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139 - [TheRedPill] Simulating the Dark Triad

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 13 Points 2 months ago

Rape fantasies and claiming that she was raped. Doesn't sound like girlfriend material to me.

139 - [TheRedPill] Simulating the Dark Triad

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 11 Points 2 months ago

GREAT topic. Most men are well-meaning, good men, but are dismayed by the fact that women are drawn to bad-boys and pieces of ****.

They don't need that industrious provider anymore. They make their own money. And if they don't, big governments will provide to them. The entirety of western civilization is dedicated to providing comfort to women.

So a woman can now pursue the most dangerous, cruel, and selfish men and can reap the same benefits as if she had a dedicated good man by her side.

Dark Traid = backed by Biology, evolutionary psychology

Women are naturally attracted to selfishness - because selfishness is a positive characteristic for SURVIVAL (think Darwin). Machiavellian-ism and psychopathy are EXTREMELY attractive to women.

Over thousands of years, those women who bred with Dark Triad men have been more successful in producing offspring that survive in this cruel world.

Dark Triad is a survival-selected trait that women naturally are drawn to.



Through experience, I believe I have actually BECOME dark triad in many ways.

I started instinctively started faking dark triad before I ever read about it on the internet.

After seeings its effectiveness, I think the resulting confidence from the success that I have experienced with women have caused me to become extremely narcissistic and machiavellian.

Faking Dark Triad kind of feeds off itself. You can still make decisions for good, but operating like a dark triad becomes so much of a habit, that after a while, you don't have to fake it anymore.


That is my experience anyways.



139 - [TheRedPill] Simulating the Dark Triad

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 5 Points 2 months ago

And if you give off the vibe of a brooding, potentially murderous psychopath you probably aren't going to get laid very much.

You're using hyperbole to make your point, but in even Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Richard Ramirez got laid, lol.

Women find arrogance, narcissism, and even violence to be quite an aphrodisiac.

They DO want Dark Triad men. Of course, successful dark triad men can also be successful in other aspects of life and they aren't all killers like you imply in your post.

But if you think women all just want confident, stoic, and dominant men (without the other aspects of the dark triad), you are still pretty "blue pill."



139 - [TheRedPill] Simulating the Dark Triad

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 3 Points 2 months ago

I don't know that dark triad men "mimic" "alpha behaviors," being socially adept, selfish, manipulative, and ruthless are attractive in of themselves; and come naturally to dark triad men.

See my above post on evolutionary psychology.

The manosphere has attempted to define "alpha behaviors" but successful survival traits exist in dark triad individuals regardless of whether or not you try to define them as "natural alpha behaviors."

Women are attracted to whatever increases the likelihood that their offspring will survive (see Darwin).

161 - [TheRedPill] Sexual Selection and Existential Fear

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 3 Points 2 months ago

Women do not have judgement. It's why she'll date an alpha loser.

I disagree with that.

They DO have judgment. They pick physically fit, aggressive, dark triad men.

This kind of man is not conducive to building and maintaining a modern society, but it is their choice nonetheless.

They will pick ATTRACTIVE men who might be perceived by losers because of their lack of hard-work or accomplishments, but women do have an eye for healthy genetics and narcissistic personality traits.

I also disagree with the assertion that women make decisions solely on "good feelings." Good feelings does influence their decisions, but selfishness and shallowness will make "good feelings" take a backseat.

139 - [TheRedPill] Simulating the Dark Triad

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 2 Points 2 months ago

what they

But its based on the fallacy that "what they want" are the positive, logical desires that HE expressed.


178 - [TheRedPill] Feminism is Much More Dangerous Than a Shit Test

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 1 Point 4 months ago

The title is actually and understatement.

Feminism, and the demographic catastrophe that it has caused, will literally destroy western civilization.

161 - [TheRedPill] Sexual Selection and Existential Fear

[-] deathhandmachiavelli 1 Point 2 months ago

Great essay!

What you articulate is EXACTLY what is going on.

139 - [TheRedPill] Simulating the Dark Triad

[-] deathhandmachiavelli -4 Point 2 months ago

I think you're splitting hairs and attributing to women positive and logical traits that they actually don't have.

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