pricing my love below 750 USD/Month (3000 PLN - not bad). That's the salary her new BF was earning, while I was still studying.

Everytime I think about marriage I remind myself what I saw.

And remember, your love is not even worth 750 dollars.

368 - [TheRedPill] A beta story everyone can learn from

[-] sezamus 24 Points 3 years ago

That's true. I have NEVER seen a nice chick who attends to church with an average guy. They don't fuck poor betas, but always pick good looking mates with high social status.

2117 - [TheRedPill] To those nervous about going to a gym: once you step foot in the door, nobody gives a fuck about you.

[-] sezamus 23 Points 2 years ago

I like seeing skinny/fat guys at the gym. I think "Keep going bro!"

900 - [TheRedPill] GET HARD WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD “NO”: The Truth About Rejection & Getting A Ten

[-] sezamus 21 Points 2 years ago

This really got me thinking, because I was gaming a girl I was extremely interested in, but I was getting mixed signals from her and got my mind fucked all over not knowing if I am harshly friendzoned or if these are test.

I met that girl at one party. Her eyes just kickstarted my heart.

I asked her out, she rejected me with "I am a single by choice". Sometime later she asked me if I was going to some party she knew I was planning to attend. "Could you be there in around 20 minutes to show me where it is?" - she wrote. We started talking, dancing, I walked her and her female cousin home and I could see she got very shy. Via text I asked her out, but got rejected. Later, during our dance class she asked me how long I dance and we talked a little bit more. I considered myself already rejected so did not think of that as escalation from her side, but later we started going out together to salsa partyes. Then I thought that maybe she liked me, so I started escalating verbally but she was calming it down. On the other hand she was very comfortable while dancing with me very, very close. Once I walked her home and she had those "kiss me" eyes. Unfortunately a nasty herp had showed up on my lip few days before, so she hugged me pretty firmly. Next time I headed for a kiss, but she kinda paniced and doged, then another time same shit.

After your post I am considering this as a test, because I have very masculine look and I am being prejudiced by girls to be a "heartbreaker", probably because of my huge self-confidence. Of course on the other there is possibility that she is using me as an ego booster.

I was going to give up, but will try one more time. Maybe even more agressive.

Anyways, nice post! It is a pleasure to read some real stuff, not just "lift, be confident, practice game, be attractive" all over and over.

394 - [TheRedPill] Fat? You either lazy, a liar, or mentally weak. (Unless you can show me the sonogram of a 40 pound tumor.)

[-] sezamus 17 Points 2 years ago

I agree, but gotta add something from myself:

[title]...or a fuckin' endomorphic.

Since I was 10 I train martial arts, I lift, I run 8 clicks, I dance and reducing from 107kg to 96kg is hell. Now I am on keto diet and it's the ONLY diet that works for me. I was always a fat kid except for the time I was 18 and literally was eating almost nothing except one meal full of meat per day to pass military exams to officer's school. As you can see for some guys it is not that easy. You can do everything right and still be a fat pig. While I was at boot camp I was being pushed to my limits and getting shitty food and I barely lost 7kg during first month being active for 15-18 hours per day.

For all endomorphics there:

*Sleep! Propably you need 8-9 hours!

*Videogames are not for you, neither alcohol and sweets. Actually carbohydrates are a fuckin poison.

*Check keto diet. Most people will feel sick, but you will struggle only for a week or two getting crazy for carbohydrates and later the magic happens. You will notice that an orange juice is so sweet you can't drink it!

*Lift like crazy, run like crazy!

*Drink only water except for some protein shake you can use milk. "Tea, Coffee? Sorry I don't know what that is..."

*For a 100kg man: In the morning eat 4 eggs, and around 200g-400g of meat for a dinner and I recommend 400g of cottage cheese or a protein shake(s) for the evening dependently how hungry you will be (shake may be also dosed as a second breakfast). Potatos and rice are for pigs...

*No limits on meat and vegetables ;)... well almost.

*Eat vitamin, ferritine and zinc suplements - this practically necessary.

*Eat nuts or sunflower. These are great source of healthy fats your body needs for good hormones level.

After going down to your dreamed weight add some carbos to keep it still, but be really cautious! Diet is a part of your new lifstyle, not something you can just do and then leave.

If you are like me, you are a freakin' caveman so you should eat as a caveman. Most "normal" products will raise your insulin level sky high, so be careful. You are in a group of high risk of getting diabetes and having heart problems.

"But sezamus what about my precious muscles? This diet is unreal! Are you crazy?" Yes I am, but with that method I burn bodyfat and... build muscles. I noticed increase in my non-fat mass while bodyfat percentage goes down.

This eating style is fucking boring, but it's effective. I tried many combinations, but only this works.

35 - [TheRedPill] How TRP's Admins handled the Quarantine the worst way possible

[-] sezamus 16 Points about a year ago

"If someone doesn't value evidence, what evidence are you going to provide to prove that they should value it? If someone doesn’t value logic, what logical argument could you provide to show the importance of logic?"

56 - [TheRedPill] I am the White-Knight Interceptor

[-] sezamus 11 Points 3 years ago

John went full auto fire. You should tone him a little bit 'cause he can make a real trouble one day.

Agression causes agression. What if Billy was a friend of some other guy who accidentally would come right in the moment, start a fight and hurt seriously one of you? What if bouncers had a bad day and just wanted to kick some ass for fun?

31 - [TheRedPill] The tale of Kelly, queen of RP truths.

[-] sezamus 10 Points 4 years ago

I can tell you similar story. I had a friend, let's call her Connie. Connie was CC rider since she was 15 y.o. She HAD TO have a boyfriend. She was very attractive HB8. Great tits, ass and everything. This girl was in very short "realtionships" with guys. Because she was very attractive, men were on her leash in a minute. After a couple of months she was dumping everyone. I wasn't attracted to her, coz I knew what she was. During some school trip we started to talk, she started to flirt with me and I thought that maybe I could "save her". Worst decision in my life ever! I almost got in a fight with guys attracted to her (actual BF and ex-BF and her other "friends"). I am not the type of guy that runs from a fight, rather takes teeth guard to a school. I almost got dropped out and learned a valuable lesson: You CANNOT save a slut! I was 15 that time.

Years later she was few years with my friend Willy. Willy is handsome (model grade), hardworking guy riding a motorcycle with me. He was keeping frame and we both thought that maybe she stopped CC riding, but nothing more wrong. She cheated on him and found another idiot to "be with her". Actually she is travelling (and we know what that means).

You CANNOT save a slut. Fuck her and forget her.

144 - [TheRedPill] If you have to Demand It, You aren't Getting any

[-] sezamus 10 Points about a year ago

Special Forces Sarge, has way more true respect, than a typical colonel or even a general. I saw it first hand. SF guys who were my instructors were like gods among people. I respected them for their skills, discipline and... sense of humor. Any colonel, on the other side, acts like he is a god, when actually everybody wants him just to shut the fuck up and be gone.

196 - [TheRedPill] Ask Whisper: Parents

[-] sezamus 10 Points 4 years ago

My parents sabotaged every fucking decision I was making. I wanted to go to secondary technical school of mechanical engineering, so I went to typical high school, coz it teaches you better for final exams (newspaper bullshit). I'm glad I choosed my university well and even got offer to work there at.

But what I always wanted in my whole life since I was 4, was to be soldier. A madafakin Chuck Norris and Rambo. My parents never wanted that for me: "Only stupid people go to army!" Still I tried to get myself to officer's school. My tests were falsificated (welcome to Poland where shit hits the fan) thus I took a civillian road to a degree, counting on to be an officer in a future. Government got worse, new regulations came and there's very little chance for me to be an officer or even a subofficer, but still I can be a PFC. I went through a boot camp (found out I'm a great shooter) and I realized while crawling in a mud, getting freezed and kicked ass that it is excatly what I want and even in this shit of what is now in the army, I want to be a soldier even as a PFC. My parents go batshit crazy "what about you degree? you want to be a loser? you could earn more money as an engineer!" I have an engineer degree but dont want to have lot of money that I would spend to make me happy for some short time. I know that it's better for me to go my own way even tough it won't pay a lot, but all those money I can save and invest being happy with myself and with what I do.


74 - [TheRedPill] Observing a women reset perception of Blue Pill Man from beta to alpha. Blue Pill man becomes emotional tampon and goes back to beta.

[-] sezamus 9 Points 4 years ago

Acts of desperation and beta behaviours even push me off, though I am a man. Think how disgusting it has to be for a woman when guy shows "I am a loser who does not believe in himself, won't find any other girl and I want you to be like my mother." Ohh... that is disgusting. Woman crave for sense of security with a man. How a woman can feel safe with a miserable, little boy?

There is no logic point for her to stay with a walking problem. She wants to feel good around you, she wants you to solve every problem, not to be another one.

And the other thing - If my ex-LTR want to return to me I would not make feel too comfortably. She would feel she has to prove me she is worth me, because she was the one that decided to throw the relationship to a trash. Plate first -> GF later.

Please guys respect yourself. Confidence and self-respect is sexy. When woman is self-respecting and confident she makes me want her too.

169 - [TheRedPill] ScienceMag: Women associate money with love, men link it to freedom

[-] sezamus 8 Points 4 years ago

They want a house to have kids in right here, right now. Biological clock is ticking...

55 - [TheRedPill] Dominance Is Key

[-] sezamus 8 Points 2 years ago

There is a trap... not every woman wants rough sex.

Some of them are more romantic/passion oriented like in romantic movies - that makes them climax. I know girls who don't like hair grabbing and doggystyle when some other scream "harder!".

Adjust your action to her type.

1485 - [TheRedPill] ATTENTION: Visitors from CNN

[-] sezamus 8 Points 2 years ago

If I worked for CNN, I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror. It's much worse than being a pornstar and doing anal gangbang. Pornstars don't lie that much.

3 - [TheRedPill] A quick lesson about shit tests

[-] sezamus 8 Points 3 years ago

I get it. She wanna fuck you, you wanna fuck her, but you don't wanna fuck your friend's sister. Well... Chad Thundercock will not hesitate, that's for sure...

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