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84 - [TheRedPill] [FR] Finally asked out the hb7 who works in the shop next to mine

[-] iampattym 51 Points 4 months ago

nothing builds character like rejection.

I gotta stop taking them so personally and reading stuff like this really helps.

Best of luck in the future, mate

80 - [DebateAltRight] “I left the alt right and Im here to whore for some karma points”

[-] iampattym 45 Points 2 months ago

they probably think Turning Point USA are the thought leaders of the Alt-Right

80 - [DebateAltRight] “I left the alt right and Im here to whore for some karma points”

[-] iampattym 21 Points 2 months ago

Yeah it was lots of late nights on forums talking in circles about how society is forcing white people out or something idiotic like that

Guarantee this guy only looked into token minorities in vidya and Sci-Fi.

God these things are all so fake and stupid

280 - [TheRedPill] Wanted to share my thoughts after reading No More Mr Nice Guy

[-] iampattym 14 Points 3 months ago

I think NoFap works for the NoFap people because its all a part of maintaining a routine and good habits. They attach all their good habits together and then when they fail on one, they fail on all (hence them noticing negative side effects after a relapse).

So I feel like its part placebo and part of a symbol for a pact that they've made with themselves to be better.

540 - [TheRedPill] Judge Rules Male-Only Draft Violates Constitution

[-] iampattym 12 Points 3 months ago

I'm sure there are many outlier women who would be just as good as a man on the front line, there are plenty of buff and strong women who i'd easily pick to have fight next to me over a lot of my beta friends. These women tend to self select and are the ones who go to the military, there's issues of "equity" within the military (and other essential services) that will bump undeserving women up and that needs to be changed but I won't discount someone based on the fact that they're a woman.

BUT, the draft is a whole new problem. I wouldn't trust the average man to be physically fit enough to be of any real use on the front lines, how am I supposed to trust a woman with an average height at half a foot shorter, less capability to put on muscle and weaker cardio on average.

48 - [DebateAltRight] I'm half white and half jewish. Went down this rabbit hole and I don't know what to think now.

[-] iampattym 11 Points 2 months ago

Frame Game is gone? I always liked him.

God I hate the deplatforming just stopping really interesting perpectives from getting out. Like yea it sucks because he was good for "the movement" (especially his stuff about SA) but i'm mainly just sad that such a unique perspective is now gone. Same goes for Braving Ruin

280 - [TheRedPill] Wanted to share my thoughts after reading No More Mr Nice Guy

[-] iampattym 10 Points 3 months ago

I'm halfway through it myself rn and definitely agree that it really puts things in a different paradigm.

I don't think that I was ever the archetypal "nice guy" but I know that I did (and still do to some degree) share in some parts of their worldview. This book is great for "breaking free" and I agree, if the sidebar "makes sense" to you but isn't quite hitting the right notes, try this book out.

It's a short read, but not a quick process to work through, but you will see changes in your life relatively quickly.

477 - [TheRedPill] Video Games Are As Bad As Porn & Why To Quit

[-] iampattym 10 Points 3 months ago

Yea idk if I’m sold on NoFap as a whole, but porn is definitely bad for you.

Just use your imagination

9 - [DebateAltRight] Tommy Robinson supporters sing Owen Benjamin’s, “How they rule ‘ya”

[-] iampattym 8 Points 3 months ago

Honestly Tommy has done so much, people getting mad that he's a shill need to realize what he's done. He's getting the word out about Islamization, and he's doing it well.

Only reason I could see for not wanting to promote Tommy would be full on accelerationism

24 - [DebateAltRight] What are the strongest arguments against the Alt-Right's positions and how do you refute them?

[-] iampattym 7 Points 3 months ago

On top of that it’s very “you either get it or you don’t”. Like if you put in the hours and research you’ll see why it matters but if you don’t get it and don’t wanna look into it I see how you think it could just not matter to you.

I’ve always cared about being Canadian, but my national identity didn’t kick in till I started to really think about it. And I think the POV of “it matters because other people think it matters” is a real solid one even if it sounds dumb.

The idea of “who cares about nations maaann” is peak quixotic to me. Even if you could convince me that’s the way to go, you’ll never convince everyone else

24 - [DebateAltRight] Good trollish messages to post around campus.

[-] iampattym 7 Points 3 months ago

I feel like no one "should" get mad at factual statements just being put up. like a blank sign that says "white will be a minority in __ in the year ___" or "Pornography has been proven to reduce the desire to have children"

Throw some sources there too. who's gonna get mad that "fun" facts are being posted?

17 - [DebateAltRight] Tanker hijacked by migrants after they were rescued in the Mediterranean is seized by Maltese special forces in dramatic rescue operation

[-] iampattym 5 Points 2 months ago

Officers said an investigation has been launched, but it is unclear whether the migrants will now be prosecuted for the hijacking or sent to a detention centre while they apply for asylum.

Uhm excuse me but... what the fuck?

31 - [DebateAltRight] Ideological ban from r/academicbiblical

[-] iampattym 4 Points 2 months ago

You have a really, really, really fragile state of mind

Projection, ok, to be expected from the Right. Go on.

You’re the one sticking your head in the sand and making sure you keep dissidents at an arms length because you’re afraid of their ideas.

Your worldview is so fragile you need to ban the people willing to examine its flaws

280 - [TheRedPill] Wanted to share my thoughts after reading No More Mr Nice Guy

[-] iampattym 4 Points 3 months ago


A lot of his examples from his clinical work involve married guys, many of whom were recommended therapy by their wives.

If you follow the book and do the "breaking free" exercises then you will change, so I'd talk to your fiancé about it, he even recommends couples reading the book together

56 - [DebateAltRight] Why are birth rates so low for Europe?

[-] iampattym 3 Points 2 months ago

Was talking about this with my Polish friend and she said that one of the remaining effects of the USSR was the social engineering. Women are not interested AT ALL in being mothers or if they are its secondary to their career.

On top of that Poland has quite a bit of Poverty. People think of Poland (and I’m sure the other V4 are similar) as BASED and exactly what they want, but like every other country they have their own problems

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