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470 - [TheRedPill] Young men who are looking for LTRs, you'll do well to avoid women with abusive exes

[-] redpillren 77 Points 2 years ago

These 'abused' women are often suffering from borderline personality disorder or some other personality disorder.

Don't even fuck them.

81 - [TheRedPill] Prepare Yourself for the Great Shit Test of our Time

[-] redpillren 51 Points 2 years ago

Her knickers would be off in no time if you gave her the tingles.

226 - [TheRedPill] Why TheRedPill makes you DEPRESSED.

[-] redpillren 41 Points 7 months ago

There is only this moment dude.

I'm 50 and having the time of my life after finding this place 3 years ago.

Every fucking day is a glorious adventure.

So fuck regrets

1315 - [TheRedPill] How I accepted that I was using weed everyday as an escape from my own inner problems for 2 years now. And how I tackled my anxiety with meditation, exercise, and mindfulness.

[-] redpillren 31 Points 2 years ago

The power of now is a really terrific book. If you've not read it give it a read brother. Keep on keeping on, and thanks for the post. Peace.

95 - [TheRedPill] The genetic lottery in action

[-] redpillren 24 Points 2 years ago

My grandad used to tell me that all women look the same once you turn the lights off.

44 - [TheRedPill] When to Say, "No" To a Hoe

[-] redpillren 11 Points 2 years ago

I'm an old dude but it seems to me chasing skanks is not worth the effort most of the time.

Whilst awalt is a universal truth there are higher quality women who can enhance you as a man. Who wants to eat rancid meat, other than the desperate?

71 - [TheRedPill] Taboo topic time: the day we realized *our own mothers* were essentially hypergamous by nature.

[-] redpillren 10 Points 2 years ago

When I was a young boy my father, a humble farmer, discovered my mother and the man who was to become my step father fucking in the marital bed. This guy was my dads friend and owned a largish company, sports car and big house.

When i reached my 20's I came to the conclusion that Dad discovering them was no accident and Mum had made a business decision to de-merge from Dad and merge with my step father. Ive only recently found the RedPill and learned that this is typical hypergamous branch swinging behavior of women.

The consequences for our family were devastating. I discover later that when Dad found them he went absolutely mental, kicked the living crap out of this guy and had the shotgun to his head threatening a murder / suicide (which in hindsight is a bit BP) and I don't think he has ever really recovered from the shock.

Dad got to be a stoic after the initial rage and depression, who emotionally detached from relationships even with his kids - why would you trust anyone ever again? - I really cant blame him. But he's a fucking dude who still works at 77 (because he likes his work) and lives his day on his terms. I have the utmost respect for him.

My Mum got her big house, holidays and baubles when she 'accidentally' got pregnant with my half brother shortly after Dad kicked her out. But got nexted for a younger slut after 15 years. She was very bitter about that but I found sympathy hard to muster. She had a good innings with my step father and did well out of the second divorce. She now plays a lot of bridge and keeps Shitzu's.

AWALT even your own mother.

716 - [TheRedPill] Last night I attended a screening of "The Red Pill" by Cassie Jaye.

[-] redpillren 10 Points 2 years ago

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

44 - [TheRedPill] There should really be a sidebar link about Borderline Personality Disorder

[-] redpillren 8 Points 2 years ago

I am pretty darned sure my ex-wife is bpd. One fucked up girl. I still get a cold sweat on when I remember waking up in the middle of the night to find her standing over me, with a kitchen knife glinting in her hand. I had oneitis for a nutter..... Jeeez....lucky lucky escape.

I found the red pill after watching most of the shrink for men videos who dicuss bdp a lot. Elam is quite annoying but Palmatier is terrific. Well worth a look. Think trp link to the channel on the sidebar.

0 - [TheRedPill] Any conversation topic about her would be a topic about me. Plus, gaslighting?

[-] redpillren 8 Points 2 years ago

Run dude. And don't look back

28 - [TheRedPill] When you notice that girls actually like you

[-] redpillren 7 Points 2 years ago

If you are a cool dude who is being authentic and doesn't give a fuck, chances are you will have a decent amount of women interested.

This is his game. It works. Abundance

65 - [TheRedPill] [Video] Nigel Farage in EU Parliament Today

[-] redpillren 6 Points 2 years ago

The the English and Welsh Proletariat stuck two fingers up to the Bourgeois in my opinion. Labour heartland after Labour heartland voted Leave, 70% of Tory members vote Leave. It feels like the slaves revolting against their Masters to me. The Masters are going to do their utmost to bring us back into line though.

783 - [TheRedPill] I fucked up. Don't be like me.

[-] redpillren 6 Points 2 years ago

Feel for you man. Been there. Lift some heavy metal when you sober up. The iron never lies, unlike them hoes. It always makes sense.

438 - [TheRedPill] FR: Took the plunge, broke up with BPD girlfriend

[-] redpillren 6 Points 2 years ago

Good for you mate. I married one and have kids with her and separating was the hardest think I ever did. I became her codependent and much therapy is still needed for me.

Their allure can be very intense but you can never make them happy. So stick to your guns, follow your inner voice and run like fuck. No contact is best.

You've got your whole life in front of you, so go out and embrace the world in all its raging glory. Be proud of yourself. This old dude is really pleased for you. Cheered me right up.

10 - [TheRedPill] Out of the blue divorce

[-] redpillren 5 Points 2 years ago

Monkey has found a new branch to swing from. Gtfo.

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