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1165 - [TheRedPill] Reddit Banning all opposing viewpoints - Prepare to Meet at TRP.RED

[-] moroi 206 Points 6 months ago

It was an honor, gentlemen.

1165 - [TheRedPill] Reddit Banning all opposing viewpoints - Prepare to Meet at TRP.RED

[-] moroi 192 Points 6 months ago

“If her butthole is closed to you, so is her heart.” — one of you glorious fuckers here at trp

35 - [TheRedPill] Interesting experience at r/short

[-] moroi 40 Points 5 years ago

I wonder what she could've hit...

903 - [TheRedPill] Post-post-wall single women figure out that when they're old enough to have gray hair, men don't find them attractive anymore. Wow, who knew? Now they call it "gray-shaming" and pretend it's another way that "society" is being sexist to women.

[-] moroi 36 Points about a year ago

Well... those tasty freshly shaven and washed bits of my teen plates would definitely beg to differ.

645 - [TheRedPill] Accidental Red Pill on /r/AskReddit, got x4 Gold.

[-] moroi 31 Points 4 years ago

And he's bravely battling some whining idiots there too!

1165 - [TheRedPill] Reddit Banning all opposing viewpoints - Prepare to Meet at TRP.RED

[-] moroi 30 Points 6 months ago

As if they needed any.

249 - [TheRedPill] There's a Civil War coming.

[-] moroi 27 Points about a year ago

Just like GLO wrote elsewhere, TRP is about sexual strategy, but this shit, these lies, are designed to fuck up your sexual life, so it's imperative to, at a bare minimum, see through them.

26 - [AskTRP] Show up late, drunk, and dirty...they will love you forever...

[-] moroi 17 Points 3 years ago

When I was a nice guy, i.e. virgin, I did similar thing by accident once: Two other guys and I planned to get some solid drunk and visit some underground party so I had my worse clothes on, didn't shave, etc. I sat at the bar, waiting for them and ordered some strong drink.

Then my henpecked friends showed up. With their girlfriends. All plans changed, hens called some other boring vapid people and there we were, sitting around a table, babbling about stupid shit. Somewhat into the night a petite HB7 came to us, who knew someone or something, and asked if she can sit next to me. That I wasn't used to at all. So I tried to mumble some compliment and ended up saying approximately "I wouldn't let you next to me if you were even slightly uglier." to which she agreeably laughed. I absolutely definitely did NOT understood that, knowing what I just said. IOIs, negs, attraction, I knew nothing about those things.

But it was a start... she ended up taking my virginity a few weeks later.

165 - [TheRedPill] Why feminism needs unhappy women

[-] moroi 16 Points 5 years ago

Somewhat relevant:

If your ideology is so insane that the only thing 4chan manchildren have to do to cause a shitstorm is sound completely indistinguishable from you, it’s time to take a long and hard look at yourself and your worldview.

192 - [TheRedPill] Institutionalizing Shaming: how feminism is gearing up to take on TRP

[-] moroi 15 Points 3 years ago

Men don't even have a say in this regard. If you won't provide to them, your tax money will be provided to them (actually even if you will provide). If you refuse that, it will be taken from you by force and big slaves will take you to place you don't want to be. And if you resist that, they will kill you.

18 - [TheRedPill] I'm the owner and I pay taxes? Nope. I'm a mere subscriber.

[-] moroi 14 Points about a year ago

I believe that overwhelming majority of people would still gladly pay for this kind of services even if society somehow turned ancap. I know I would. It just leaves somewhat bitter taste that you don't have the choice to opt out. From DT point of view I also believe that for most critics the illusion of choice would be enough.

53 - [TheRedPill] Some words of wisdom from an old pro I met

[-] moroi 13 Points about a year ago

Everyone uses everyone. Woman is incapable of loving you the way you want her to love you (the way you love her). It's ingrained biological fact that she will use you for resources, security and seed, so you use her back for what you want, and you both try to make it work within realistic parameters. That's the definition of relationship for me anyway.

30 - [TheRedPill] Is it just me, or has Game of Thrones (season 6) gone full feminism?

[-] moroi 9 Points 3 years ago

Sansa didn't do anything at all, and actively fucked Jon over by not telling him about Littlefinger's army.

She really pisses me off since she is written all too realistic. The only reason Jon and other main characters weren't slaughtered because of this single retarded neglect (perhaps premeditated so that she could come up as a savior of the day) is that the random chance (e.g. arrow barrages) was scripted in their favor.

GoT beautifully portrays expendability of men. Those heaps of bodies that no one cares about the moment they hit the ground. Just a means to an end. The Littlefinger's mounted knights didn't won the battle, Sansa won the battle. They were just a tool that she used.

1165 - [TheRedPill] Reddit Banning all opposing viewpoints - Prepare to Meet at TRP.RED

[-] moroi 6 Points 6 months ago

Oh fuck

60 - [TheRedPill] TRP Raising Children Series: Controversial Study on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and Transgenderism: transgender behavior in children developed rapidly as a result of factors like peer pressures, social media, mental disorders, trauma, etc. I.e. – it’s not genetic.

[-] moroi 5 Points about a year ago

I made a post on this a few days back on my site, because the study (I've found through article on Quillette) basically confirms what I've been seeing recently in groups of my female friends. Suddenly every other one and their fucking dog is trans now!

I also went to educate myself a little and, for example the ftm sub here is hilarious beyond belief, yet terrifying at the same time. How the girls imagine male world. How they even fully transitioned behave still basically like a little girls. How they imagine everything falls into place once they get their tits cut off. It's mental, guys.

No wonder they mostly all kill themselves once they realize the bullshit they mutilated their bodies for.

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