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194 - [TheRedPill] The male-shaming is real in the bluepill hell.

[-] mrpthrowa 229 Points 6 months ago

Lose the angry phase dude. You give off a real needy and hungry vibe - this is what people call creepy.

Also, don't go telling people you're looking for a girl... that's just aspie level talk. Read the 48 laws.

Holy shit I read some more.

Make a move and you are desperate. Say you are single and you are desperate. Say if you want to exchange numbers to a girl and you are desperate. Say hi and good morning even with NO intention of hitting on a girl and you are desperate. Hell, indicating in your social medial profile that you are single and looking makes you desperate.

You don't say you are single.

You don't go on your social media profile to say you're looking for a mate.

You don't say stuff like...

By the way, you probably know this, but I am attracted to you

Definitely some self introspection is required.

You're not red pill. You are blue pill pretending. And people smell that.

75 - [AskTRP] White knight beta I was helping turned against me and sent screenshots to the girl

[-] mrpthrowa 175 Points about a year ago

If you play it right, this girl will want your dick.

Keep frame. Smirk if she confronts, which is highly unlikely

86 - [AskTRP] I just pulled an all-nighter devouring the side bar. Here from /r/deadbedrooms. I think my gf does nothing but shit test me.

[-] mrpthrowa 128 Points about a year ago

Ok, as a starter, never underestimate the full power of STFU and silence.

Learn to be completely comfortable in silence.

Because the right response to that would have been complete silence.

Your frame doesn't even aknowledge the existence of such disrespect.

Just sit down, and keep looking at people in the table in the eyes for a few seconds.

This creates some sort of super awkward tense moment.

It's ok, keep it going.

Keep the tenseness, keep the awkwardness that SHE created by being disrespectful.

Let everyone including her realise deeply what she's done. By the way, this sort of awkward silence is deadly to all girls. They hate being the centre of awkward like nothing else. She may even break it by saying something stupid like "just kidding", or "I didn't mean that" or whatever.

after about 1 minute, talk to someone else in the table about something completely different, like her mom or dad or whoever:

"How was your such as such last week?".

56 - [AskTRP] What was the worst mistakes/most cringeworthy things you've ever done before discovering TRP?

[-] mrpthrowa 114 Points about a year ago

Get emotional with women. "open up". Seek emotional support from women.

This is almost always the reason men betasize and fuck up.

The temptation will be great.

She will be infatuated with you, she'll love you, she'll kiss the ground you're walking on and suck you dry.

And she does that because your frame is strong and you're a rock, a man with a mission who gets what he wants.

But you'll get the urge. you'll get the urge to feel up. The temptation will be great especially with girls who are hot, submissive and shower you with displays of affection and emotion.

Ah finally I'm sure she'll understand me.

At this point, STFU. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

If you "open up", show a little crack, boy the punishment will be very quick. Nothing gets vaginas drier quicker.

You're on your own.

20 - [AskTRP] Whats the proper way to deflect LTR re-telling stories about Ex/FWB etc..

[-] mrpthrowa 67 Points about a year ago

You haven't established clear enough that you don't want that. It's on you. "Yup, yeah, i hear you" subtexts that you're still interested in hearing that shit.

Here is what worked for me with every girl. I haven't found a girl that doesn't get this yet.

Girl: This boring story about an ex.

Me: Complete dead silence. Absolute no reaction. Nothing at all.

20 seconds in, just as she realises what she's done, I completely change the subject. Like nothing happened:

e.g. "I am going to the petrol station, want anything from there?".

This establishes the taboo. Every girl gets this.

This dead silence followed by changing subjects works for a lot of things as well to signal what you find annoying.

38 - [AskTRP] My ex just texted my friend asking for my number after I broke up with her 2 months ago with no contact. Don't know what to do.

[-] mrpthrowa 63 Points about a year ago

ghost. I promise you nothing good will come of this. the sole reason she's contacting is to get some validation and she'll act all disrespectful again once she gets a whif of that

165 - [AskTRP] Why are you putting your brothers down?

[-] mrpthrowa 58 Points about a year ago

If your frame gets affected by a random stranger on the internets calling you a couple of words, then you really, really have no business standing up to the emotional power of a shrew.

38 - [AskTRP] LTR was acting strange, so I checked her phone ( I know beta move) and she has been texting an old boyfriend, and talking about meeting up. I confronted without letting he know I read her messages, she denied it completely. What now, dismiss it as AWALT hypergamy? Break it off?

[-] mrpthrowa 58 Points about a year ago

You know what you should do, why are you asking us?

0 - [AskTRP] My girl said "It feels like I known you for years"

[-] mrpthrowa 58 Points about a year ago

Jesus so many of you guys analyse and take seriously every fucking blurb your girl says.

Chill the fuck out.

5 - [AskTRP] RP theory : 2 Alpha boyfriends

[-] mrpthrowa 53 Points about a year ago

Let me guess, I think you're one of the two guys, and you're definitely the BB because you're asking this.

194 - [TheRedPill] The male-shaming is real in the bluepill hell.

[-] mrpthrowa 48 Points 6 months ago

I see. Why did you come here looking for advice malay sherlock? fuck off and learn some manners first you blathering twiddling spastic waste of good oxygen.

Also, don't post with alt account, you're truly an idiot.

8 - [AskTRP] LTR invites me over then having girl-talk with sister while I'm there...

[-] mrpthrowa 48 Points about a year ago


You don't have it.

So you operate in hers.


What the fuck do you want to do with your time?

Do it.

She invites you, you don't find what you need in 10 minutes, you head out. She cries, you leave, soft next for 3-4 days as punishment.

You really have no business being in an LTR.

45 - [RedPillWomen] [Update] Thank you Ladies for saving my marriage.

[-] mrpthrowa 45 Points about a year ago

This is good but I think in both posts you're still too self centered, it's all about what you think and how you feel and how you stand in this relationship. Unless you fix this, it's going to manifest in other encounters and catch you by complete surprise.

In other words, this sub showed you how to recover from this single situation. Now you need to understand how to not get there in the first place.

29 - [AskTRP] A legit 10/10 looking escort just quit her ‘profession’ and wants to date me

[-] mrpthrowa 45 Points about a year ago

last 3 years I've fucked over 100 hookers

Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

27 - [AskTRP] I'm a obese, shy male. Need some help.

[-] mrpthrowa 44 Points about a year ago

first read the side bar

second lose the weight, lose it motherfucker, LOSE IT YOU FUCKER, LOSE THE FUCKING WEIGHT.

stop eating today. count calories and keep to 1500 calories daily. weigh yourself twice a week. use myfitnesspal


you're not going to taste any decent pussy looking like a landwhale

and let me tell you, good young pussy TASTES GOOOOOD, YUM...


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