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730 - [TheRedPill] Dave Chappelle: Marriage is Nothing but an Awful Contract You Shouldn't Sign

[-] destraht 454 Points 2 years ago

He walked away from one lucrative $50 million contract that would have stifled him and he lived his life on his own free terms while spending his already somewhat limitless money and then zipped into another $50 million contract on his own free terms. The power to walk away...

1315 - [TheRedPill] #MeToo aims to make men criminally liable for all of women's negative post-sex feelings.

[-] destraht 111 Points about a year ago

I saw this about ten years ago and its timeless. Don't Talk to the Police. They will almost never torture or beat you so just treat most of their requests for information as if they were the homeless guy who asks you for your sandwich. Just politely decline. People talk a lot about frame with women but not much is said about frame with authority. In the West, in most areas dealing with the police is super easy and basically training wheels compared to what has gone on in much of history. If you can't stand up to these guys with your constitutional rights, cameras, courts, juries and absence of torture then you don't deserve it.

My longest friend is an analytical idiot and more on the artistic side and felt a need to please. He absolutely fucked himself into a felony by answering questions even after he declined the first several times. They'll just keep asking and weak people will give in to them. You might be in an uncomfortable chair, your favorite show is coming on in two hours and you want to catch it, you have to piss and this guy just keeps asking you the same question in different ways. So you answer because you are weak and then six months later you might just see their questions blacked out on a page with your heinous words highlighted. You don't have to speak. If they aren't going for your fingernails, if you don't see an iron maiden, rack or scary looking torture kit then just shut your mouth. Don't fucking talk.

Why am I going on about torture? Its because that is what used to happen. We have a system now that can't do that. So don't fucking talk. Easy. Done.

686 - [TheRedPill] This community is quarantined: It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content. For information on positive masculinity, please see the resources available at Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

[-] destraht 85 Points about a year ago

Oh well, time to get fat again. It was a good run but they won. /s

208 - [TheRedPill] The Importance of Oxytocin Production in Women and Inhibition by Hormonal Contraceptives

[-] destraht 74 Points about a year ago

My anecdote is that I've been with many women who are not taking any hormonal contraceptive and then start taking it after we start banging she goes onto it and it completely changes her behavior. I dread it. It goes from "this is great" to "this sucks" real fast.

462 - [TheRedPill] [25m] my girlfriend[24f] told me she had only slept with 3 guys, her best friend[24f] blurted out that they slept with a guy every city in Europe they visited

[-] destraht 74 Points about a year ago

sudo gf-admin downgrade --level=plate --quiet --yes --force > /dev/null

265 - [TheRedPill] How good Eastern Europe is and how much hate I see on this sub coming from the U.S.

[-] destraht 72 Points 4 years ago

Can women marry the state in moldavia?

I'd imagine that its just not a very good husband.

302 - [TheRedPill] Destroy Your Dick December

[-] destraht 60 Points about a year ago

Dominating sexuality, social sciences, banking, telecommunications and much of the choicest real estate while pretending to be victims, plus then convincing my mom to cut up my dick third hand while I was an infant. Their crimes are enumerable and I'm grumpy.

417 - [TheRedPill] You Never Took The Red Pill And Never Will

[-] destraht 52 Points about a year ago

The media's function is to control the Overton Window. Back in university one of my favorite ways to prove something was to use the Squeeze Theorem. If you can prove that all values from a function will always be less than or equal to all values of another function and then prove that it will be greater than or equal to another function then you will have carved out a narrow range of possible values. If its tight enough you can prove that your function is itself exactly one of the other two functions.

So the media's job is to create two paradigms that you must adhere to and then allow you to wobble back and forth between them within that range while they constantly narrow the scope of the two paradigms by launching concerted attacks. Its a lot easier for the media to change the liberal function since it is by definition progressive and goal kicking, but they still have some real winners in the conservative function such as Jesus' necessary resurrection in Israel.

If you are a liberal then you'll surely say "Who gives a fuck about Jesus, its all about the oppression of gays over there". So be it but you're being squeezed in the Overton Window.

In real life its a bit more complex, but not by much. They simply apply marketing techniques for any desired thought pattern to create market segments. Then each marketing segment gets a specially crafted set of Overton Window squeeze functions to force them into compliance. It works pretty well since we are a society of specialists and can't see past our own tiny bullshit and favorite news channel. Of course that means that we are alienated as fuck.

244 - [TheRedPill] BBC releases incredibly sexist "documentary" because GIRL POWER!! XD (Girls can code)

[-] destraht 50 Points 4 years ago

There is basically only one woman that I know of who is extremely talented and whom I respect and that is Joanna Rutkowska of Qubes OS. I've communicated with her a bunch of times on the forum and she has no problems answering a good question or harshly calling me (and others) on their stupid shit. She is sort of like Linus Torvalds in that way. Also I'm sure that she could be making a hell of a lot more money doing other types of work and much of her work is released as open source and she is addressing a huge issue in society.

So she is cool and the misogynist men like me would appreciate and welcome others like her but they just don't seem to exist. Meanwhile organizations are promoting women to be developers since they apparently need social support when in reality the software industry is one of the most open, egalitarian and profitable industries on the planet. That doesn't seem to stop organizations from trying to make women feel better about themselves though. I propose that feels are not the correct way to make talented software developers and that it naturally arises from people (read men here) spending their Friday and Saturday nights doing something that they find interesting.

1007 - [TheRedPill] 18 Red Flags When It Comes to Dating Females

[-] destraht 47 Points about a year ago

Red flags are for increased alertness. Try telling a military or fraud department that "red flag lists are just pointless". Its just that with women the typical awful consequence is just that you got your head fucked and lost time. So you move to the next one and think that you are doing good because you got some sweet wetness.

867 - [TheRedPill] Men Give Gillette The Middle Finger

[-] destraht 46 Points about a year ago

Their greatest strength has become their weakness. For a long time the SJW progressives made bold claims without flinching and so people yielded. They convinced many people in a shallow way but more than anything they convinced themselves. They can know longer discern between reality and ideology. This will cause them to continually overreach.

Now they feel simultaneously invincible and more vulnerable than ever. They feel that they have arrived at their destiny but they are fueled only by perceived victimization. They can only feel strong for about forty seconds after confirming to each other that they are in fact strong. Then they feel like shit again.

So bring it on. Tell me again all of the dick things that I've done and how my very existence is a threat to decency and civil society. Blast it from the roof tops five times a day like a Muslim prayer. That ought to win a few more over.

147 - [TheRedPill] The Bittersweet Life Of Famous Instagram Model Amanda Lee - RooshV: "She is a slave to digital responses in a virtual reality that is accessed through her smartphone. She is an addict to loveless attention that keeps her in a prison of materially comfortable insecurity."

[-] destraht 44 Points about a year ago

I live in an East Bay city that is fairly safe and where tiny rooms cost $800-1000+/month. There aren't any universities here worth living for and so it doesn't attract and can't keep good looking people. I can go an entire week here without seeing a single 9. If I go days with only shopping at the grocery store, DMV, post office, a few minutes at the Starbucks, etc then its common for me to not see a single 8. Hot MILFs with babies and young children are virtually unheard of. There is one 8 chick at my Starbucks and I look at her face more than I ought to because basically that is it. She is talking with a grotesquely obese coworker who is at best a 3. I've played games counting people driving by to see how many "hideous", "ugly" and "normal" people I can count before I see someone remotely attractive (man or woman). Ok, you get it right? So a chick like this Amanda Lee and porn chicks get elevated to god tier. There are a lot of places where people are ugly as fuck and I don't believe that the general population wants to date itself and if they were simply better looking then they would spend more time having sex with each other instead of engaging in this kind of behaviour.

[edit] Victoria Secret: Sex Isn't Selling

751 - [TheRedPill] Men can fight back against the workplace #meetoo trend - withdraw ALL male attention at work

[-] destraht 41 Points 2 years ago

Yeah I hear women say "I deserve it" 10x more than men. They seem to need to talk up their value on a daily basis.

651 - [TheRedPill] Gallery of dating profiles showing women's Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks strategy.

[-] destraht 40 Points 7 months ago

The pregnant woman testing the waters is too much.

811 - [TheRedPill] I'm 27 and my girlfriend is 21 and the hatred is real

[-] destraht 37 Points 2 years ago

I think that its quite possible to be getting that hate in America now. In fact its becoming normal for toppest-tier guys to have a girlfriend or wife who is 5+ years older. Another thing is that the immaturity is so great that people have come to see 17-20 year olds as children instead of as naive adults. It seems that it all started way back when people demanded that child laborers should never again be in situations where they would lose their fingers in grinding gears in shitty Northern factories and then generations later after riding some waves it has morphed into a preservation of youthfully ignorance as an ideal. So there is a legal non-adult with only plus two years to her belt, which can be seen as an almost-child. Then he is a deviant male preying on the wonderfully joyous naitivity of youth. She isn't ready to have children for another fifteen years and she should be with another know-nothing complete boob of a blue pill 19 year old who rolled out of the public education clone factory just about the same time that she did so that the designed and targeted generation-N reinforcement can keep it all tightly packed together. Furthermore he is maliciously cheating an aged born again good girl out of her deserved relationship.

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