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[-] mindplaybyneo 63 Points about a year ago

This fuckin claim is a stunt to gain popularity. Im not buying it. The more we talk about her the more attention she gets

426 - [TheRedPill] The problem with women that have tattoos, and why its a major red flag

[-] mindplaybyneo 27 Points 8 months ago

Hence all this consumerism targets women. Make up, clothing, shoes.

280 - [TheRedPill] Don’t try to plate a girl forever – for your own sake

[-] mindplaybyneo 27 Points about a year ago

If you plate multiple women it wouldn’t be hard. I find it easy not to catch feelings having multiple women around.

1164 - [TheRedPill] Reddit Banning all opposing viewpoints - Prepare to Meet at TRP.RED

[-] mindplaybyneo 7 Points 8 months ago

Screw reddit. This is how they lose people like how the razor company Jillette lose business.

309 - [TheRedPill] NYT: Single at 38? Have That Baby

[-] mindplaybyneo 6 Points about a year ago

There is a saying 2 heads are better than 1. Its a great rule on raising a kid.

391 - [TheRedPill] High N-count is acceptable for men but not for women

[-] mindplaybyneo 5 Points 3 years ago

Its the truth. My boys are in the military and hardly sleep with women and has a strong moral value.

7 - [AskTRP] What are some good TRP podcasts? Or good podcasts in general relating to TRP topics?

[-] mindplaybyneo 4 Points about a year ago


10 - [AskTRP] Aesthetics or Size

[-] mindplaybyneo 4 Points about a year ago

Aesthetics. Its expensive to have size and requires a lot of resources. New clothes, more food, but aesthetics is hard to build. Lots of small details

234 - [TheRedPill] Gather your tribe, do not homogenize yourself.

[-] mindplaybyneo 4 Points about a year ago

You speaking my language, mah boy

67 - [AskTRP] Caught fiance texting random dudes during her friend's bachelorette party. Any way around this besides ending it?

[-] mindplaybyneo 3 Points 2 years ago

This is gona hurt really bad

249 - [TheRedPill] There's a Civil War coming.

[-] mindplaybyneo 3 Points about a year ago

I am the same. I sometimes find it hard to reintegrate myself to the society. I’m so disconnected with a lot of things and there are not a lot of guys Like us to connect with.

28 - [RedPillWomen] RPW, please don't have this mindset when you get older

[-] mindplaybyneo 3 Points 2 years ago

This is also a problem in men. Where in a rising young lad could also be put down easily by an older man. Kinda hate this mentality cause I like the brotherhood and mentorship.

426 - [TheRedPill] The problem with women that have tattoos, and why its a major red flag

[-] mindplaybyneo 3 Points 8 months ago

Finally someone said something about this. I agree with OP, but I don’t dismiss individual preference. I agree with the Car analogy. To add to that tattoo is like a make up, but for your body. I just find tattoos distracting, and once you meet more women with tattoos and you get used to them you realized they are just there. Nothing special. Yea its an expression of art, but its the type of art that people put in their body to show off. Not a rare piece, but a random fuckin butterfly tattoo on her shoulders.

15 - [RedPillWomen] Is there something wrong with being a girl that wants a high n count?

[-] mindplaybyneo 3 Points 3 years ago

Ok. Here is an analogy from our society. When a guy is a promiscous, then he is labled a player, or fuckboy. But when a woman is promiscous she is a s... you complete the word.

21 - [RedPillWomen] Q4W - Women of RP, Can You Describe the Exact Benefits You Received From Virginity/Waiting to Give Sex?

[-] mindplaybyneo 3 Points 3 years ago

You get more respect since Women and Men are different in terms of having sex. Woman can be fat and ugly, and the moment she opens it any men will stick something with it just to get laid. For men they have to work hard, and go thru being called a creep just to get laid.

Though for me I respect women more when they value sex, its more on self respect and self control. The Fact that you have sexual desires, and you have sacrifice and waited is a big virtue. There is really no benefits for some woman to have one night stand since the thrill is short, and they don't really get a lot of pleasure.

Also, in my personal experience when I found out that the girl has too many guys under her belt I start to see her differently. I value a lot of first experience. We only have one life, and we also have one chance on everything. I suffered from OCD retroactive jealousy. I feel disgusted by women now a days being someone's FWB or Someone who can get shag by a random guy. They are cheap. I can't find intimacy with them, since they do an act that is so intimate for people who love each other. I was a late bloomer, like a lot of my peers are. not everyone loses their virginity at 12. some of us lose it late 20's. Some even virgin at 30. There is lots of men. I work in the military, there is a lot of fuck boys, but half are stable young men who never even had a gf.

People now a days devalue sex. They are trigger happy, and shallow. Hooking up with people who has no bearing in their life, using each other just for sex. It is a catalyst in a relationship, it deepens the emotion, and also compliment couples.

Find that person who sees the beauty in you all the time, and they wont have problems having sex with you. Also having less number, or being a virgin means a more open book relationship. since you have zero or few to share. I found most relationship now a days are mediocre. You can't have an open book relationship since a lot of people have way too many sexual partners in the past. Ask your guy friends if they even want to know anything you have gone through in the past, unless they are sex positive they won't care. Most likely they have shag a lot of women too.

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