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1673 - [TheRedPill] Vagina Envy

[-] krimpenrik 599 Points 10 months ago

fuck, I needed this right now.

567 - [TheRedPill] What Women Will Do

[-] krimpenrik 15 Points 10 months ago

Get your ass out of your head. Acid can bring a lot more to your life then alcohol ever can.

522 - [TheRedPill] Closure Is Bullshit

[-] krimpenrik 14 Points 8 months ago

F*ck really needed this realisation right now with a girl i am chasing.

138 - [TheRedPill] The Simplest Meditation for Beginners

[-] krimpenrik 7 Points 10 months ago

for me it really helped in the beginnen to observe my breathing, this would help my mind stop racing/thinking about random things.

101 - [TheRedPill] Beware - Oneitis Can Hit the Hardest for Alpha Men - Mindsets to Avoid It

[-] krimpenrik 5 Points 6 months ago

Have same problem, have 2 plates, one which i really like but cant get closer to. This just attracts me more because you cant have it.. in the end I realised there is no point in getting closer to a girl that isn't totally into you and accept that it is just my turn.

308 - [TheRedPill] Wake the Fuck Up and Take Massive Action!

[-] krimpenrik 4 Points 9 months ago

Saving this in a note on my home screen

252 - [TheRedPill] Develop a positive mindset and abundance mentality. Why you keep failing in life.

[-] krimpenrik 2 Points 11 months ago

For people who struggle with this, get a routine of meditation, use an app with positive affirmations and what helped me; microdosing.

183 - [TheRedPill] Grass is Green: Tattoos Are A Slut Tell

[-] krimpenrik 2 Points 5 months ago

Agree, dont have any myself but it is hilarious how people here are judgemetal about it. I treat tat and nontat the same, who gives a fuck. Try spending your time better then bashing tattoos on reddit.

284 - [TheRedPill] Building Discipline: focus on what you want to achieve first.

[-] krimpenrik 2 Points 5 months ago

So true and for me i have periods with high discipline and periods without. Been traveling/switching countries for the last 17 months and find it really hard to be consistent.

963 - [TheRedPill] Say whatever the F you want

[-] krimpenrik 1 Point 12 months ago

proud of you mate.

1048 - [TheRedPill] Struggling with building habits? Try this.

[-] krimpenrik 1 Point 12 months ago

A good book recommendation would be 'The compounding effect'

73 - [TheRedPill] How to get rid of Premature Ejaculation (PE) once and for all...

[-] krimpenrik 1 Point 6 months ago


73 - [TheRedPill] How to get rid of Premature Ejaculation (PE) once and for all...

[-] krimpenrik 1 Point 6 months ago

Dont have pe but think i have been training the wrong muscle for a long time.

54 - [TheRedPill] Extreme Case of Oneitis

[-] krimpenrik 1 Point 12 months ago

lost 10 years 15 - 25 then had the best 6 months of my life with true TRP mentality and then found a cute girl, we went off 8 months ago to travel the world and just yesterday broke up to do our own things.. I am getting the hard truth down my throat that i was unbelievable beta with here in our 4 years... Just turned 30 and going to do the right thing forward now..

415 - [TheRedPill] The World Shouldn't Be Like Anything, It Is As It Is

[-] krimpenrik 1 Point 12 months ago

it could indeed be a good thing.

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