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1164 - [TheRedPill] A story for the Guy who ‘can’t believe she went back to her husband/boyfriend’.

[-] redvelvet_oreo 234 Points 8 months ago

I had the odd experience of a friends girl tried hooking up with me at a lounge that her bf was at we just went for the bathroom at the same time. I turned her down. I didn’t tell her bf which I realize was a mistake now but at the time I believed the shit she said about him which most was true seen some evidence. She told him 2 weeks later. The odd thing is she told him we hooked up and of course he wanted to fight me. I did confront him. She definitely lied about me hooking up with her but he filled up his head with all these other false details. Long story short I’m not sure why she would tell the guy and lie about it since I turned her down. Wonder what the explanation could be for that.

979 - [TheRedPill] Reminder to keep your T in check: Buzzfeed numales take testosterone test, below normal levels

[-] redvelvet_oreo 43 Points about a year ago

improving those would only have marginal benefit and that person should go on testosterone injections to get their levels normal. All those guys in that study should be going on testosterone replacement therapy.

Its needs to be known that TRT should not be taken unless everything else fails. TRT will fuck up your system for life. Once your on you are not suppose to come off of it. People need to stop recommending TRT as a first response.

To expand on your point about the bodies signaling system might be fucked up. That will show up in your blood work. If you get your LH and FSH measured you can tell if your testicles are not working right or your pituitary gland is not working right. In the event both seem normal it could be many other thing also.

Things to check (basically what OP mentioned)

  • Are you sleeping 8 hours

  • Zinc and Vitman D Levels

  • DIET - Make sure you are getting the correct amount of macro nutrients. Eating a calorie deficit diet to long can make your T go low.

  • Body Fat is it low or high both can effect T levels.

  • If you can psychically, LIFT.

I am sure there are other things that need to be verified and checked also. It takes about 2 - 3 months to see your T levels go back to normal after doing all the right stuff.

Please do not recommend TRT to people. It should be a last resort. They can truly fuck up their system when alot of people can easily correct their problem.


1164 - [TheRedPill] A story for the Guy who ‘can’t believe she went back to her husband/boyfriend’.

[-] redvelvet_oreo 43 Points 8 months ago

Thanks for the advice man. I cut them both out fairly quickly after that shit. They were both nuts it was sad cause I lost a good friend but he let his relationship take over his entire being. The beta in this dude was/is strong.

1653 - [TheRedPill] Saw TRP in Action at my Job; I Buy it Now

[-] redvelvet_oreo 32 Points about a year ago

I just want to chime in on the "something" mr.chad did to help get his job. I'm sure his looks helped him to some level but to be quite honest your social skills weigh a lot more I have noticed. I am great at my job and I use to be jus let like you and it got me no where most of the time besides people thinking I was an asshole and a mr know it all. Fast forward post TRP...I started looking for a new job and interviewed at a very well known company. I was hired within 3 interviews the whole process was relatively quick. My boss told me months later they hired me for my personality. He said he knew I was smart but my personality won them over and if my knowledge wasn't the best they would have been patient and let me learn. During the interview I managed to connect with both interviewers and have a sense of humor along with knowing my shit. Suffice to say being able to game people and past shit test from either males or females will establish a comfort with them making you more likeable. This is what helped me and what I think may have helped Mr.chad you refer to.

339 - [TheRedPill] “Dear Nice Guy, I Wasn’t Ready For You Before — But I Am Now”

[-] redvelvet_oreo 27 Points 6 months ago

LOL bro before I found TRP a girl I use to orbit this girl and she disclosed her n-count was 68. At the time she was 23. Shes like 26 now. I recently bumped into her and just briefly catching up with her I can tell that shit is definitely in the 3 digits just based on what she was telling me. With the availability of Tinder girls can easily get in triple digits.

61 - [TheRedPill] [FR] AWALT - freshly used condoms in her trashcan

[-] redvelvet_oreo 26 Points about a year ago

I think her giving LMR and backing down once was ok but then giving into her massage demands and denying you again should have been the time you got up and left. SHe might have chased you she might not have but the chick dosent even sound worth it. She sounds like she has bee around the block quite a few times. I would stay away from someone openly admitting they almost OD a few times etc etc.

Also I hope you are keeping condoms on you. Dont forget to wrap your cock son!

160 - [TheRedPill] Older woman gets mad after I drop her for another woman. [FR]

[-] redvelvet_oreo 24 Points 5 months ago

Can’t quote on mobile but why did you give her so many chances to lead you? Why even ask her where she wants to go? You should be telling her where you guys are going be the leader.

I can bet you she was just some horny ass chick because I can pet money if it was another post wall bitch she would have been trying to lead you around and then get turned off by the fact that you let that happen. I noticed a lot of post wall women always trying to be the man these days and are miserable for it.

653 - [TheRedPill] Lift

[-] redvelvet_oreo 23 Points about a year ago

Going to jump on the band wagon here. This was a good post until you brought up TRT. I keep seeing people rush into TRT without even trying to boost there T naturally or even understanding anything about their endocrine system. This is a serious life change and people should be well informed of what’s about to happen to their body. For all the idiot newbies here do yourself a favor and start learning to be an “Intelligent Alpha” and think before you start sticking your body with shit. I’m not saying TRT doesn’t have its place but I think it’s a very very very small percentage of people who really need something like TRT. Most people it’s a diet change, life style change that needs to happen. Hell for all you know you have a fucking tape worm sucking all your nutrients and giving you Low T but you decide nuking your Pitutatary Gland is a better first approach. Unless your T level is way below reference range and you have extreme sympthoms and tried everything under the sun to get your T up don’t go on TRT. Understand how FSH, LH, SHBG, E2, Prolactin all work before even considering it.

224 - [TheRedPill] Blue Piller waits 3 years to meet Tinder match on Good Morning America, Girl is repulsed at the Guy's clingyness

[-] redvelvet_oreo 23 Points about a year ago

Damn its hard to watch this dude. It reminds me how I was with this one girl I thought was a unicorn I met on the internet a few years back and makes me feel fortunate I found this place called TRP. Maybe he will get lucky too and find the rabbit hole after the eventual breakup.

745 - [TheRedPill] Behavioral Loops

[-] redvelvet_oreo 23 Points about a month ago

Great post I hope this gets alot of upvotes because this is really important to understand. Im currently in the process of breaking bad habits and getting back into my workhorse mode. The last year I worked like crazy and decided to chill out the last few months doing the bare minimum and then took an extended vacation.

I cut out drinking. Im still going to the gym. My biggest issue is getting back into studying.

I find it harder to get back into things if you done them already. I use to study for hours with ease and now its like my brain muscle atrophied and I now need to start all over again. Its like not going to the gym for 3 years and starting with just the bar mentally. I been studying 30 mins every other day. By next month I intent be back to at least an hour a day and take some certifications.

What you said about younger people is so true I made a post about something similar. The biggest issue with younger people is they never developed a way of doing anything yet and struggle and find the quick hits of dopamine. They are so lost and cant find a way out. There are no shortcuts in life.

Great stuff man glad to see your back on the saddle.

979 - [TheRedPill] Reminder to keep your T in check: Buzzfeed numales take testosterone test, below normal levels

[-] redvelvet_oreo 21 Points about a year ago

"Bro Science" Ok dude you go have fun and play around with TRT. You fuck up your ability to produce T naturally when you start it. Only a BRO would go on TRT as a first response to a low T diagnosis instead of trying to correct the problem normally. TRT should only be used if you can no longer produce T naturally. I think it makes sense to prove that to your self then to just jump on the TRT bandwagon. A doctor can monitor your levels but as with anything you should understand what you are getting into and understand all the risks involved. After all it is YOUR body that you only have ONE of. The doctor can give a fuck less if your body goes to shit.

959 - [TheRedPill] Sometimes it isn't your lack of game but your lack of testosterone. If you have the test levels of a 80 year old cuck how do you expect to have any drive? Here is a science based guide to getting your T levels up naturally.

[-] redvelvet_oreo 19 Points about a year ago

One thing that effected me for a while and not realizing it was NOT eating enough calories per day. Before TRP I use to just eat a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet while doing HIIT x 2 times a week and lifting free weights 3 times a week. I was in good shape but my T levels were shot. I could not figure it out for a while. Then after deciding to bulk up I realized the difference. Honestly I would get erect after having a good meal and walk around for a while after lol. I didnt really have problems getting it up but with the calorie surplus and lifting I was horny quite often. Also some Alpha tendencies did to flow more naturally then feeling like I had to try all the time.

359 - [TheRedPill] Field Report Guide to Gaming as a Lone Wolf (No wings needed)

[-] redvelvet_oreo 16 Points 8 months ago

But after reading all of this, the only thing that came to mind was how much of a time waste this actually is.

I think its self defeating to look at it like that. There are times you go out to party and have a good time which could be looked at as a waste of time but is also essential. Everyone takes vacations, everyone needs nights out, you do have to meet people somehow how outside of whatever it is that you do.

If you can actually take this skill and make money with it, and build some sort of empire, that would be way more valuable and you wouldn’t even have to go out and game anymore.

You should realize that no matter what you will always be gaming. If its not women its other people for business or for some other self interest. Being social and being able to game is a core concept. I also believe being more socially competent generally makes you a happier person. What do you do after you have an empire? Your not going to sit home and become a hermit.

Im not trying to bash your comment it just seems like alot of people here like to saying gaming is bullshit, its beta, it dosen't work etc etc meanwhile its major part of TRP.

One thing I will add is if you ever had a night like OP did or something similar at the end of the day you wake up feeling amazing. I have had nights like this in Vegas pre-trp stages and had no idea what I was doing in particular, you could say I was in auto-pilot (which to me is what it feels like when your game is on point and your not really thinking about it as gaming anymore.) and I always felt fullfilled and amazing after even though I didnt really have any end goal in mind just to have a good time.

686 - [TheRedPill] This community is quarantined: It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content. For information on positive masculinity, please see the resources available at Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

[-] redvelvet_oreo 15 Points 5 months ago

See you on the front line! Or at the bar while I try to pick up a plate ;)

488 - [TheRedPill] The First Commandment. Go LIFT.

[-] redvelvet_oreo 15 Points 9 months ago

This is like 10th LIFT post I seen in like 2 weeks. Can we discuss something else? If you don’t understand to LIFT or workout in some form or fashion then what are you even doing here?

Sorry OP I’m not criticizing your post in particular just been seeing the same subject for a while now. It’s summer time all of this sub should have been doing there lifts and now should be ready to show off and start gaming at the pool parties and beaches. There are bitches out there that need dick.

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