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382 - [TheRedPill] Google Executives Fall Pray to False Accusations

[-] johnpayne10 265 Points 6 months ago

Excellent. These assholes deserve this 100%. 'Diversity'.

This is fun to watch. Let diversity and feminism bite google's ass. The best part is it is only going to get worse.

312 - [TheRedPill] If You're Here, You're On Your Way

[-] johnpayne10 40 Points 8 months ago

You don't??? Obviously TRP gets a bad rap because it is about becoming a better man. Not mediocre and average. It recognises the differences between genders and teaches men to maximize their strengths. Guess who hates us? The leftists and feminists. The leftists want all people to be mediocre and shitty, 'equal'. The feminists want men and women to be equal, 'gender is a social contruct'. That is the reason TRP gets so much hate. Doesn't matter. They are delusional retards while we use truth and logic to understand the dynamics between the genders. Guess who wins in the long run?

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] johnpayne10 38 Points 7 months ago

I've emotionally overcome a lot of RP truths, but this one still depresses me. I know of so many stories involving women who, JUST TO SAVE FACE, destroyed a man's life. I have friends that this has happened to, personally.

Typical female behaviour. Lack of personal accountability, hamstering her way out of it by blaming it on someone else, ASD kicking in to grab the victim/damsel in distress status.

None of us would play Russian roulette, but we still fuck women. Sometimes I genuinely wonder if it's worth the risk. After orgasm, the answer is usually, "no."

As men, we have to play this roulette. This reminds me of a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.

"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything."

296 - [TheRedPill] Control Your Mind; Control Your Life

[-] johnpayne10 37 Points 9 months ago

Excellent post.

Mindset is about 90% of your success. Essentially, that is what holding frame is all about. You have to create your own reality and believe in it, even when confronted by other people's perceptions and ideologies. The more solid your reality is, the more aligned your thoughts and actions are, the less cognitive dissonance you suffer from.

And yes, meditation helps. I have always overlooked that factor...but now I am going to seriously try it out. Thanks for reminding me.

Being in the moment, feeling alive is almost exotic. I have felt that bliss very few times in my life. It would be awesome to live in a state like that forever.

Any tips on meditation? I usually try to just focus on breathing. But it starts to get boring. So I cannot do it for extended amounts of time.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] johnpayne10 28 Points 7 months ago

Jesus. Going MGTOW is not so bad I suppose. You can still fuck escorts and do whatever the fuck you want.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] johnpayne10 26 Points 7 months ago

If a girl claims she has been abused in the past, run away. Tattooes, piercing, turning spiritual all of a sudden, lack of self-restraint, her views on politics and society, her spending patterns, her physique. Tons of things.

227 - [TheRedPill] Women do not have political opinions.

[-] johnpayne10 26 Points 9 months ago

Just another opportunity to sound like she knows stuff, when she actually voices the lamest opinion in the group. It is just keeping appearance for them. After all, managing a country has always been men's job.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] johnpayne10 25 Points 7 months ago

It is a twitter fueled 'feel good' tag. It does not have anything to do with reason or logic. It is essentially a display of typical feminine behavior. And oh, some faggots are joining them too.

6 - [AskTRP] LTR cheated multiple times

[-] johnpayne10 22 Points 8 months ago

Read the sidebar, lift, better yourself, date other women.

81 - [TheRedPill] The #MeToo movement targets my dance instructor

[-] johnpayne10 21 Points 6 months ago

'Now looking back, I feel that he used his status of being an instructor to mislead me in his intent, which quickly turned into pursing an intimate relationship.'

Hamster cries METOO!!!!! The wheel keeps rotating. Isn't it hilarious? This bimbo gets the same victimhood status as a woman who was actually raped. And that's the whole shitshow that metoo movement really is. Painting all men in rapist's color.

282 - [TheRedPill] Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

[-] johnpayne10 21 Points 7 months ago

How do you propose protecting yourself from an allegation 35 years ago? Against an anonymous accusation you have no idea of?

Obviously, no one can protect himself against the reputation damage dealt by such an accusation. The best thing to do would be to hold frame, call bs on it and hire the best lawyers to sue the fuck out of her for defamation. Anyways, this article aims at making men aware of the dangers of 'false rape claims' and 'false sexual harassment' allegations.

Never forget, Kav wouldn't have gotten accused if he owned a used car lot. How many people here will actually recieve such a status in their lives that they will even have these 'alpha male' problems?

It is not really a 'alpha male problem'. College kids suffer from rape allegations. Middle class officer workers suffer from harassment claims and get fired from office. The best way to deal with all this is to act as smartly as possible, doing your best to keep your ass out of jail.

Obviously, it would be a waste of efforts if you never get accused, but I believe it is better to be aware of this issue and take appropriate measures than spend the rest of your life broke/in jail.

18 - [AskTRP] What to do if youre ’friends’ never invite you for parties?

[-] johnpayne10 19 Points 8 months ago

They don't give a fuck about you. In turn, you don't give a fuck about them.

1690 - [TheRedPill] College student Nikki Yovino, 19, sentenced to 3 years for falsely claiming sexual encounter was rape

[-] johnpayne10 18 Points 9 months ago

She tried to portray herself as a victim, a damsel in distress instead of a party slut. Guess what is more appealing to men...

382 - [TheRedPill] Google Executives Fall Pray to False Accusations

[-] johnpayne10 17 Points 6 months ago

Actually even diversity is a problem. Under the disguise of diversity and positive discrimination, you discriminate against the rest of the masses and actually result in declining quality of workforce. It is a widespread phenomenon.

Nowadays, it is used as a weapons against former power classes. It is essentially formerly underprivileged classes taking revenge for real/so called oppression against their ancestors. Not only is it socially harmful and unjust, it just propels the whole victim mentality and name calling. It is essentially social evil.

If you care about underprivileged classes, just help the below poverty line people. No need to discriminate based on gender/religion/caste/race/creed as legally everyone has equal rights and no one really holds the equal amount of prejudice as it might have been in the past

181 - [TheRedPill] The end of TRP

[-] johnpayne10 17 Points 7 months ago

Women lack the sense of honor, patriotism. It has always been a man's job to protect the territory of his tribe. We have a strong sense of nationalism/groupism, pronounced distrust towards other groups, pride in our culture and history. Women lack these values, or have it in a far less proportion compared to men. Throughout history, women have been spared after a war while men and boys have been killed. They have evolved to assimilate into the invading enemy culture, unlike we men. Even today, girls/women get over break-ups relatively easier than men. They grieve initially and before you know it, they are sucking the dick of a stranger, calling him their true love.

So basically, women lack the sense of unity, groupism. That is why they are more open to diversity, inclusion of others. They are the ones voting for opening borders to immigrants. They are the ones accepting other religions, cultures with an open mind. In this desperate attempt to gain social validation and acceptance (even from foreigners and unknown cultures), they lack the pragmatism to realize that these cultures are actually detrimental to their own. That is why you will see feminists supporting Muslims and happily wearing burqas to appease them. Their hamsters cannot process how dumb and dangerous their actions really are.

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