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540 - [TheRedPill] Judge Rules Male-Only Draft Violates Constitution

[-] Zabaoth 30 Points 8 months ago

If I remember correctly, the last time heavy drafting around first world powers was WW2. That ended with so many fatherless children, that women were forced to join the workforce (out of necessity, not because they wanted equality or wanted to find a mate). Fast forward 70 years. Women have more rights than men. So I don't really mind if they send a couple units as cannon fodder every day, as long as someone in the household has to go. Because creating orphans is counterproductive. So if the female member of the family wants to be the one drafted per household, more power to them. That's true equal rights. I strongly suspect that will not happen, and the list will be largely male, so when they're asked to back their words with action to achieve true equality, they just bury their heads in the sand.

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] Zabaoth 12 Points 10 months ago

I was recently in Rio for a month. I used Tinder, and got an amazing number of matches in seconds, and I'm fairly average and speak fluent spanish, but not portuguese at all. I was almost sure they were scams to kidnap me or something, so I arranged to meet in very public places and always brought a group of people I had met with me.

Surprisingly, they were really nice and gorgeous, and could have had sex like crazy, but didn't because I don't want to get super AIDS. I'm almost sure they got annoyed by that fact.

Had a great time, and will go back. But I do get your point of view, I went to those clubs you mention, and see your reason for concern. The loss of traditional values is quite depressing.

493 - [TheRedPill] Always strive to be the most dangerous man in the room.

[-] Zabaoth 6 Points 10 months ago

I unintentionally became one. While in med school a neighbor attacked me, had me pinned down and the only way I saw for him to get off, was to slice his arm in a way I could break free and not cause permanent damage, but a nice display of pain and blood. Cops checked our injuries in the hospital I studied in. So everyone knew. With little time, as all stories do, it grew to the point I was the guy who stabbed people if they made him mad and got away with it.

So if I ever had a disagreement, I was very polite in telling them I'd be doing wathever I wanted. It's convenient to this day.

540 - [TheRedPill] Judge Rules Male-Only Draft Violates Constitution

[-] Zabaoth 3 Points 8 months ago

I know, so we treat them just like children.

"There're your uniforms and rifles, please don't bejewel them. You point them at the enemy and if you point them right, they die." Tomorrow you'll be on the frontlines of our assault. Make the country proud".

They want something that's bad for them, so the better solution is to let them fuck up, and learn from their mistakes. Since the most hardcore feminists will be the voluntary draftees, we also remove the root of the problem.

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] Zabaoth 2 Points 9 months ago

I'm a Doctor. It's called simplyfing for comedic effect. Also, there's no such thing as "super aids". Stop taking life so seriously.

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth 2 Points about a year ago

1-Currently impossible and my torso is of the right size, I just have short legs.

2-It was pretty much a posture problem. Nobody refers to me as short, even though I'm on the low end of average. It's partly because important people tend to look taller (basic psychology). And elevator shoes and sneakers. It's like walking on heels all day. Imagine hitting the treadmill like that. But you gotta commit to the lie.

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] Zabaoth 1 Point 9 months ago

See you at the ICU, tough gal. Cheers!

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth 1 Point about a year ago

But had I done that, I'd be still be working a high risk job for shit pay out of some misplaced sense of integrity. Basically I sold out to reality. Now if I get fired from here, I can work at a high end hospital... and if you do notice, the hiring practices aren't so different.

656 - [TheRedPill] Revenge Story: This was in my Quora this morning, I thought I'd share (copied and pasted)

[-] Zabaoth 1 Point 8 months ago

Yep. Crazy world. She could have destroyed him in court. They cannot make an audio and video recording of you behind your back. I mean, they can, but it's A) Not vaild evidence. B) A crime.

That's why tv shows cover the brands and faces of people unless they sign a release and all those "real hidden XXX" porn is fake.

If you add that it was sex, and he sent it to third parties, oh god, the most incompetent lawyer would have a field day with him.

Now what kind of insecure idiot gives his fiance a credit card, a car, full access to a house where she doesn't live, and then laughs triumphantly after he gets shafted (which he found out with an elaborate wiring of the house - insecure), after returning to her the things she most likely bought with his money? I mean, dude, you just got her off your tit after she got careless enough to be telling a dude to come to your house to fuck. Do you think affairs start like that? And, no they fucking don't. Get tested. Stop being a paranoid bitch. If you cannot trust her enough to be getting dick somewhere else and you're paying for her expenses, I don't care that her blowjobs give you divine revelations. It's not worth it.

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth -1 Point about a year ago

While I'm not a Nazi about it, I do despise out of shape people. It shows lack of basic self preservation instinct and laziness. That applies especially to women, which for good or not, are genetically judged on looks. Gold diggers are generally frowned upon, but do make a professional career out of looking their best and manipulating people. While I wouldn't be trapped by one, I cannot help but admire the sacrifice and effort that short lived career takes.

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth -1 Point about a year ago

Yes. You're goddamn right I do. Hundreds, actually.

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth -1 Point about a year ago

It takes someone with plenty of ICU experience, a War Veteran with a medal for Bravery (rarely awarded to physicians). And an extensive resume at a young age. Basically, a "hero and genius" story to brag about at parties. They're looking for image to make that perfect. And yes, having 2 Doctorates, numerous courses, and field experience won't get you a good paying job in medicine. It says something about the state of the world. You can be the best, and be relegated to very important but poorly (in the spectrum of medicine) paid jobs. That's what experience gets you. To earn the big bucks, you have to become marketable. It's a sorry state of affairs, I agree, but I'm glad someone opened my eyes to it.

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth -3 Point about a year ago

Time constraints. I'm actually an endomorph, and can build muscle (and fat, regrettably) quite easily. But I knew that temp contracts here just last for 6 months, and had to put many things in order. The building itself is so superficial, it has a gym and a spa on the top floor, and I do hit them every working day. It's part of my job. Also, as a fellow Doctor, I had a massive discounts from my peers.

22 - [TheRedPill] Two years ago, I was Red Pilled by my future Boss (Rant).

[-] Zabaoth -12 Point about a year ago

Well, to do it as efficiently as possible, I planned it to occur in the same day. In the same procedure 3 surgeons operated simultaneously, they did the eyes, implanted hair, did a bicchectomy, implanted chin. On the other end the other was implanting biceps, triceps and chest and abs. Postop hurt like hell, but it was efficient.

I do plan to stretch my femurs, but I didn't because that's 3 months of downtime, and I needed to hit the gym ASAP. I'm actually of average height, but looked shorter because of poor posture, which is corrected by a week of working out.

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