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88 - [AskTRP] Those making $250,000/year+ How’d you do it?

[-] needz 40 Points about a year ago

Increases in pay come from switching jobs to higher title and pay band. Sticking with the same company doesn't increase pay as much (in most all cases)

In the few exceptions, if your relationship with you employer is okay, you can bring them a job offer from another company every 1-2 years and ask for a raise, but you've gotta be prepared to leave if they say no. I got myself a 30% raise this way. Will likely try again in a year.

28 - [AskTRP] Did I pass the shit test?

[-] needz 28 Points about a year ago

Sounds like you know the answer to your own question then.

6 - [AskTRP] "Would it be bad if I fucked this guy?"

[-] needz 27 Points about a year ago

"The only winning move is not to play."

906 - [TheRedPill] Feminist subreddit made new default

[-] needz 18 Points 5 years ago

Is this true?

16 - [AskTRP] What would you say is the concrete list of must read books related to TRP?

[-] needz 17 Points about a year ago

The Rational Male, without a doubt

901 - [TheRedPill] Practical Guide to Getting Laid on the First Date

[-] needz 16 Points 3 months ago

Slow, deliberate movements. Strong eye contact. Confident, domineering voice.

28 - [AskTRP] How to master self-amusement?

[-] needz 14 Points about a year ago

It's crucial to not care what the outcome of the interaction is. To me, the philosophy of Stoicism has been paramount in internalizing a "nothing that happens to me will bother me unless I let it" mentality, which will give you the courage to do things for your own amusement.

How to stay self-amused: when you meet enough people, some(most) interactions become mundane/typical/predictable and after you've reached this point, you'll want to do things for the sake of amusing yourself just to keep your spirits up. You'll do it for you, and it just happens to be an attractive quality (just like almost all aspects of TRP).

224 - [TheRedPill] Those magic 4 letters

[-] needz 13 Points about a year ago

Don't watch 50 Shades, but DO watch The Secretary.

14 - [TheRedPill] March 16 - Weekly Improvement & Progress Thread

[-] needz 12 Points about a year ago


  • Straight up demolished (and then ordered the 1st book). I rabbit-holed every article and every link I saw. I read tons of amazing comments
  • When I had plans that interfered with my gym time, I doubled-up at the gym the day before to keep on schedule.
  • Meal plan going strong. I'm at 6'0, 185. Working my way down to 170. Pressure cooker freed up a lot of time for me.
  • My dynamic with my immediate supervisor is improving (thanks in part to 48 laws of power).


  • Sleep. DST wrecked my sleep this week and it lead to bad gym sessions and loss of focus at work.
  • Was too honest with friends about what I've been learning. I can tell this is going to be a fun minefield though.

28 - [AskTRP] Did I pass the shit test?

[-] needz 12 Points about a year ago

What happened after that?

14 - [AskTRP] Losing my virginity to a prostitute

[-] needz 11 Points about a year ago

we weren't meant for each other

This is some ONEITIS talk and you need to nip it. It was your fault, I guarantee it.

8 - [AskTRP] Is my approach all wrong, rejections keep piling up?

[-] needz 9 Points about a year ago


589 - [TheRedPill] On Freedom of Speech

[-] needz 8 Points about a year ago

Have you considered a Mastodon node? It's a self-hosted, decentralized social network. Individual nodes are responsible for moderating their own content (or not), but you can open up for cross-talk between nodes-- meaning users registered on other nodes can participate on your node and vice versa.

35 - [TheRedPill] March 09 - Weekly Improvement & Progress Thread

[-] needz 8 Points about a year ago


  • Met my friend's sister-in-law while out drinking. Solid 8. I dropped all pretenses and treated her like the hott, but boring/superficial piece of ass she is. 'Agreed and amplified' (I'm a funny drunk) my way past some shit-tests, and also called her on some bullshit. When she got boring, I went back to playing pool and she stared fuckdaggers at me. Before closing time, she was asking me for MY number. Should've smashed, but I'm still getting some shit figured out and I don't need the extra drama right now (friend's sister-in-law). I don't plan on texting her because I know I'll see her again at some point. Huge confidence booster. Lets me know I'm on my way.
  • Hitting the gym 6 days a week (6-day PPL) & eating right
  • Been reading every night (philosophy and poetry) instead of TV
  • Been meditating (the results are incredible. clarity)


  • I've thought about texting her every day. It's like I'm emotionally invested because she's the first blonde bombshell that's given me a second thought. My beta brain is a fucking disaster. I need to get some options so that she just becomes run-of-the-mill.
  • My concentration at work is slipping a little bit

1 - [AskTRP] Neck Exercises for beginners

[-] needz 7 Points about a year ago

When I finish a BP set I slide myself up the bench until my head is hanging off the end and do 12 unweighted neck curls.

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