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963 - [TheRedPill] She's just your Girlfriend, she's not your Siamese twin. She's not your partner on a mission to Mars. She doesn't control your oxygen supply. (How to do a LTR.)

[-] qwerty8008135 18 Points 8 months ago

Then she will do the same thing to you. This is shit advice

1710 - [TheRedPill] Red Pill Gems

[-] qwerty8008135 4 Points 10 months ago

Nightclubs are a money trap. Most people who go to nightclubs are people who cant get laid

98 - [TheRedPill] Social/Approach Anxiety? Confused about women's nature? Try working in a grocery store

[-] qwerty8008135 2 Points 6 months ago

Female energy is really bad at following directions

50 - [TheRedPill] Realized I am Beta, Help Me

[-] qwerty8008135 2 Points 8 months ago

You already are alpha you just dont realize it

772 - [TheRedPill] Field Report: Fucking my former oneitis and what it made me realize

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 10 months ago

I have also felt those coincidences. It's amazing how the mind can truly believe itself. It's even more convincing than actual reality.

79 - [TheRedPill] How to avoid being a TRP NPC

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 5 months ago

Think for yourself.

332 - [TheRedPill] AWALT Boys. No matter what your life experiences tell you. AWALT.

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 10 months ago

Maybe. But marriage is simply a christian tradition that had yet to be eradicaged. Humans are not monogamous animals

0 - [TheRedPill] Marriage is a Hoax...

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 12 months ago

How so?

0 - [TheRedPill] Marriage is a Hoax...

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 12 months ago

Yes, you don't need to be physically attractive. Attractiveness is only a hook. If you are attractive but your frame is shit, she will lose interest extremely fast.

0 - [TheRedPill] Marriage is a Hoax...

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 12 months ago

You say it as if it were impossible for a woman to be attracted to an ugly man. Women don't know what they want!

18 - [TheRedPill] Confidence is about owning it.

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 10 months ago

Your girl is shit.

299 - [TheRedPill] The Beta behaviours you need to smoke out when taking the Pill

[-] qwerty8008135 1 Point 9 months ago

I disagree about touching your penis. Touching your penis releases testosterone. YOur body does not know the difference between a girl touching your dick and your hand touching your dick

79 - [TheRedPill] The Wife Slapped Live on Twitch Controversy and Virtue Signaling

[-] qwerty8008135 -1 Point 5 months ago

Beating a woma. Is like beating a kid

0 - [TheRedPill] Marriage is a Hoax...

[-] qwerty8008135 -11 Point 12 months ago

Women dont see attractiveness as something physical. Women naturally get attracted to me who makes them feel something

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