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122 - [TheRedPill] "Women Want Short-Term Mates, Too?" You don't say...

[-] rus9384 11 Points 5 months ago

Well, I remember how in school some of my classmates told (when we were in locker-room) that those who wear drawers are gay. And that worked: others tried not to wear drawers.

The same thing happens here. Those who sleep with women along with other guys fear to be humilated (and they can be). As you mature that feeling diminishes. A rational man does not succumb to provocations. Some come to that after their 30s. Some come to that being teens.

But that's not a choice of everyone, I agree. Even biology will tell you.

82 - [TheRedPill] When YouTube Red-Pills the Love of Your Life - MEL Magazine

[-] rus9384 8 Points 5 months ago

Comparing an alpha with an Ubermensch. Please yourself as much as you want. Ubermensch never tells he is an Ubermensch.

But I agree red pill is Nietzschean.

122 - [TheRedPill] "Women Want Short-Term Mates, Too?" You don't say...

[-] rus9384 7 Points 5 months ago

Not very different. Some people were more succesful in spreading their genes. These people mostly were sluts. Both men and women.


[-] rus9384 6 Points 5 months ago

What original is there in TRP?

Maybe that's simpy local beliefs, but in my area around half of guys have similar views on how to deal with women, evem though they never heard about TRP. Damn, that attitude is even older than TRP itself, it comes at least as early as from the last decade.

Most advices, theory and so on is familiar to me. I heard it back from late 00's/early 10's. This also puts in doubt my view on TRP as something unpopular in society. But maybe things are different in the US or some other countries?


[-] rus9384 5 Points 5 months ago

One thing I hate in left movement is political correctness. There are many things I like in it, but political correctness is BS. Also, loom for anarchists. They are left, they are ultra-left, but I don't see how they are betas.

547 - [TheRedPill] How beta can you be, you ask? A man marries his lesbian "best friend" in hopes of eventually getting with her. After waiting for 22 years he realizes it's not happening so he decides to become a transgender lesbian to win her affections. She wants a divorce.

[-] rus9384 4 Points 5 months ago

I am against wasting resources for harmless people. Even if you think being a lesbian is unhealthy, putting her in a hospital costs resources and this is the case where the ends do not justify the means.

122 - [TheRedPill] "Women Want Short-Term Mates, Too?" You don't say...

[-] rus9384 4 Points 5 months ago

I personally am in favor of this. I think that two sex revolutions are not enough.

26 - [AskTRP] Are women always attracted to the alpha male of the group they are in?

[-] rus9384 3 Points 3 months ago

Using words like "always" and "never" makes it difficult

there are always outliers

12 - [AskTRP] What do women like more sex or love?

[-] rus9384 3 Points 3 months ago

I think you ask the question in a little wrong place. Men here are sure all women are gold diggers.

That said, many women have innate desire to want commitment. That does not stop all of those women from leaving you.

There is another kind of women. Who really want sex and almost don't crave attention. But since those women themselves have DGAF/abundance mentality, TRP guys rarely get them. TRP guys have success with insecure women who will chase any "alpha" enough guy.

75 - [AskTRP] Why do girls throw themselves at you when you are cocky?

[-] rus9384 3 Points 3 months ago

I think it is more about how the frame matches your looks. A crying bald bearded guy with a brutal face is as weird as a cocky short thinman with a cute face.

So, probably you found the frame that works for you.

4 - [AskTRP] Has anybody else had an epiphany like this?

[-] rus9384 3 Points 3 months ago

Yeah, matrix screenwriters thought about anger when they colored the pill red.

I agree the red pill is a low quality now. Don't know what it used to be. But now it's full of dummies enjoying the decline, shit tests and dating pussies, not girls.

119 - [AskTRP] Women parading in front of you at the gym...?

[-] rus9384 3 Points 3 months ago

Yeah, cavemen lifted to get a pussy. FYI our biological instincts still are optimized for cavemen lifestyle.

0 - [AskTRP] Disgusted by THOT behavior even when spinning so many plates?

[-] rus9384 3 Points 3 months ago

He means your plates can be disguisted by you having multiple plates either. And that's true.


[-] rus9384 2 Points 5 months ago

Many if not most advices here come as early as from 00's and probably even earlier. No one can ensure you this is the best strategy so far if you are resistant or sceptical enough. Maybe some machiavellian guys are even better, but their machiavellian nature does not let them reveal their methods.

I notice that TRP is not simply a guide like "do X and get a girl". There are controversies. Ones tell that the truth of life is that "you are not hers, it's simply your turn". Others say this rule is for losers. Same with other theories. Some rules and advices I consider to be a BS. Many are obvious, though. But some are useful.

169 - [TheRedPill] Feminism is penis envy

[-] rus9384 2 Points 5 months ago

As far as I can tell feminism on trp is what non-trp people call radical feminism/femenacism and so on. Guessing trp people do not really care about feminism subdivisions. But being ignorant is a step of becoming irrational.

When it comes to traditionally male roles some of women might like them. Just like men may like traditionally feminine roles. Sure, when most women are depicted like that, that feels terrible. The idea of actual gender equality is a bust. But same is the idea that no female wants to do men's work. Or that no male wants to do women's work.

Regarding Freud I always was sceptical on most of his theories. Girls can't be penis envy if they don't know what a penis is. Which is the case for most times if we speak about up to 6yo period.

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