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664 - [TheRedPill] Sex Positivity Does Nothing For Men.

[-] awalt_cupcake 131 Points 3 years ago

I hooked up with a girl who told me after "she really loved sex". My response "I do too." To which she asked "why do I have sex with every guy I want to be friends with?" I didn't respond but in my head I'm thinking cause you're a dumb slut.

As experienced as she claimed she was a fuck pillow. Didn't even try to stimulate me. She was a bona-fide 9 but the worst fuck I have ever had. I got more enthusiasm from a fatty 6 and a 7 LTR than this dumbass.

Slutty does not mean good. Slutty just means spoiled and over used.

567 - [TheRedPill] Nerds can be Alpha too: FR after half a year down this rabbit hole

[-] awalt_cupcake 127 Points 3 years ago

This is fucking awesome to read my man. As a fellow nerd-in-recovery, this struck several chords. Albeit lengthy, this is a must-read for any intellectual/neurotic RP rookie. Hell, even advanced RPers could use this story as a refresher. It brought back lots of memories for me.

I will critique the following (godamn you got bars, son):

-Don't be smart and don't be a dick--cut that Machiavelli bullshit and be more organic.

  • Don't be smart is correct. No one on this earth besides another man will ever appreciate what you know. Women only care about what you can do. Like a performance.

  • Don't be a dick-- to each his own. Downright attacking a woman verbally or in social-judo of course is shooting yourself in the foot. But dodging shit tests may require some dicking.

  • Machiavelli bullshit is not bullshit. With patience, coordination, and calculated distance from people, you can pull this stuff off.

625 - [TheRedPill] College is a breeding ground for blue pill cucks

[-] awalt_cupcake 111 Points about a year ago

sugar daddies are huge this days for young college women. Girls are basically prostitutes these days and have the audacity to shame us for trying to game the old fashioned way.

664 - [TheRedPill] Sex Positivity Does Nothing For Men.

[-] awalt_cupcake 71 Points 3 years ago

I dunno man she gave me a boner

596 - [TheRedPill] Women now writing guides to gold-digging. Open hypergamy is here.

[-] awalt_cupcake 70 Points 2 years ago

I had an ex ask me after a hard fuck session one night what we were going to do if she gets pregnant.

I rested my hand on her bare stomach and said simply "we'll have to kill it." Her eyes widened. Of course I'm implying abortion.

No more "scares" from her after that.

596 - [TheRedPill] Women now writing guides to gold-digging. Open hypergamy is here.

[-] awalt_cupcake 63 Points 2 years ago

So you're telling me women CAN exercise discipline and commitment to reach a goal?

666 - [TheRedPill] Don’t be afraid to get up and WALK OUT ON A DATE five minutes in if she oversteps your boundaries in any way

[-] awalt_cupcake 61 Points about a year ago

It starts to get interesting in Act II

966 - [TheRedPill] Germany taking a big step against Cuckoldry

[-] awalt_cupcake 56 Points 2 years ago

As the son of an abusive mother, I truly don't believe women love anything but feelings. They sure do know how to act like it though. They are professional actors.

658 - [TheRedPill] Lessons from My Father and RP Parenting

[-] awalt_cupcake 55 Points about a year ago

This is front page material. In an era of lacking father figures even reading about them seems like myth. These are all excellent bullet points and chocked full of example stories.

109 - [AskTRP] Ex I haven't spoken with in a year messages

[-] awalt_cupcake 54 Points 2 years ago

Go for it but treat her like any other plate. There's some guide here around here somewhere about hooking up with exes. Basically it went like this:

  1. Meet in public
  2. HUG her when you meet her
  3. Have a good time
  4. Get ready to cut the meeting brief
  5. When you both say goodbye she's going to want to hug you again- DON'T
  6. Politely dodge hug and shake her hand or something equivalent
  7. This will make her think she did something wrong and eagerly seek your approval
  8. She will text you. Prepare logistics.
  9. Fuck her (PLATE STATUS ONLY)

1236 - [TheRedPill] You can have the best year of your life: RP took me from a 24y/o virgin to fucking 12 girls within a year

[-] awalt_cupcake 50 Points 2 years ago

I am an RPer who agrees with everything here in practice but not nearly the results you had. I am also not a club person. Were most of your f-closes from clubs? Where else did you game and succeed? Before and after body weight and BF%?

439 - [TheRedPill] Don't expect people to be on your side when you improve yourself

[-] awalt_cupcake 49 Points 3 years ago

"awalt_cupcake, let me ask you something?"


"Do you love yourself?"


And that's when I realized loving yourself in today's society is being satisfied with who you are, making yourself feel happy, and not pushing yourself through the shit life has to offer on the way to greatness.

I do love myself. That's why I studied the essentials of nutrition to change my diet, that's why I study the muscles to understand what the hell I'm doing at the gym, that's why I lost weight, that's why I approach women, treat them like they deserve to be treated, and put myself first. Because I love myself and have always known my value. I made the crucial mistake of ever thinking anyone would see my value if I didn't set boundaries and cut people off entirely.

625 - [TheRedPill] College is a breeding ground for blue pill cucks

[-] awalt_cupcake 42 Points about a year ago

The schooling teaches them they are strong independent women who don't need no man.

as if women needed more reasons to be absolutely out of their minds. they're like little kids who run around pretending to be superheros.

646 - [TheRedPill] Urbanism, Ruralism, and Dunbar's Number

[-] awalt_cupcake 41 Points 2 years ago

I half agree with you. It seems that the message of his post is that population determines the social script, or how people perceive and value relationships. Not necessarily how non-slutty or slutty women are. I want to know if this social influence is strongly attributed to men. As someone who grew up in a rural area the OP accurately described my understanding of people-relationships, my father's, and his father's. Where as my city friends were more like the other set: focused on rules not the relationships itself.

This post could have been written in the direction of "game calibration" and would fit the narrative of AWALT. I'm back in a rural area and it author is spot on. These women want a more 'relationship-like' interaction before getting their pants off. Doesnt' mean they don't put out, just not with the same routine when I was out in the city.

1181 - [TheRedPill] Last Night I Got 3 Women Arrested For Groping And Assault.

[-] awalt_cupcake 37 Points 3 years ago

Not true. I got my last gf arrested for domestic assult. The cops sided with me.

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