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269 - [TheRedPill] She’s Your Woman, Not Your Friend

[-] awalt_cupcake 391 Points 3 years ago

Treat your woman like the Queen she deserves to be.

You know what a Queen is?

The King's bitch.

189 - [TheRedPill] Woman who writes to The Guardian confused why her man isn't a man in bed.

[-] awalt_cupcake 140 Points 3 years ago

I love this bullshit. Women are getting mad when they find out their man isn't a dominating sex machine in bed. Because all men are supposed to be like that. Or so they were told growing up. And instead of applying the same non-judgemental understanding to their men like they do to themselves or for anyone else "hes just different... people are different" they get mad. "The fuck are you not doing what you're supposed to do?? You're broken! You're not a real human dildo man!"

We're objectified too.

425 - [TheRedPill] Still have some doubt about TRP? Read the raw keylogs from my cheating ex-girlfriend following the moments after we broke up.

[-] awalt_cupcake 138 Points 3 years ago

Women: "do guys honestly like girls with huge breasts? Ugh come on!"

Also Women: "oh yeah he had a way bigger dick"

664 - [TheRedPill] Sex Positivity Does Nothing For Men.

[-] awalt_cupcake 131 Points 3 years ago

I hooked up with a girl who told me after "she really loved sex". My response "I do too." To which she asked "why do I have sex with every guy I want to be friends with?" I didn't respond but in my head I'm thinking cause you're a dumb slut.

As experienced as she claimed she was a fuck pillow. Didn't even try to stimulate me. She was a bona-fide 9 but the worst fuck I have ever had. I got more enthusiasm from a fatty 6 and a 7 LTR than this dumbass.

Slutty does not mean good. Slutty just means spoiled and over used.

567 - [TheRedPill] Nerds can be Alpha too: FR after half a year down this rabbit hole

[-] awalt_cupcake 127 Points 3 years ago

This is fucking awesome to read my man. As a fellow nerd-in-recovery, this struck several chords. Albeit lengthy, this is a must-read for any intellectual/neurotic RP rookie. Hell, even advanced RPers could use this story as a refresher. It brought back lots of memories for me.

I will critique the following (godamn you got bars, son):

-Don't be smart and don't be a dick--cut that Machiavelli bullshit and be more organic.

  • Don't be smart is correct. No one on this earth besides another man will ever appreciate what you know. Women only care about what you can do. Like a performance.

  • Don't be a dick-- to each his own. Downright attacking a woman verbally or in social-judo of course is shooting yourself in the foot. But dodging shit tests may require some dicking.

  • Machiavelli bullshit is not bullshit. With patience, coordination, and calculated distance from people, you can pull this stuff off.

442 - [TheRedPill] Merely wondering why you're not having sex and seeking advice is considered 'Misogyny'. Men are not allowed to rise from their station. You do not matter.

[-] awalt_cupcake 117 Points about a year ago

The girl in RSD Tyler's video didn't apologize because she felt bad, she apologized to win brownie points in Tyler's eyes. If it was another low value man pointing out her hypocrisy she'd tell him to fuck right off.

625 - [TheRedPill] College is a breeding ground for blue pill cucks

[-] awalt_cupcake 111 Points about a year ago

sugar daddies are huge this days for young college women. Girls are basically prostitutes these days and have the audacity to shame us for trying to game the old fashioned way.

453 - [TheRedPill] FR: From meeting at party to fucking up a kiss to fucking her.

[-] awalt_cupcake 105 Points about a year ago

what I found interesting about this FR was that you're more polite than I expect anyone to be to get away with it and get laid. One of the tenants on here is to never apologize unless you really f-ed up. You also bounced around the hookup question. What happened to being direct with what you really want? (example online game they'll say to put your intentions out there. be honest. be congruent) She asked so it's not like you sperged first. Not antagonizing here I truly want to understand why this works as apposed to all the material I read.

192 - [TheRedPill] Orlando Karate Teacher Sent Nude Photos To 11-year-old Boy In Her Class

[-] awalt_cupcake 96 Points about a year ago

Even 11 year olds know when the nudes are trash

182 - [TheRedPill] How to have a relationship in today's modern world

[-] awalt_cupcake 89 Points 3 years ago

Don’t live with her. Live separate if you guys are dating. Bitches are crazy these days, so not having to pack all her shit is great after a breakup.


Letting her move in kills EVERYTHING. At first it seems great. You have someone to go to bed with and wake up to. You both pee with the door open. Sex turns into little games that turn kinky. But then IT happens. She's moody. You're no longer mysterious. She knows everything about you now. The way you complain in the morning, talk about your "feelings", you've cooked every meal you knew how to cook for her, and she's stressed and being around you isn't being the stress reliever anymore because you're always there.

And for fucks sake it doesn't stop her from flirting with other guys. In your own bed. On Facebook.

Moving all that shit out and then she claims ownership for some shit. Now you hate eachother and have to get her shit out. Days go by and you have to see her mother now because your ex is a lazy piece of shit who depends on others (AWALT) and she's still lingering in your life while she's getting fucked by another guy.

Fucking fuck it's just not worth it. Let her spend the night for a few nights. Let her pack a fucking bag and tell her to bring plenty of condoms, but don't let her MOVE IN.

664 - [TheRedPill] Sex Positivity Does Nothing For Men.

[-] awalt_cupcake 71 Points 3 years ago

I dunno man she gave me a boner

596 - [TheRedPill] Women now writing guides to gold-digging. Open hypergamy is here.

[-] awalt_cupcake 70 Points 3 years ago

I had an ex ask me after a hard fuck session one night what we were going to do if she gets pregnant.

I rested my hand on her bare stomach and said simply "we'll have to kill it." Her eyes widened. Of course I'm implying abortion.

No more "scares" from her after that.

166 - [TheRedPill] How to Recognize Crazy BEFORE You're Targeted - A Guide to Identifying the Borderline Woman. (Part I)

[-] awalt_cupcake 65 Points 2 years ago

You forgot, in your research, the biggest point of them all: dysfunction attracts dysfunction. If you had a mom who has BPD, you have the male version of BPD. You will feel a natural connection with these types of women. It will feel right. you will feel wholesome. And then they slowly begin to poison you. BPD always have an agenda. Most women have an agenda when it comes to their social standing (for instance protecting their innocence if they're called out for being a slut) but BPD women have a plan from the very moment they meet you. They have decided you are the one. The seduction comes too easy.

304 - [TheRedPill] Men believe there are two types of men but women know there are three.

[-] awalt_cupcake 65 Points 2 years ago

holy shit this makes too much sense

596 - [TheRedPill] Women now writing guides to gold-digging. Open hypergamy is here.

[-] awalt_cupcake 63 Points 3 years ago

So you're telling me women CAN exercise discipline and commitment to reach a goal?

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