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1204 - [TheRedPill] Our Appeal of the Quarantine to the Reddit Admin

[-] primo_pastafarian 11 Points 8 months ago

It's not about a quarantine that was triggered by some sort of clear violation of rules. Because that never happened.

It is about an agenda to silence men who step out of line and try to promote true equality instead of bowing and scraping for women.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] primo_pastafarian 8 Points 8 months ago

The Kavanaugh situation is a HILARIOUS example of what NOT to do. As cringe-y and difficult as it is to watch, everyone should watch that hearing and take lessons from it.

An allegation 30 years after the fact is absolutely a he-said-she-said situation, and Kavanaugh handled it horribly. I honestly thought he was high on something while he was answering questions (and ASKING questions, lol).

Kavanaugh could have walked out of there with a successful implementation of the "this is a politically motivated smear campaign" defense. Instead, he basically confirmed to everyone (men and women) that he was a total creep, and an idiot, and NOT someone you want on the Supreme Court. (though the christian fundamentalists will want him anyway, in an attempt to curtail abortion rights)

Know how to protect yourself, to the maximum extend possible. Never talk to the police. Remember that any text or email between you and a woman might be used against you in the legal system. Think before you speak or text. Don't even ACKNOWLEDGE that you had sex via texts, if you can help it.

It's a shame that we have to resort to this, these days. But the fact is, we are guilty unless proven innocent. And even when proven innocent, an accusation alone in the first place is usually enough to royally fuck up and ruin your life.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] primo_pastafarian 7 Points 8 months ago

Two men are in the wilderness in Africa, in different locations. It is night time, both are around their own campfires. And they both hear a noise in the darkness.

Man A dives into his tent, for fear of his safety.

Man B says it's probably nothing, and continues to relax by the fire.

It turns out, the noise in the darkness was nothing. Man A might appear to be silly, for diving into the safety of his hut unnecessarily.

This happens every night for the next 100 nights, with Man A always diving into his tent and appearing silly, and Man B always ignoring the noise and looking cool.

On the hundredth night, Man B gets eaten by a lion.

397 - [TheRedPill] Status of the Appeal 10/11

[-] primo_pastafarian 3 Points 8 months ago

I just noticed one of the side-effects of being quarantined:

The sidebar no longer shows how many subscribers there are for the subreddit, or how many people are browsing right now.

This seems to be in line with a quarantine not truly being a quarantine, but an attempt to silence and delete us. They don't want people to know how many of us there are.

This is similar to how the quarantine hides posts via the main page and multireddits, so that people may be entirely unaware of the quarantine unless they specifically and directly visit this subreddit.

The whole thing seems very underhanded and shady to me.

342 - [TheRedPill] "TEXT ME"

[-] primo_pastafarian 3 Points 8 months ago

Hmm. Did this once. It worked. Didn't think anything of it though, to this depth. Probably something to it.

532 - [TheRedPill] How to bang on a first date - By Luke Mooney

[-] primo_pastafarian 2 Points 3 years ago

I think the TRP mentality is about taking charge of your life, and not being lazy, and not using video games or masturbating or laziness as a vice or a crutch.

Ultimately, if you are responsible enough and intelligent about whatever you do, then you should be able to do whatever you want. Because the world is yours, if you can reach out and take it.

142 - [TheRedPill] Improving your finances - F.A.S.T.E.R

[-] primo_pastafarian 2 Points 12 months ago


Starbucks and Keurig have trained you to think that drip coffee is for a low caste of people. It is not - that's just you falling for marketing techniques.

Get a drip coffee maker and buy cheap coffee grounds. It's fine.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] primo_pastafarian 1 Point 8 months ago

Well for one, you DON'T do what Kavanaugh did. That guy absolutely disintegrated under questioning, and lost all frame and coherence.

The answer to "how much beer is too much" isn't "I don't know, do YOU like to drink beer?" The answer is "well, everyone is responsible for their own actions, regardless of how inebriated they become. so, too much is probably the point where a person loses control".

All he had to do was call out the damned thing for being the kangaroo court circus sham that it was, and deny any wrongdoing, and NOT answer questions like he was high on something, and he would have been fine.

390 - [TheRedPill] Stop Reddit Censorship Join Our Petition: 1-Hour Boycott Nov 1st 4:00 PM PDT - Please Share

[-] primo_pastafarian 0 Points 8 months ago

The point is not to get everyone to leave Reddit. It's to get Reddit to cut it out with the censorship.

Having a noticibale dip in traffic would send the message that people are not happy with the ever-escalating censorship activities.

I put the boycott on my calendar and will participate. But this action does not appear to be coordinated across enough subreddits to actually make a difference at this point.

A boycott day needs to be organized much further in advance, after first getting support from multiple default sub moderators. Actually, getting a bunch of subs to go private for an hour is the much more effective way to go, and would even be less effort. Less people to convince.

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