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1189 - [TheRedPill] Mattress Girl just made a porno...and called it performance art.

[-] dr_warlock 502 Points 5 years ago

That guy had bareback sex with a known serial false rape accuser with an STD, what a dumb fuck.

548 - [TheRedPill] Man gets falsely accused of rape, mother takes her own life thinking her son is a rapist.

[-] dr_warlock 453 Points 4 years ago

The jury heard about her false confession and true age (not 14, but 22 with 3 kids) yet still convicted him. She was a drug addict whore and they took her word over his. They were a bunch of faggot whiteknights and women fighting for team women. If anyone ever influenced my mom to commit suicide, I'd kill them. Everyone.


A sex offender is a high value target on the prison predation list. The only way to ensure your safety is solitary confinement (8x8 cell, 23 hours a day), which is psychological torture due to lack of stimulus. He should have come out a millionaire for his wrongful conviction, especially as a sex offender. His case should be plastered on the media to clear his name and the whore should go to prison. If he was raped while incarcerated, he should kill every jury member, and that stupid skank and her lawyer.

383 - [TheRedPill] Don't trust anyone [mobile]

[-] dr_warlock 432 Points 4 years ago

Dont say shit to the police. Get a lawyer, get ahold of the bar footage then charge her for a false police report and assault (splashing drinks on people is considered assault). Put her life in the ground. No mercy.

411 - [TheRedPill] Reddit Post of a 18 Years Old Girl. She is asking for kuddos for her N-Count of 100!

[-] dr_warlock 403 Points 2 years ago

Makes me sad to know I was too bluepill to see it during highschool and part of college. I was most certainly not in the 'the club'. Where was I when these hoes were giving out free candy? Where was my turn for creampies child/STD free? Dont say I didn't try, found PUA in highschool and approached like crazy, but my 'game' sucked balls and was a try-hard. Or the age-gap was legally impermissible.


Didn't get access to one until I had one in my class group project my senior year. Was told stories about her. Didn't believe them. Then I got my turn. It was an amazing several turns and even LTR'd her. Later found out about her true sexual past from her own mouth little by little (in euphemistic language of course). Those rumors of promiscuity were true.


Always wondered how losers could got the hotties, but then realized today, sex with hot girls after looks is mostly about proximity. Social circles, class, work, etc. Your first impression to her as a stranger is very different than what she thinks of you after interacting with you in close proximity on the regular. In addition, women's feelings are confined to her immediate awareness. Attraction for women isn't a constant, it's relative. Women viewed me very differently during group projects or any other means that brings us together. No game is used. No flirting. Completely non-sexual, that's how my first time came about. She felt attracted to me simply by interacting with me on a school project in which I normally take over do everything because I want it to be my perfect vision. I never flirt with girls in these situations, yet got much better results this way.


You wonder why Chad the Waiter or Chad the Stoner are chads in the first place, this is why. Masculinity in proximity over the course of at least several days + decent smv (even without game) will trigger something in a woman she can't explain and she initiates the ritual herself with flirting and touching. Then you just move from there. Cold approach and the other material we talk about here is at most a compliment or compensation for this kind of interaction. Pure mathematics tells us most guys won't be in close proximity to these women.


This is much harder when you get older. You no longer have school forcing you together. People split off and you gotta form new networks. Now your job determines the type of women around you. STEM? forget it (you have to go out of your way to compensate). Hot chicks are in the Waitress/cashier/bartender scene, big city corporate america (NYC, DC, Miami, LA, etc), and trash collecting girls for construction sites (they don't speak english). At least that's all I've ever seen them (EDIT: and how could I forget nursing? What's up with hot girls and nursing?). The guys that do the best with women are in the lower income brackets and obviously the rich and famous. Hot women are never middle class until after they marry. Poor hot chicks can't leave the area and explore, so they remain, usually getting pregnant early for obvious reasons. Hot women that can leave and explore for college or other adventures start getting picked off by the porn industry and rich/famous guys in unofficial harems and sugar daddy deals to such a degree that it shifts what most men consider the normal SMV spectrum on a societal scale (most men have never seen true 8+'s). The remainder, who were sparsely sprinkled in each highschool, if present at all, now converge in nodes ( top party schools) where they pursue a degree that will allow them to enter big city corporate america where they're surrounded by higher status guys. They get picked off some more. Those who wish to settle down for beta bux will return to the suburbs after the CC in the bar/club scene ~late 20's.


If you want women, you have to shape your lifestyle such that you're in close proximity to them on a regular face-to-face basis. Otherwise, you're limited to 'game' and cold approach, which is a sped up process of the mating ritual and is less effective. In highschool, be in athletics like soccer and football (no AP classes, easy electives). In college be in athletics or a frat and an easy major (hot girls do liberal arts and other bullshit). While a young guy, work in the bar/club/restaurant industry. You could prolong the low income jobs as mentioned in the previous sentence, but do you want to max out as Chad the 29 year old waiter just for pussy? After school (college age), go to the big cities (NYC, DC, LA, Miami, etc) and work in corporate america. Or you can choose to be a rapper, rockstar, business millionaire+, or famous criminal.


Of course hot girls can be found in all sorts of areas in life, but this is an accurate picture. Outside of this path, you rely on luck, circumstance, or you have to go out of your way to be around them. Being good looking, making good money, cold approaching, and having nice style and cars isn't enough (not optimally). Skinny tattooed, stoner Steve the bar tender partier will do better than you in quantity and quality. If you want women, you have to shape your lifestyle such that you're in close proximity on a regular face-to-face basis. Men who slay, make sure they get this down.

992 - [TheRedPill] Deleted Instagram; Banged Instagram Model

[-] dr_warlock 384 Points 2 years ago

Social media for women is the equivalent of online resumes and job applications— a centralized location to judge male status in the palm of her hand. This is why they insist on a username. Most men, even attractive ones, get lost in the virtual pile of noise. You’re just another pornhub video on the video gallery list except they’re real life men. With just a couple clicks and a few messages, she can have dick delivered to her like a pizza in 30 minutes or less.


IG, facebook, and snapchat are an overflooding sewer of betadom. Truly horrendous. Men with no confidence to talk to them in person showering them with validation and virtual support behind their screens jerking with the other hand in hopes their oneitis will acknowledge their existence with a winky face. Some even send them gifts, order them pizza, or pay for their channel just to watch them play video games. You cant keep eye contact with her in person, thats your inner loser staring right back at you. You brag about being facebook friends with her you sad, sad, desperate man. You make me sick.


Social media is a game, not some care free do whatever. If you deny this you dont get it. Never add women or like/comment on their pictures if you havent spoken to them in person. Like pics that you’re in together. Dont read any of her stories, they’re all just attention whoring.

2717 - [TheRedPill] [META] Reddit rolls out first ban wave of "Harassing Subreddits"

[-] dr_warlock 350 Points 5 years ago

From this point on, no one shall give gold, only state it as a comment. Do not give these people money.

524 - [TheRedPill] "Man dates"

[-] dr_warlock 339 Points 5 years ago

1) They're insuating that you're gay in an attempt to get you to prove otherwise by acting on their suggestion to have a drink with them.


2) Women also hate being excluded from groups where the action is. "They hate the idea that there exists a space in the universe where the culture is not centered around themselves, pandering to their needs, and worshiping the dirt they stand on, this sacred ground. Women need men and need the feeling to be mutual, but the presence of our male exclusive spaces are evidence to the contrary. It shows that a man, even one women categorize as a provider, can have an enjoyable existence outside the presence of a woman. If a man cannot be controlled by sex, women are powerless." - The Covert Reason Women Hate Male Spaces

304 - [TheRedPill] Beta male seeks advice on how to stop his buddy Chad from being so successful with women.

[-] dr_warlock 299 Points 4 years ago

If Chads are so misgynistic, cruel, immature, violent, and/or despicable, then why do women keep enthusiastically fucking them? Why do women cheat on their boyfriends and husbands for them? Why do women leave their husbands and boyfriends for them? Why do women have posters of them on their wall? Why do women send love letters to serial killers and have conjugal visits with felons? Why do women buy copies of books and movies containing him in the millions? Why do they suck their cocks in the club bathroom? Why do they attend massive organized celebrity sex parties and cruises with them? Why is the bacherlorette show so popular with them? Why do women scream and stampede at concerts, celebrity shows, and professional athletic events over them? Why do they flood him with online attention on social media? Why, why, why, why, whyyy?


It says way more about them then it does about Chad. Watch what they do, not what they say.

380 - [TheRedPill] The Beta Mindset: Believing in Fairness

[-] dr_warlock 289 Points 4 years ago

You don't get what you deserve, you get what you take.

779 - [TheRedPill] Article: Man loses custody battle for kids living with sex offender.

[-] dr_warlock 257 Points 3 years ago

Cant read. I want a pleasant saturday. I'll just upvote and move on.

482 - [TheRedPill] [LTR]When you think you cannot live without her anymore, you have to leave her.

[-] dr_warlock 240 Points 4 years ago

Don't bother saying things like "i have to add 'right now' at the end of your sentence". Explaining female nature to a woman does nothing for you.

351 - [TheRedPill] "Men are literally freezing women out of the workplace"

[-] dr_warlock 229 Points 4 years ago

Women are too comfortable. They need drama to live and have a nagging unquenchable need to spout out nonsense to test men. Men being men, they invented things to make the household chores and activities easier and more efficient: the vacuum cleaner, microwave, conventional oven, wash & dryer, sweeper vac, sewage system, the toilet, the sink, the refrigerator, the freezer, etc. The problem is that by relieving women of hardship, they have nothing keeping them occupied and are left to their own devices to entertain themselves. When the environment fails to create anxiety, she will conjure it. Manspreading, gender plowing, patriarchy, rape culture, gamer gate, 'equality in the household chores', etc is all a manifestation of women's need for drama and shit testing.

207 - [TheRedPill] "3 Ways You Can Be an Ally to Women in Tech" - or: how stackoverflow is jumping on the feminism bandwagon

[-] dr_warlock 224 Points 2 years ago

When I go to stackoverflow, all I want is help for my programming problems, not bitches and betas complaining about women and their feelz.


When I watch a sport, all I want to see is displays of skill and people hitting eachother, not talking about women and their boobie problems.


When I take a class, all I want is relevant material for my certification or degree, not info on female oppression, rape, or white priveledge.


Motherfuckers always bending over backwards to cover material outside their domain to help the fake problems of women and 'minorities'. Get a life, read real books, and grow a pair. Just a bunch of spineless chumps.

347 - [TheRedPill] Woman is thinking of making her husband a 'list of chores' before he gets a blowjob.

[-] dr_warlock 222 Points 5 years ago

Man's commitment > woman's sex. Most men don't realize this.

350 - [TheRedPill] [FR] How to tell if she wants attention or if she wants the D: the story of my neighbor

[-] dr_warlock 222 Points 4 years ago

Q: How do you know a girl is horny?

A: when you put your hand in her pants and it feels like you're feeding a horse.

Everyone should remember that a girl will never mention sex with a guy she would not have sex with. If she mentions it, sex is on her mind. You have to lead her to the conclusion on a plausible deniable path.

(Game is being naughty while keeping her image nice.)

Also, never go "omg thats terrible, are you okay?!?". It can be cancer, rape, death in the family, doesnt matter. Just sit and listen unfazed. Dont let her emotional state rattle yours.

Good post.

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