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317 - [TheRedPill] Why Using Low N-Count To Vet Women Is Useless

[-] freew33zy 206 Points about a year ago

Just make sure your girl puts out for you ASAP. If she isn't a virgin, we already know she did it for Chad. If she didn't do it for you, you're not her Chad.

317 - [TheRedPill] Why Using Low N-Count To Vet Women Is Useless

[-] freew33zy 152 Points about a year ago

You do not know how right you are. Quick story: I once stayed in for a Friday night instead of partying because I had a lot of homework to do. A plate hit me up, and I declined because I was busy. Long story short after some pleading on her part I agreed to let her come over if she didn't bother me while I finished working.

Like I said, I had a lot of homework. She waited in the corner of my room, silent, for 3 hours while I finished... then we fucked. To be honest I'm grateful to that girl because I was not a Chad when it happened, so being her Chad opened my eyes to what life as Chad is like. Make sure your girl thinks you're Chad--you really don't want anything else.

875 - [TheRedPill] Here's the Top 20%

[-] freew33zy 111 Points about a year ago

I still maintain that top 20% is a low goal. Look around you: how hot truly is a top 20% female? Even in my college years rn when girls are supposedly peaking and have the most value relative to their same age male counterparts, I would not want my match to be one in five chicks. If a class of mine has 15 chicks, only one is going to actually be hot--if I'm only better than 80% of the males in that class, I have no shot to get the hot chick.

Be better than top 20%.

14 - [AskTRP] Spotted a 5 with a 10

[-] freew33zy 47 Points about a year ago

There are at least 1,000 reasons this could have happened. He's secretly alpha outside of looks? He's rich and her beta? He's one of those (more common than you think) guys who pays for hot girls to go on dates with him to look cool? She thinks he's hot even though no one else does?

The point is it could be literally anything, but more than anything I hope it just shows you that the concept of "leagues" is bullshit and you should shoot your shot.

287 - [AskTRP] What's the beta habit you had the hardest time giving up?

[-] freew33zy 43 Points about a year ago

Being a windy texter and writer. Just look at my post history, so many are really long. It definitely comes across as Beta but I can't help it lmao and the irony is that I'm not nearly that way face-to-face.

107 - [TheRedPill] NEVER Reject Yourself [FR]

[-] freew33zy 38 Points about a year ago

Fail. A lot. I've been rejected by girls you wouldn't even want to fuck. Plenty of them. I've also fucked plenty of girls most guys go googly-eyes over. I was a kissless virgin until I got to college and convinced I'd be an incel. But I just kept putting myself out there, making small changes here and there, started seeing some success, let it fuel my confidence, built upon said confidence with more success, and the process starts to make sense. And before you know it, you don't even really relate to the version of yourself that couldn't speak to a girl without his knees buckling, lol. But the most important, and hardest part, is getting yourself out there, not expecting it to go well, and just being a student of what is and is not effective. What you can and cannot incorporate into your game going forward to get the best results.

Oh, and lift. Very important.

56 - [AskTRP] Best female qualities/behaviors/actions in a LTR?

[-] freew33zy 37 Points about a year ago

I'll say this one because it's often overlooked here: being a genuinely fun time to have around. This one is very rare for girls, but I once had an LTR who was a good time (other flags caused this relationship to sink) and man, it was amazing. I saw more of the world and experienced more things than I would have if I were single for that year and a half, and ever since then it's made me realize how much the fun factor should really be valued.

No, don't try to make a hoe a housewife because a lot of hoes are fun too--but if you happen to find a decently good girl who's also a great time, you have the next best thing after a unicorn (imo).

80 - [AskTRP] How in the world do redpilled guys even pretend to be interested enough to hold something resembling a prolonged conversation with 90% of women?

[-] freew33zy 34 Points about a year ago

Then screen and find a girl in the 10% who you do get along with. Contrary to popular belief here, you don't need to fuck a million chicks to be "alpha." I suffer this too to a large degree and off-set it by spinning fewer girls but spinning the ones I spin for longer because we vibe better.

Also, part of what you describe is getting to know each other--you don't know what you have in common yet, so it's hard to have a deep conversation. My former LTR and I had an incredibly normal first few conversations, limited to the typical "oh, you're in my discussion I think" and then me saying "who are you?" That was it. A few months later after sex we talked about my theory of how time isn't linear but is rather circular (not getting into it here--it's kind of a bs pseudo-science theory, but I created it and it's interesting to think about.) Was a super deep talk, though. And we had a lot of conversations about things that, while they may not necessarily interest you, were very interesting to me. And on date one, we didn't do any of that shit.

You have to sift through to find who you will and will not click with. Think about it: did you and your best male friend have an amazing first conversation, or did you get to know him and bond over time?

78 - [AskTRP] Girl I'm seeing found TRP posts in my reddit history and I think it killed my chances with her. How do I recover?

[-] freew33zy 31 Points about a year ago
  1. You don't let girls find this. Ever. I am in a 2-year LTR and I've only ever alluded to TRP, not made it available even in the slightest.
  2. As soon as she did find it, you needed to own it. "Oh, you don't believe in TRP? Funny cuz it works on you, little girl." That shit melts girls. I wouldn't use talking about TRP as a normal course of action, but if a girl finds out, owning it can work wonders. I've converted my LTR from pretty liberal to hating the feminist agenda because she knows it's bullshit. I don't let her hamster because I think quicker and she can't deny that the things I do turn her on--and I am not "her equal" in the relationship. Far from. If you showed this girl how little substance everything she thought she believed in actually had, she'd suck your dick every day for the next month. Girls love to lose to men in arguments, but you lost frame.

58 - [AskTRP] I realized tonight that I’m an incel. I really need some advice.

[-] freew33zy 31 Points about a year ago

Hi. I am almost 21. I was kissless until I turned 18. I had my first sex not long before I turned 19. My body count is now almost 20 and my LTR is a HB8 that does semi-regular threesomes with me and lets me fuck other girls, which I take advantage of semi-regularly (once a month ish).

The point being: you're young and life can still change. But you have to change it. What you have to do to change it I do not know. For me, I changed from being a little puss boy who never approached to shotgun approaching and probably being pretty creepy for a while. Well, creepy me still got some makeouts and even laid a couple times. And as I got more success I was just continuously adjusting to the point I'm at now where I hardly make an effort and have sex regularly and have a new partner slightly less regularly but still kinda regularly. The thing is Goku didn't go Super Saiyan in Episode One. Shit takes practice and learning and you're lucky you're a dude because you've got years to master this shit. I think men's SMV peaking in their mid-30s like this sub says is a little overplayed but you can definitely fuck hot ass girls at from 25-35 if you manage your shit right.

But yeah, just go out there shoot your shot and keep shooting til it starts going in. And maybe when you get more efficient you won't need to take 40 shots every game to score 6 points. But hey, Kobe theory works.

Edit: just read your post actually--I gave you a pretty generalized answer. My brain is pretty analytical too, but what you gotta realize is that game can be analytical as well. Think about it as learning how people work, rather than getting laid. I incorporate a lot of deeper digging questions into my "game" just for self-amusement reasons, and it may or may not help my "game." But it's fun for me and keeps me doing it. So I do it. Find for you what you like in game, or maybe just decide to be an incel. There's really nothing wrong with being incel if you recognize it'd make you happiest. For some, it does.

440 - [TheRedPill] What I’ve learn from approaching over 100 women

[-] freew33zy 20 Points about a year ago

Oh yeah? I lift 17x per week

875 - [TheRedPill] Here's the Top 20%

[-] freew33zy 20 Points about a year ago

I agree that only counting appearance is flawed, but for me it has to be the #1 consideration. If I'm just fucking this chick, I want a chick who has me rock hard and full of lust--that's a hot bitch, not a "good" one.

And if I'm dating a chick, I want a chick who's going to give my kids the best chance to succeed, a.k.a. superior DNA. That is also a hot bitch.

You see, either way looks are the most important thing for a chick. That said, I wouldn't date a cunt just because she's hot--that's not a model for success. But I would never date a chick I didn't find hot, and I wouldn't put in much effort to fuck one that isn't hot either.

And my measurement of "hot" is, again, MUCH less than the top 20%.

107 - [TheRedPill] NEVER Reject Yourself [FR]

[-] freew33zy 18 Points about a year ago

My best recommendation is field experience. I can say I've been in the game for about three years now, actually trying, and this is the progression of things.

Year 1: mostly failure, hundreds of approaches, didn't get shit except one lay (besides many, many makeouts and # closes that flaked). That one lay was a pretty cool girl who was chubby with a hot face that I then trained to become hot (lose weight) using my natural leaderly skills, despite not being that "Alpha" or anything.

Year 2: gain some confidence because I was "with a hot girl" and we had an arrangement where I could get other girls and she didn't mind (same main girl as now) so I got some lays. Nothing amazing, though. But I was still going out and gaming a lot, making a lot of moves. Also started hitting the gym year two.

Year 3: gym gains start showing--I'm not jacked, but again, you can tell I lift. I keep putting myself out there, developing game, scored some threesomes and stuff--leads to increased confidence. The original girl I got, by this time, has SMV-maxed so she's massive preselection by now. Continuing to game her and interact with her and her hot friends means I'm always talking to hot girls and I'm just more seasoned/sharper at this point than other guys. And this is the year I've really started killing it. My total n-count is a little north of 20, and since January, I've had like 8. Mostly better quality than in the past as well.

So, yeah, I liked RSD and TRP while I was developing--and still frequent TRP. But there's no substitute for just being around attractive girls a lot. I am able to be so free-feeling around attractive girls because I am around them a lot, so it would be more weird if I felt like it was a big deal than didn't. How you replicate that is up to you, but it is a good move if you can execute it. Even if they're just friends.

9 - [AskTRP] You guys say ‘next’ over almost anything?

[-] freew33zy 17 Points about a year ago

I agree AskTRP is pretty next-happy. I will fully admit that if I posted all details of my two-year long LTR I could easily get people to say "next that bitch." At the same time, I could write a post and leave out all the AskTRP triggers and get a post calling me the ultimate alpha. Obviously, neither is true--I'm somewhere between the two. Life isn't black and white.

And that's why you shouldn't always take this sub so literally. If I took this sub at face value, I would have nexted my HB8 LTR that is okay with me fucking other girls, going out without her, and doing threesomes. I'd have to be a fucking idiot to do that--most guys would kill to be in my position. And for the most part, she's a great LTR in her own right--but she's also human and therefore isn't the perfect unicorn. Still great and worth the LTR, though.

2 - [AskTRP] Is it toxic to not have abundance and only having one girl you plate?

[-] freew33zy 15 Points about a year ago

One plate is a GF

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