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46 - [TheRedPill] The Tinder Experiment

[-] redpharma7789 52 Points 6 months ago

Tinder is a women’s app now. If you are a decent looking female, you are getting bombarded with Likes from Men who could be well outside your desired radius.

One of my hot friends wanted to see how many people like her so I gave her my Tinder Gold for the day. She had her account for maybe an hour and already had 500+ likes from guys up to 100km away, hell even in the United States.

Depending on the local demographic (middle of no where vs college town vs big city), I noticed a large difference in how the Tinder game is played. College town is easy mode, big city is too serious and middle of no where is like Christian mingle.

187 - [AskTRP] Can we get those “Shit Test Buster Round” threads again on the main sub?

[-] redpharma7789 15 Points 7 months ago

You have the wrong idea. There are 5 shit tests to answer in the thread. People answer and we critique their responses. No one is shit testing each other.

309 - [TheRedPill] Become dangerous

[-] redpharma7789 15 Points 8 months ago

Thanks for the kind words.

309 - [TheRedPill] Become dangerous

[-] redpharma7789 11 Points 8 months ago

The only problem is that wen you decide to climb up the hierarchy, you creating such a disturbance in the dynamic - you might have to join a new social circle for your spot.

239 - [TheRedPill] Basic Finances for The Young Man

[-] redpharma7789 10 Points 8 months ago

I know that feeling. I was like that my first year starting off. Now, I’m comfortable, but only if I don’t go running about.

327 - [TheRedPill] Don't Get Cucked By Cuckservatives

[-] redpharma7789 9 Points 3 months ago

It’s a slippery slope to involve start categorizing political ideas with the Red Pill. Conservatism can be a big canvas to paint, and while some of the dogma might coincide with TRP, much of it won’t either. Same applies for Liberals.

TRP should be kept as apolitical. Often, some political ideas of those wings are discussed... but within the realm of TRP, not politics.

309 - [TheRedPill] Become dangerous

[-] redpharma7789 8 Points 8 months ago

How do you come to the conclusion that having power over yourself means fighting?

309 - [TheRedPill] Become dangerous

[-] redpharma7789 6 Points 8 months ago

I’ll definitely be writing a post about discipline in the future. My game is something I’m working on, but I’ll definitely have a post about this tomorrow.

239 - [TheRedPill] Basic Finances for The Young Man

[-] redpharma7789 5 Points 8 months ago

Credit Cards are dangerous because they are instant and there is no safety in place against the individual. When you go the bank and ask for a loan, they do all the questions. What collateral do you have, what’s your source of income? Credit Cards? Nope. Here’s 2000$ to spend as you like. And then you have the one dumbass who’s like “Oh but my payments are only 25$/month”.

1 - [AskTRP] “I just think were too much alike!” What does this mean?

[-] redpharma7789 5 Points 9 months ago

Thanks bud

4 - [AskTRP] What financial advice would you give to a 19-year-old?

[-] redpharma7789 5 Points 9 months ago

Get a job (part time, summer, whatever). It’s a plus if you can get something related to your C/S degree. But really at this age, all you need is spending money.

IMO your still too non-secure to invest in a passive income... that’s just like throwing money into the fire. Once you have a couple of grand saved up look into that.

74 - [AskTRP] NoFap is becoming a problem.

[-] redpharma7789 4 Points 6 months ago

The problem with NoFap is that a lot of people misunderstand how true the gravity of their habits are.

I’ve had a friend who went to Sex Addicts Anonymous where there were people who jerk off 20-30 times a day. People who do it at work, a guy even had a separate apartment from his family where he beat his meat.

I thought I had a problem with my 2 times a day and felt like shit where I couldn’t keep on NoFap. But after hearing that, I realized I had a problem but not on a “my life is ruined” level.

It’s OK to rub one out every few days. The problem is really with porn though.

239 - [TheRedPill] Basic Finances for The Young Man

[-] redpharma7789 4 Points 8 months ago

They didn’t “take it” per se. When I switched banks and had to get a new credit card, I got a $7000 Line of Credit instead of 10K because I “missed a payment”.

187 - [AskTRP] Can we get those “Shit Test Buster Round” threads again on the main sub?

[-] redpharma7789 3 Points 7 months ago

Whatever you say, bud.

239 - [TheRedPill] Basic Finances for The Young Man

[-] redpharma7789 3 Points 8 months ago

I enjoy a time every now and then getting sloshed with the boys. But only every now and then, not every weekend.

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