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958 - [TheRedPill] TIL: Cesar Millan's wife (The Dog Whisperer) filed for divorce in March 2010. She ended up receiving a single payment of $400,000, monthly spousal payment of $23,000 (that's $276,000 a year), AND $120,000 a year in monthly child support. Cesar Millan then attempted suicide.

[-] Whisper 833 Points 6 years ago




424 - [TheRedPill] Ronda Rousey admits to having suicidal thoughts, but then looked to her man and thought "I need to have his babies. I need to stay alive." You just can't make up how true TRP is

[-] Whisper 425 Points 4 years ago

Never make the mistake of assuming any sentiment you see expressed on television is necessarily real.

Ronda was a creation of the UFC marketing machine from day one. They wanted more pink dollars, so they needed a female star who had real "star power" (that ability to draw attention). Someone who would draw female viewers without alienating the male ones.

So they took the best fighter from a very small talent pool, hyped her up as some invincible superstar who could leap tall buildings and wrestle men, had her talk about "do nothing bitches", but very breezily dismiss any attempts by feminist-leaning interviewers to turn her into a "grrrrrrrrrl power" phenomenon. Walk a fine line... because they want to draw the "grrrrl power" types (the only women who actually give a fuck about MMA) without pissing off their young male base.

Have her fight a series of propped-up nothings, and hype them up like it's a real fight.

And it worked. She outsold the men.

Until she met a real challenger, someone who could actually hit her hard enough to hurt. And down she goes.

So, they're mostly okay... after all, they can run Holly as their new draw. But what about their investment in Ronda?

Well, they still have a way to see some value out of that. Gotta make a new story, though. "Invincible super-athlete who could kick Floyd Mayweather's butt" isn't going to fly any more. They need a new angle.

And it looks like the new angle they have chosen is the "comeback kid" redemption story. So she vanishes for a while, then makes an appearance to a show with an entirely female audience, talks about having sunk real low.

Now they've built a human angle, some drama to sell, something for her to "come back" from. The hope is that audiences will eat it up. If they don't, well, it didn't cost much.

524 - [TheRedPill] Practice somewhere else.

[-] Whisper 349 Points 4 years ago

This is what we want to see in TRP. Not Taylor Swift lyrics, not whining about how tough it is to pick up blondes when you're Indian, not debating about whether some non-contributing asshole should be banned for calling someone else a "misogynist".

Actual. Helpful. Fucking. Advice.

To succeed, you must free yourself of the fear of failure. Because when you are trying to succeed at anything worth your time, you will fail over and over again before you succeed. Why?

Because if you don't fail most of the time, you aren't trying difficult enough things.

Any tip that helps any man free himself from the fear of failure is gold.

921 - [TheRedPill] What happens when you drop a bunch of women on an island to fend for themselves?

[-] Whisper 347 Points 6 years ago

It is to be remembered that "patriarchy" doesn't literally mean "rule by men".

It means "rule by fathers". That distinction is super-important. Fathers are the subset of men who are most invested in society. It is they who are willing to sacrifice their personal welfare for that of society.

875 - [TheRedPill] Is MeToo turning into NotYou at small companies?

[-] Whisper 334 Points about a year ago

Feminists really don't understand the concept of backlash, because women really don't understand the concept of backlash.

Hell, the other day in RPW, I actually saw some clam ask, in all seriousness, if she could deal with the dating challenges of being a single mother by hiding the existence of her child from men she dates until later "when they are more committed".

It's not so much as if they think men are stupid. It's more that it doesn't occur to them that other people, male or female, have a thought process at all. That they are the only being in the universe that thinks, plans, or reasons, and everyone else is just a variety of wet clay.

Narcissistic personality disorder is almost impossible to diagnose in women, because it's indistinguishable from normal female behaviour.

322 - [TheRedPill] The Cuddle Effect

[-] Whisper 322 Points 2 years ago

Played properly, this can be a good escape strategy.

Never underestimate the value of playing beta when you want to get rid of a tiresome girl with as little drama as possible.

768 - [TheRedPill] "Partner Count Doesn't Matter" vs. Medical Reality

[-] Whisper 271 Points 5 years ago

And that's just the physical stuff.

What matters even more (because the odds are worse) is that past behaviour is a predictor of future behaviour.

The reason a woman has a high partner count is because guys didn't stick around after banging her. It doesn't matter how easily she gives it up, if she such a keeper that the first guy she gives it up easy to puts a ring on it six months later.

A slut is a woman whose only appeal to men is physical, so she has to substitute sexual availability for girl game. That means having a high partner count is the symptom, not the disease. The disease is whatever awful personality trait it is that made all those other men run for the hills.

If they did that, you should, too.

142 - [AskTRP] Wrong panties

[-] Whisper 259 Points about a year ago

You did brilliantly.

Now ask her what hers looked like.

267 - [TheRedPill] I made my mom cry.

[-] Whisper 248 Points 4 years ago

No. Your mother made herself cry.

If she cannot be disagreed with without bursting into tears, then what are you to do? Never disagree with her?

People who cry lightly must expect to have their tears lightly regarded.

171 - [TheRedPill] Let's talk about WHY TheRedPill exists, regardless of whether TRP itself is right

[-] Whisper 193 Points 6 years ago

Many men have trouble finding physical and emotional intimacy...Men are given terrible advice to fix this

Or, more generally, our society's plan for men isn't good for them, personally.

Now, men have never had an easy ride unless they were one of the aristocracy. We've always been the labouring sex, the risk-taking sex, the disposable sex. In the world of the past, those burdens came with rewards for the those of us who survived our disposability.

Now those rewards have been called "privileges", and taken away. (And the burdens have been called "privileges", too, but have not been taken away.)

Now, when something unfair happens to a woman, her usual response to point this unfairness out to whoever appears to have power. But men, being less submissive, tend to blame ourselves, ask "What am I doing wrong?", and try to change either our behaviour or our environment (by going elsewhere).

So the first thing we got was a generation or two of men thinking that we, personally, were no good, and was why we couldn't get laid, or why we couldn't get jobs, or why we couldn't pay off our student loans, or why we came home from the war broken and unable to fit back in, or why our marriages exploded and we lost our children, our homes, and our livelihoods.

So we looked to women to tell us what it was we were doing wrong. After all, many of our problems were with them, and even if they weren't, women seemed to be prospering. On top of that, they seemed to have this mysterious power to love themselves unconditionally. And everyone, everywhere, kept telling us to treat them with kindness and respect, and even reverence, because they could do anything we could do, anything at all, even backwards and in heels.

And when a man sees someone doing better than him, his first impulse is not to stab, but to try to learn.

And women were certainly willing to give us advice. Oh, boy, were they ever willing to give us advice. Page after page, speech after speech, of what we should and shouldn't do, who we should and shouldn't be, what they wanted, what they didn't, exactly what a man's role was and wasn't. Women were all too willing to define masculinity for us, if asked. Or even if not asked.

And, of course, when we followed this advice, things got worse.

And gradually we came to realize that when we asked these "new women", empowered by feminism, what a man should do, they didn't hear "What should a man's life be like?", they heard "What do you want for christmas?".

No one answering was giving any thought at all to what might happen to us in the process of fulfilling women's ambitions and fantasies.

We woke up to the fact that women's lists of what a man should do were the equivalent of a 12 year old girl asking daddy for a pony. She doesn't worry about whether daddy can actually afford to buy her one, because she's aware that daddy is older and wiser and more worldly than her, and will figure out for himself if he can do that, and is willing to. She knows he will probably tell her "no", and if she throws a tantrum on hearing it, that's just to make sure it's a firm "no" without any wiggle room.

All this time, the same feminist-indoctrinated women who were loudly and repeated assuring us they were at least our equals in every way... were simultaneously treating us as if we were gods who had the power to give them anything at all, so long as we could be persuaded to.

And we fell down on the road to Damascus. We realized that we were still in charge. That we had always been in charge. And we would remain in charge for as long as women looked to us to give them things and solve their problems.

Every feminist lobbying for paid maternity leave is a submissive asking daddy to care for her. Every "men can stop rape" poster is a woman admitting she cannot protect herself. Every woman complaining that we shouldn't portray women like that in video games is a woman saying "I can't make my own video games, please consider my wishes when you make them for both of us". Every woman asking men for a better deal is a woman on her knees.

Feminism was never about female independence. If it were, it would not require men to cooperate or even notice. They wouldn't need us to give them jobs if they started their own businesses. They wouldn't need us to give them "equal pay" if they were doing the hiring. They wouldn't need laws mandating maternity leave and free birth control if they were the ones setting, and paying, employee benefits. They wouldn't need "no means no" if they were the ones making the sexual advances. They wouldn't need "men can stop rape" if they took responsibility for defending themselves from psychos.

So all we have to do is stop. Say no. You can have a slightly bigger allowance, but you cannot have a pony.

That's what the Red Pill is. Not some fool notion that women are horrible selfish bitches. Not the idea that men "should be" in charge. Just the realization that men are in charge, that we will be until the day women stop asking for, or even accepting, things from us. That if we're in charge, we're gonna have to take some responsibility for putting the brakes on.

We are the ones who need to say, no, a woman cannot have it all.

She has to share.

47 - [AskTRP] Posted a Snapchat story hanging out with a girl. Girl I'm trying to game replied and asks me if it's a date. How do you reply?

[-] Whisper 188 Points about a year ago

"It was Saturday, September 22nd, to be precise."

No, I mean was it a date date?

"September 22nd."

No, I mean do you like her?

"No, I love to hang with people I hate."

Stop that, you know what I mean!

"I don't think even YOU know what you mean."

Are you into her? Like, sex?

"Checking out the competition, eh?"

Never give them a straight answer right away. Always give them a hard time.

979 - [TheRedPill] "I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC"

[-] Whisper 165 Points 2 years ago

What? The ENTIRE British Broadcasting Corporation?

415 - [TheRedPill] "What I've Learned About Dating In Silicon Valley" - female columnist has a meltdown after realizing she's surrounded by betas.

[-] Whisper 162 Points 4 years ago

Women do not care about intellectual accomplishments. Their sexual attraction instincts were last calibrated in the Paleolithic era, when there was no such thing as an intellectual accomplishment.

Bill the iPhone engineer would, here and now, be a far better bet as the father of her children than Chad the frontman in a garage band that plays the local bars. However, Chad bears much more superficial resemblance to a successful Paleolithic hunter, and that's really all that matters.

Desire is not calculated. Desire is not deliberate. Desire cannot be negotiated.

651 - [TheRedPill] The unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go.

[-] Whisper 160 Points about a year ago

I find the reverse to be true.

Men with terrible mothers frequently seem to be better with women because they have never experienced unconditional love and do not expect it.

52 - [AskTRP] "You're not attractive enough to say that"

[-] Whisper 159 Points about a year ago

You suck at negging.

The goal of a neg is to make her feel insecure so she wants to qualify herself to you. If you just straight-up insult her, she doesn't need to qualify herself to you, she can just preserve her ego by disqualifying you.

Which is precisely what she did.

You need to say something that makes her insult herself. The criticism has to come from her, not you. You need to say something perfectly innocent that plays upon her insecurities, and causes her to generate the criticism, herself, within her own internal monologue.

If you point that she has a piece of lettuce stuck in her teeth, she will be embarrassed, quickly try to groom herself back into presentablity, and conclude that you are not afraid to be blunt with her. She can't get mad at you... it was true, and you were just helping her out, right?

If you call her a slob because of it, you will be the source of the attack, and she can regain her internal composure and external status by trying to take you down instead.

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