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601 - [TheRedPill] Quick Tip for a date idea that saves YOU money, gives you more exposure, and nets you value even if it doesn’t work out.

[-] dking168 429 Points 9 months ago

In my opinion and experience, most girls won't go straight to your house to cook with you especially as first date.

On the second or third date, she might be comfortable with this. But unless the girl is really into you, they won't fall for this.

Good stuff nonetheless.

97 - [TheRedPill] What's the value of a stay-at-home LTR?

[-] dking168 107 Points 3 years ago

I'd drop this bitch like a fucking rock.

213 - [TheRedPill] Why social circle is the best path for most guys on here.

[-] dking168 75 Points 3 years ago

I am all about social circle game but this thread states nothing that isn't common knowledge. You get hotter girls with a social circle? No shit. Social circle is more effective than cold approach? No shit.

You forgot one important thing. Social circle takes time to build, you don't build a strong social circle overnight and reap the benefits of banging all the girls right away. At least with night time cold approach, I can get laid right away.

I want to do more social circle game and when I saw this thread, I was very excited but I was left unsatisfied. This thread states nothing about getting this so called social circle. Building a social circle that includes you the opportunity to fuck hot girls is a lot different than a social circle of guys playing video games. Not all social circles are equal. You can't "just" weasel your way into all social circles. The best ones, the ones with the models and bottles, don't want your money or booze because they already have an abundance of it. So you need to offer something else of value. What it is, I still have no idea but as I have been working on my game these last months, it has included this so called social circle game. But it's a far stretch of what you want it to be and how to actually obtain it.

Edit: I just want to state that I live in Vegas so most of the advice people are giving me doesn't apply to my situation. I have connections to get into the clubs, no problem. I literally line skip everytime and that gives me DHV but it means nothing. However, the problem is how to get into the social circle of the billionaires with the models. You need to offer a value greater than anything physical. These guys already have everything. They have the girls. They have the money. They have the booze. They have the best table. What that value to provide is, I have no idea and I still seek it to this day but the answer I seek is not what any of you are able to give.

668 - [TheRedPill] Don't communicate; leave -- Communication is validation-seeking behavior

[-] dking168 52 Points 3 years ago

Go on the internet and tell people you were "alpha" for enforcing the boundaries.

That made me laugh

308 - [TheRedPill] Travelling is the cock carousel on steroids for women

[-] dking168 34 Points 4 years ago

As Chris Brown says "These hoes ain't loyal".

601 - [TheRedPill] Quick Tip for a date idea that saves YOU money, gives you more exposure, and nets you value even if it doesn’t work out.

[-] dking168 31 Points 9 months ago

I never said it doesn't work. I've had situations where I was able to do the exact same thing. However, if you can convince a girl to go straight to your house without ever meeting her before (ex: through online game). It doesn't matter if you cook or not, they are usually down for casual sex regardless. All you have to do is not fuck it up and game as normal. They just hamster the cooking part as "plausible deniability".

Any QUALITY girl (I emphasis the quality) will not go straight to your place unless you've networked with her through either a social circle or had some warm lead of her ahead of time. I guess I'm at a point where vapid girls aren't as exciting anymore. Getting laid with some random strange doesn't fulfill me as much as it used to so I like to enjoy the seduction aspect and get to know the girls beforehand.

It has ironically led to higher quality girls and more fulfillment on my part for both me and her.

221 - [TheRedPill] Guys in their 20s, you don't have that much time!

[-] dking168 31 Points 3 years ago

California is the hardest. You need to have high status and the logistics are mad difficult. Most clubs are 30+ min drives from places and as a result, the lay rates are a lot lower. I would recommend other states. It also highly depends on your race.

3 - [TheRedPill] The Godfather of Pick-Up (and the Red Pill), Mystery, has a Facebook Meltdown

[-] dking168 24 Points 3 years ago

You guys are all hating on Mystery hard lol. Yes his methods will a little out there but think about back in 1995-2000, there was absolutely no material about pick up like there is now. Its the same thing with phones, there used to be only land lines, then we had giant cell phones, then they got smaller and then the evolution of smart phones came into play. You can't blame Mystery for his methods because no one taught him otherwise, everything he learned was self taught. The whole concept of negging, dhv and all that pua terms are all things he invented and we as a society evolved and sharpened it and made it better. You simply cannot compare the pick up methods now to the pick up methods then just like you can't compare the technology now to the technology back then.

The last point I want to make is that Mystery is the reason TRP exists. Without Mystery, there would be no Neil Strauss, without no Neil Strauss, there would be no The Game, and so on and so forth.

Don't get me wrong I think Mystery is a joke and his stuff would no longer work in this day and age but to pick on him about his past is just ridiculous

229 - [TheRedPill] Woman with high partner count admits the "3X Rule" is true. Is horrified by her own daughter's partner count in the same time frame.

[-] dking168 20 Points 4 years ago

That's 10.5 guys per year.

She's had sex with a different guy every month for TWENTY YEARS.

Holy fuck. That pussy is probably a wizard sleeve by now.

315 - [TheRedPill] Dear Abby: I love my man but might like a hookup

[-] dking168 20 Points 4 years ago

Once she rides the cock carousel, she won't go back

238 - [TheRedPill] How To Get Laid In Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide

[-] dking168 19 Points about a year ago

Although I live in Vegas and a lot of these points of valid. A lot of facts are missing. To begin with, you have to pay parking now which goes from 10 to $20 a night and although it wasn't like that when I was hitting it hard in the club, all that stuff adds up if you keep going out every night for days on end. You can choose to use an Uber or taxi but then as you are pulling the girl and getting in the taxi line, there is usually a lineup and the longer you pull the girl and the more she waits, the more likely she is to hesitate and change her mind. The moment she is in the car, she is less likely to back out as she can't jump out of the car. The most efficient way is to have your own car (or live in the same hotel) but it comes back to that the parking isn't free anymore. Logistics cost more money now. Another thing I would like to discuss is the amount of volume that you can get, while I agree that there is more sets to approach. You also miss the fact that there is also more guys out there. There are tons of guys who have $20,000 tables, there are guys who are more aesthetic than you, there are definitely more guys out there who have much better game than you. So while there are more sets, there is also more competition as well. I actually found the skill cap Vegas to be a lot higher than most other cities.

One of the points I wanted to touch on is the likely point of girls leaving her group. 99% of the time, most girls are in their own group and the chance of you pulling her from her that set is slim especially if she is a tourist. When a set is too big, it can be harder because they will all convince her not to leave and if the set is like 2 or 3, it will be too intimate for her to leave her couple of friends to "hook up" some local random guy. I am not saying it is impossible as most of the girls I have laid there had groups of girls with them. I am telling you right now that disarming the group tends to be the biggest challenge over the actual gaming of the girl itself. If you do the shotgun approach, a lot of girls will like you and you will meet their look threshold but the problem is the group of friends she is with more than anything.

The truth is and most PUAs I have talked to agree is that social circle game is becoming the future and it is much easier to get laid through leveraging social media or dating apps than to spend time and money cold approaching. For most newbies out there, shotgun approaching at clubs is the best for practice but as you get better with game, the time and money to yield cost becomes too great for it to be sustainable long term. Therefore, while it is great to get laid through cold approach clubbing (esp in Vegas), as you get better you will need to find another way that is more efficient on your time and resources (money and etc).

I agree with the comment who said about the TAM Card. I know that everyone keeps doing that and eventually they are only going to accept local Nevada ID. Also the guest list is a hit-or-miss. Sometimes you can get in quickly but that usually means that it will be a dead crowd varying all the way to where you could almost wait up to two hours. Money helps for sure. Drinks are $20 each, parking is another $15 and cover can range from free (in exchange for your time) all the way to $120 during XS Chainsmokers night. Remember that the best nights are Friday and Saturday usually do not have a guest list because they know they can charge people the most money so as a result the best times to shotgun approach are nights where the clubs will try to gouge you the most. Do not get me wrong, Vegas is a great place to practice and I still continue to live there but I'm telling you that when I was in my prime club days a couple of years ago, the clubs scene was easier and less costly. Anyone I know who has lived in Vegas for long periods of time had agreed with me that Vegas had only gotten harder and more expensive as the years progressed. Just a word of warning for any people out there. Do not going to the club expecting to spend no money nor do not expect it to be as easy as this OP makes the post seem.

0 - [TheRedPill] She choose the bother with boobs

[-] dking168 19 Points 3 years ago

The English in this thread is appalling

142 - [TheRedPill] Thoughts on Chad

[-] dking168 18 Points 3 years ago

Basically, these hoes ain't loyal.

89 - [TheRedPill] RANT: Online dating has high standards for low quality offerings

[-] dking168 17 Points 4 years ago

The reason online dating is popular and becoming the norm is because of rejection.

Getting rejected online is much easier on the person and their ego than getting rejected in person.

People don't want to admit it, but it's the truth.

82 - [TheRedPill] Why Millenials Are Brok

[-] dking168 15 Points 3 years ago

Investing in education is ONLY valuable if you study STEM or higher. If you are like all the other idiots who did a BA in English or history, you are literally better off putting all that tuition money on red in a roulette game

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