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712 - [TheRedPill] Woman believes she's dating the perfect man until he reveals that he was repeatedly raped as a child. She proceeds to distance herself and contemplate a break-up

[-] bright-morningstar 102 Points 9 months ago

This stuff is real. I've had few accidents like these. Made me re-traumatized. Never ever open up to any women about your traumas or past accidents.

434 - [TheRedPill] How not caring got me a one night stand with a hb8

[-] bright-morningstar 25 Points 8 months ago

Rollo Tomassi probably would define this situation as the natural Alpha game stuff. This is how it should be done in my opinion, everything looks natural on the paper but when you look closely it is not, it is all skill and subtlety, like a rogue knowing that he will win at the end of the game, so he is relax as fuck and enjoying it and waits for his turn to give the last laugh, but it is hard to catch this same alphaic flow and strength of the game every time.

48 - [TheRedPill] No-Fap and Feminist talks about men's sexuality is actually gaslighting

[-] bright-morningstar 10 Points 7 months ago

Thanks for sharing the thoughts. However if you really observe No fap it crosses a lot of weird lines like not fantasizing not feeling sexual and imagining women as your mother or sister etc. to disconnect from sexuality. Abstaining and not watching porn is good, I’m on that too. But the No Fap movement with its complete package is the monument of the Blue Pills. Guys don’t fuck women because they think they “should” create humanly bonds with them and shouldnt feel sexually attract or lust until girl permits them, that is the main thing going on there.

783 - [TheRedPill] Behavioral Loops

[-] bright-morningstar 9 Points 10 months ago

If anyone seriously wants to change, improve, transcend their sense of "self", like behaviors, addictions, habits, the way you think, the way you talk. The "Mindfulness" is like the red-pill of self-actualization. Not the new-age bullshit fad, where people cry "just be in the present" and escape from life, but the real "Mindfulness"(the true Buddhist influenced Mindfulness the Buddha taught) will help for those seek to change themselves, and it will be much easier than will-powered, forcefully trying to change yourself.

Edit: Please consider this whole Meditation, Mindfulness stuff. I once was in a same place like you do, these stuff makes you invincible to the external grips and attachments like the stuff you mention so you can break the fucking shackles from their imprisonment. Good luck.

434 - [TheRedPill] How not caring got me a one night stand with a hb8

[-] bright-morningstar 9 Points 8 months ago

Someone speaking the truth. Nothing is ever by coincidence or chance in this bizz, there is no fate or Godly destiny leading them to bang at the end of the night, he made the subtle moonwalk, even fellas don't notice it.

500 - [TheRedPill] How To Exude Sexual Magnetism

[-] bright-morningstar 8 Points 7 months ago

Everyone needs to read this post and try to become aware of their own guilt and shame around sexual feelings and primal drive. This is not allowing yourself to be a pervert, this is about fully embracing your nature, which in turn gives its own awards in very unique ways. When I had this sexual subtle desire for a woman even I had shit game yet I would at least get somethings done. After feminization and more blue-pill conditioning, at some point in my life I became averse to my own sexuality, the colleges are full of feminist teachers who shame men's sexuality as predator and speaks as it should be subdued. We are getting affected by it even if we don't like to admit it, this is subconscious work. Also thanks to No-Fap like feminized, beta blue-pilled men's sexuality shaming groups and people.

Nowadays everyone around you will try to make you believe into things like, you shouldn't check women if she doesn't want you to kind of stuff or touch them. But again at everything, context, intention, comfort level and the vibe matters, so these words nothing but bullshit. As long as you feel you don't make someone uncomfortable no one has the right to keep your eyes or feelings off from something that lights up the very urges that creates Life.

712 - [TheRedPill] Woman believes she's dating the perfect man until he reveals that he was repeatedly raped as a child. She proceeds to distance herself and contemplate a break-up

[-] bright-morningstar 8 Points 9 months ago

The thing is, most women, like %95 of them can't handle the true heavy baggage of men like the OP describes. They just like the hearing stuff from men slightly, like where man acting like he is too dark person and almost he is at the edge of sharing everything but backs off, he shows how heavy his trauma is but doesn't tell because he feels it is too painful, and girl enjoys this big drama show, then they have sex, and he is still mysterious but obvious person with heavy baggage. That's happened to me. But when you open up that baggage, thing like rape, pyschological torture and abuse, humiliation in heavy doses, if you open up things like that to even LTR girls who you think could take it, they would see you as weak too they're biologically adapted to quit weak, and those stories shows how your soul broken by another person, that means you're not though as you look you are or you can still show that weakness in future and maybe allow her children to get raped.

44 - [TheRedPill] The line between Manipulation and Emotionally intelligent conversation skills

[-] bright-morningstar 7 Points 9 months ago

That's the exact thing that they dream about all these years growing up watching movies > " "oh my God, you have me under your spell now" "

Can imagine the situation. Once I had this with a girl, she asked me jokingly but in a serious way that if I'm a magical person because she feels imbued, and she thinks I'm the sexiest man in the world, I was just barely 6/10 maybe at that time, but the emotional spikes I was doing were truly top-game overwhelming, even I would gave myself to those, lol. I think emotional game is stronger than status, money, looks. That's how ugly men gets crazy sex all the time.


336 - [TheRedPill] Delete, Block, Continue

[-] bright-morningstar 7 Points 5 months ago

You know you could've defect your feeling of hurt(which I'm not judging) or the stupidity of her action by remembering that "women act childisly all the time and it is not personal" and putting on the Real RP attitude of "that's the way thing are and I accept it and work according to it" and make a new action according to that which will make her get back at you for sex later on. Of course in this case prioritization of value is needed. I mean what is your priority? Sex or good bonding, relationship, friendship? If it is the former, it is best to expect everything and be prepared and not give into the feelings.

48 - [TheRedPill] No-Fap and Feminist talks about men's sexuality is actually gaslighting

[-] bright-morningstar 6 Points 7 months ago

To give women the benefit of the doubt, we could say that they're trying things out. They are so ignorant of how things work, and pop psychology veers them further from truth when it comes to sexual dynamics. It's understandable that they believe sexuality can just be oppressed.

Thank you for providing me this perspective. It is useful. But believing gender is a social construct just because one feminist scientist throwed that idea when it is pretty false by the other scientifical documents about gender just shows how women are really lacking the wish for the pursuit of real objective truth. I mean how many of women really did dig the internet to search if women and men are really the same or is it really a social construct? They just talk what they've been told by their peers because of social circle approval and for the benefit of being a victim in a demonic patriarchy. And that is not a good way of trying things out, maybe it is good for them but not for men, spreading unsupported information and trying to subdue other groups sexuality by ungrounded speeches. If a man didn't grow up in a Red-Pill environment, or didn't have strong father figure, or didn't suffer from the girls who used him for orbiting for a lot of good time and realized what is going on, if he doesn't have good IQ, he is sure to be beta male nowadays.

I think all men need is the "truth" not massacre.

48 - [TheRedPill] No-Fap and Feminist talks about men's sexuality is actually gaslighting

[-] bright-morningstar 4 Points 7 months ago

I'm in the same boat that excuses don't help for anything. But I can feel sorry for them because when I was in their shoes and it was a harsh life. No one respects that kind of man. They're lazy because their parents did all the shit for them and obstructed the improvement of their sense of agency. Free-will is pretty conditioned imo, so I believe in compassion and understanding besides from TRP.

48 - [TheRedPill] No-Fap and Feminist talks about men's sexuality is actually gaslighting

[-] bright-morningstar 4 Points 7 months ago

Wise words. Totally agree. How long it took you to get accustomed to the unplugging? I feel very existentially shaken, I'm new to fully swallowing to TRP even though I was aware %80 all of my life but I was rejecting to swallow it. All men around me are kind of aware of things but it's like there's a veil in their eyes and they can't see, and it shocks me to realize that I was like that for a good long time and did suffer because no one told me yeah you are right bro, lol. It feels depressing to awaken to the truth, did you have the same transition?

62 - [TheRedPill] Interesting string of women that made me realize if not AWALT, most women AWLAT.

[-] bright-morningstar 4 Points 10 months ago

How do they look from outside? Do they still look like people who would bang different guys at the same time, or does the facade conceals them like looking "innocent" from outside?

48 - [TheRedPill] No-Fap and Feminist talks about men's sexuality is actually gaslighting

[-] bright-morningstar 3 Points 7 months ago

Fuck the low SMV man, become hot or go masturbate to death, I have no sympathy for men who refuse to work out, the more MGTOW or Nofappers there are the more pussy for me. Pussy belongs to men with a strong personality and if you can be gaslighted by a sex object (aka a female) then you deserve nothing but the incel life.

Well I would agree this if I didn't get abused, gaslighted and many other stuff by my own parents for a lot of good time. So after those kind of things you already have a pretty weak mindset about yourself and less trust in your thinking. There are a lot of men these days who gets the blow of fucked up marriages or the BPD actions of single mom. I would be thinking other factors that are affecting people to make them become incels before blaming them for them being weak. Even there are many incels out there for no reason, they didn't get the education about how to be a strong person but probably neglected.

94 - [TheRedPill] By Marcus Aurelius, releasing resentment and bitterness, finding shelter in the soul of a man

[-] bright-morningstar 3 Points 10 months ago

Epictetus Discourses reported by his pupil Arrian not the short Epictetus Handbook one, you can check Oldfather translation full 1-2, 3-4 book, also I guess it is free available on the net if you search a bit. Said to be the best Stoic material existing to the most.

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