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383 - [TheRedPill] You have to suffer sooner or later.

[-] animal_one 163 Points 2 years ago

Suffer now, under your terms

Great point, very succinct. Or, as the samurai would say:

Cry in the dojo, laugh on the battlefield.

194 - [TheRedPill] Women who have nothing to offer

[-] animal_one 150 Points 5 years ago

During a stand up special, Patrice O'neal asked the women in the audience what they would do in order to keep their boyfriends/husbands if they were to ever lose their pussy. Essentially, 'How would you keep your man if you didn't have a pussy'. The only responses he got were "suck his dick" or "anal".

He then points out that none of them said anything like 'tell better stories, play video games with him, help him find other chicks that will come in and fuck, be a better friend' etc. Women classify themselves as nothing but a collection of fuckholes, so why should we expect anything more from them?

449 - [TheRedPill] Corpse Feeders

[-] animal_one 138 Points 3 years ago

I knew a girl in high school whose boyfriend died from driving while drunk. They weren't really that close, and right before he died, her best friend told me she was going to break up with him. After his death, he became (like you said) a core part of her identity. She would do memorials every year for like 10 years, she got really involved with his family, involved in DUI classes and prevention, and even got a full back tattoo in remembrance of him. I'm remember years later sitting around in her living room while I was home on leave, and she said something like 'he'll always be the love of my life, no man, not even my husband, will come before him'.

66 - [TheRedPill] women must want pain

[-] animal_one 51 Points about a year ago

I think it comes down to how men and women have totally different lives. A man's life is reforged through pain and he seeks pleasure to comfort him and alleviate stress. A woman's life is completely catered to and on a silver platter. Perhaps she feels less alive because there's nothing to compare against?

This is a great observation.

I can tell you're hurting right now, and I had a bit of an epiphany while reading this that I'd like to share. We've all read about not judging your value based on what women think of you, but the quote above from your post really drives it home. Men and women are different, we don't want the same thing. Deriving your sense of worth from whether a woman wants to stay with you is nuts, because what she wants conflicts with what you want. We may as well be a different species. Would the farmer get upset that his plow horse isn't satisfied with his lot in life, and would leave in an instant to run wild? Fuck no, because the farmer understands that the horse is a different animal with different motives. What we each want (men and women) is actually in opposition, which is why Patrice O'neal would always say "We are at war."

Women don't want what we want, and I think you've nailed down why. Men want a girl they can chill with because we're engaging in battle every single day. For women, we are their battle. Everything else for them is easy.

76 - [TheRedPill] Superpowers Are Real, and Here's How to Get Them (With Sources and Links!) [xpost r/NoFap]

[-] animal_one 45 Points 4 years ago

No shit. It's like a 20 year old kid lecturing us on how safe cigarettes are because he doesn't have lung cancer.

179 - [TheRedPill] Dreading the plate

[-] animal_one 45 Points 3 years ago

Not ME. A guy LIKE me.

Boom. Way to keep the ego in check.

99 - [TheRedPill] Don't let your distrust of women make you choose to not have children. That's an abject surrender of your most fundamental power.

[-] animal_one 29 Points 5 years ago

I'm 27 and got a vasectomy done in February. I've got semen stored in the bank. In 5-10 years, I'll see about renting a womb, having 2-3 boys and raising them as a single father. If that isn't an option, I'll see about finding a suitable wife/mother in a country that's never heard of feminism. If that isn't an option, then fuck it. Why would I want to knock a bitch up, and then pay child support for 18 years on kids that I'll hardly get to see thanks to fucked up custody laws? (assuming she doesn't have an abortion first)

Be honest, there is a point where the current government could make fatherhood so dangerous that even you wouldn't consider it. At what point, for you personally, would the costs outweigh the benefits? Realize that for many men, we're already there.

99 - [TheRedPill] Belief in "Racism" originates in the belief in "Globalism"

[-] animal_one 27 Points 3 years ago

Trust me, I'm well aware of the Interdimensional Reptilian Threat.

57 - [TheRedPill] TRP.RED Live-update thread for the US presidential debate: #FirstDebate

[-] animal_one 24 Points 2 years ago

No one is going to save us. No one can make America great again because the foundation of the country, the people, is rotten. That being said, I think Trump can give us some more time and perhaps avoid an all-out war with Russia.

75 - [TheRedPill] “Immigrants are not the problem, men are. Deport all men from Sweden immediately.” - Magda Rasmusson, Swedish politician of the Green Party. (Translated from Swedish)

[-] animal_one 23 Points 5 years ago

They do. It's called 'Most of The West', and it's all going to hell. Kids will learn about us in history and wonder what the fuck was wrong with us.

99 - [TheRedPill] Belief in "Racism" originates in the belief in "Globalism"

[-] animal_one 20 Points 3 years ago

Depending on the circles you run in (TRP, AltRight, Libertarian) you'll meet people that are red pilled on different subjects. The main 3 that I see are race, sex and government. Finding someone that is redpilled on all 3 is very rare.

25 - [TheRedPill] Why is it that MSM will defend Islam no matter what?

[-] animal_one 15 Points 3 years ago

Once you realize that the left's goals are actually to destroy White people, it starts to make a lot more sense. How can they claim to support two obviously opposing groups (gays and muslims)? They do so because they both help to destroy Whites.

44 - [TheRedPill] Straight single men get children from surrogates

[-] animal_one 14 Points 5 years ago

Time to start raising my army of motherless Red Pill sons...

148 - [TheRedPill] Be Wary of the Epiphany Phase Woman

[-] animal_one 14 Points 3 years ago

I got mine done on vacation in Australia when I was 27. I even asked the clinic upfront through an email "Will the doctor be fine performing a vasectomy on someone my age?" They said not to worry about it.

When I finally sit down with the doc, he says he doesn't feel comfortable doing the procedure because I'm so young and don't have kids. I stood up, raised my voice, and basically bullied him into doing it.

99 - [TheRedPill] Don't let your distrust of women make you choose to not have children. That's an abject surrender of your most fundamental power.

[-] animal_one 11 Points 5 years ago

reasonable cost

Being imprisoned for falling behind on child support payments is not reasonable. Good luck having an impact as a father from behind bars.

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