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857 - [TheRedPill] How To Fuck Your Girl Rough

[-] ex_addict_bro 363 Points 2 years ago


All those "rough sex guides" caused me to feel fear, uneasiness and retreat. I read them and I felt somehow... different!

How could I do such things to a girl if I really don't want to do this.

After some time I realized the problem was that I did not fuck the girl I really wanted. There was not too much of sexual desire on my part.

Why there was no sexual desire on my part? Because the girl was so-so. HB-HalfOfWhatIdLikeToFuck. HB-IllreplaceyouwithabettergirlASAP. HB-IllMakeMyselfCumThinkingAboutSomeoneElseAndThenYouLeave.

Why that girl was so-so? Because I was afraid to approach girls that I really liked.

Why was I afraid of this? Well, how can I openly approach a girl, how can I have a lot of courage inside if I know (sub)consciously that my life is a mess, that I have X and Y to complete for tomorrow, that I have not been lifting since X days, that I need to fix my car, that I need to clean my kitchen, that...

To build a desire - a desire that makes all those rough things possible - to approach a high quality girl that I feel desire for - first I needed to have my life in order.

In the past, I lied and cheated. Those are not behaviors of a high value man. Don't get me wrong, I do manipulate girls, but I don't sell them blatant lies now. And, if I am selling myself to her as a successful guy - and the reality is that I am not... you see, where it goes. Also, better girl, better shit detectors.

To have rough sex I need to feel desire first. To feel desire I need a quality woman first. To date a high quality woman I need to have my life in order first.

That's how it goes now.

So, if you're feeling uneasy when reading this "rough sex guide" - perhaps you fucking should. Don't bookmark it. Just do the improvements in your life, lift, sidebar, focus on fixing yourself. Because if you don't feel like having rough sex with a woman... don't adjust your set, perhaps this means that you should not have it.

864 - [TheRedPill] Girls you orbit will say they care about you, but really only care about your attention.

[-] ex_addict_bro 172 Points 7 months ago

She pursued you. You blew it by being too tame and way too overt.

802 - [TheRedPill] A Billy-Beta acquaintance has *zero* clue his fiancee is about to leave him. Guess the reasons.

[-] ex_addict_bro 140 Points 10 months ago

Not exactly the topic of the post and the most of discussion in the comments, possibly, but:

I, using PC language, spelt out redpill truths to her in a non in-your-face way


This is how you do that.

You do things in a proper way, you verbalise stuff properly when even the most leftist feminist coworker starts agreeing with you.

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT gentlemen.

Sincerely yours,

don't talk about the fight club,

1083 - [TheRedPill] While you're talking to her about TRP, I'm fucking her in the ass

[-] ex_addict_bro 113 Points about a year ago

You aren't a programmer obviously. You would know programming is logic based.

242 - [TheRedPill] The Machine

[-] ex_addict_bro 104 Points 3 months ago

Suddenly every sperg understood. Congrats.

849 - [TheRedPill] Macron wants make wolf whistling and asking for women's numbers illegal under new plans to end 'macho' culture in France

[-] ex_addict_bro 102 Points about a year ago

You can't even paternity test when you're French man.

868 - [TheRedPill] What words mean:

[-] ex_addict_bro 98 Points 5 months ago

"I do realise that AWALT and such but this one girl"

762 - [TheRedPill] "She's Probably Out Getting Fucked"

[-] ex_addict_bro 94 Points about a year ago

This is a good idea, I disagree with the implementation. Why would I think about a girl getting fucked? I'd rather think about who do I want to plow myself today instead.

Few weeks ago I was running into an oneitis. I started every single day thinking what would I do if the girl calls me and lets me know we're done (shit, we know girls don't work like that, but that was just my fantasy). After a few days I realised she's nothing special and I don't really need her any more. After a few days more I started banging another woman. And another. And another.

They aren't special at all.

And if they don't call you back, that's because they're probably getting fucked. But that should be none of my concerns.

596 - [TheRedPill] On finally fucking a girl after 18 years of celibacy

[-] ex_addict_bro 94 Points 4 months ago

Such posts happen from time to time.

Pussy is like food. Nothing special unless you’re starving.

Whatever you were longing get used to it. This is a hole we all feel inside. People use god meditation magic thinki g,sex addiction things buying sports etc whatever to fill it.

My suggestion, get used to it.

80 - [TheRedPill] Women's confessions on Quora confirm everything TRP in vivid detail, WAY beyond what we've ever discussed up here. But it's the emotional threads, about behaviors and experiences, not the logical debating ones are where the bare truth comes out.

[-] ex_addict_bro 82 Points 2 months ago

Reading those threads is a fucking waste of time and so is your post.

779 - [TheRedPill] Article: Man loses custody battle for kids living with sex offender.

[-] ex_addict_bro 73 Points 2 years ago

Typical behavior of a codependent person. Won't protect her offspring, will rather defend partner. See my post history.

My boys know their mother won't be able to protect them from day one and that they need to call me in case shit happens.

I lived with abusive alcoholic father and when I was 7 or 8 I told him something along the lines "you're not my father because my father doesn't drink". My mother scolded me right after. She deliberately left me with him, I remember him getting drunk with friends, puking on himself, all that. She didn't mind neither his behavior nor cleaning.

That's codependency. See it once understand it once be able to find it anywhere.

826 - [TheRedPill] "Big Dick Energy" - Female's own theory that confirms RP truths

[-] ex_addict_bro 71 Points 4 months ago

Pro tip: stop listening to livestock

246 - [TheRedPill] [Reader Question] Just starting university, what do?

[-] ex_addict_bro 70 Points 4 months ago

Lift, read, study, stay off booze and drugs.

Don’t believe any musican praising weed, purple drinks, cocaine or anything else.

Rewire yourself for dopamine resulting from success at gym, competitions and getting things done rather than from substance usage.

If your parents suck or lack, so be it. You’re your own best parent now. Take care of yourself. Don’t wallow in the past.

1187 - [TheRedPill] Counterfeit Red Pills

[-] ex_addict_bro 69 Points 2 years ago

It's okay for GLO to write this because he has a friend who is a racist.

0 - [TheRedPill] The New Culture Movement (sex cult)

[-] ex_addict_bro 68 Points 2 months ago

TBH you sound butthurt. Your black bro had fun during weekend, fucked some bitches. Bitches consented to coal burning so they're fine too.

I don't exactly understand what's the difference between that "new cult sex movement" and my life, as I date various women at once and whenever I feel like fucking 2 different girls on an evening, I have no problem with that.

I don't exactly understand what's the point of this post. You sound like you're virtue signalling. In a situation when your friend gets some strange and you don't, honestly - unless you post your picture with a six-pack abs, you have no right to virtue signal in my book.

I still find attending a sex cult getaway as a dangerous premise away from reality

For 10 days this WAS his reality. Throw away blue pill goggles and grow up.

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