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1653 - [TheRedPill] Saw TRP in Action at my Job; I Buy it Now

[-] TheStumblingWolf 423 Points 2 years ago

First, that was beautiful. Good job.

Second, you seem to suffer from self limitation. You say you will probably never be a Chad. That's bullshit. You can become what you want if you work for it. Imagine having that guy's charisma and your current talent for the job. How sweet would that be?

770 - [TheRedPill] Disney Has Been Poisoning Men And Women For Decades

[-] TheStumblingWolf 271 Points about a year ago

They also have the "find the right woman and you'll be set for life" narrative. Even as extremely beta I thought something was off. I felt so fake and fraudulent when trying to be, or receive, romanticism.

594 - [TheRedPill] [Field Report] Sickened by how little marriage counts and how much physique counts

[-] TheStumblingWolf 222 Points 2 years ago

Yeah, people will show their true colors if they believe it won't have any consequences.

161 - [TheRedPill] You dont find the RedPill, the RedPill finds you ?

[-] TheStumblingWolf 173 Points 2 years ago

People don't want the truth, they want to feel the warm fuzziness of pleasant lies. The truth is like a splash of ice cold water in your face and it freaks some people the fuck out. I've always been a seeker of objective truth, so when I found TRP it felt like a revelation. For many others it's the cause of great discomfort. That's why there are such things as "the anger phase" and all that.

Mainstream culture right now favors women and feminism. TRP is a way for men to reacquaint themselves with masculinity, and this in turn makes it harder for women to be told they're little precious princesses. They see that as threatening, and so they want to stamp it out. Basically women are pulling a giant shit test on the western world/men.

I had a conversation once with a guy, about his girlfriend. He reminded me a lot of how I used to be. I spilled a little RP truth here and there (as was relevant to the topic) and he eventually looked at me and said "look, I know you're right about everything you're saying but it's just so...unpleasant" - meaning he'd rather continue in willful ignorance.

All you can do is be the best version of you possible, and serve as a role model to others.

627 - [TheRedPill] "10s"

[-] TheStumblingWolf 119 Points 3 years ago

God damn I love this community and its unfiltered no-bullshit descriptions of how human psychology really works. People are so busy being politically correct and wrapping everything in proverbial cotton that it almost sickens me.

1405 - [TheRedPill] If you weren't sure there's a war on men, check it out: "Hey, white guys: New Year's Resolutions" -MTV

[-] TheStumblingWolf 118 Points 3 years ago

What a trainwreck of a video. I can't even figure out what the hell they're trying to convey and what it has to do with white guys.

791 - [TheRedPill] Women don't actually want their men to "be in touch with their feelings". Men don't show emotion or share their feelings because there is no benefit for them to do so in society or their relationships.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 108 Points about a year ago

I consider it a shittest. I see it as instrumental to be in touch with your feelings, but women want you to be so the way they are. For me, the more I'm in touch with my feelings the more stoic I become.

They want us to be their rock, but they also want us to be in touch with our feelings. My theory is this: they want us to be their rock so they have something to look up to, but wanting us to be in touch with our feelings their way is because they also have a human need to be validated in the way they handle their emotions. So the first is something they look up to, while the latter is something they mirror themselves in. That's why I consider it a shittest. I don't think women are attracted someone who's like them - that's why we talk about polarity in TRP.

300 - [TheRedPill] It blows my mind that this is legal and women get away with it.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 103 Points 3 years ago

you both need to be constantly demonstrating that you are worthy of the other person

As far as explanations go, without using RP lingo, this is probably one of the best I've seen and I feel like it will resonate well with non-RP'ers.

306 - [TheRedPill] The guilt of being red pilled

[-] TheStumblingWolf 95 Points about a year ago

TRP is like a tool. A hammer can be used to crush skulls, or build bridges. It's up to the wielder.

445 - [TheRedPill] Man creates "sexist, misogynist" app, MakeApp, that shows what women look like without makeup. Rage ensues.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 82 Points 2 years ago

If a woman had made the app it'd be labelled as empowering.

73 - [AskTRP] Girlfriend fuxked a whole frat house right before we met

[-] TheStumblingWolf 74 Points 3 years ago

She's sorry you found out, not sorry she did it.

91 - [AskTRP] Any one else realizing women are not as important as they pretend to be?

[-] TheStumblingWolf 67 Points about a year ago

If all you had was your looks, wouldn't you try to cash in on it?

18 - [AskTRP] I asked my friends (girls): dadbod or aesthetic?

[-] TheStumblingWolf 62 Points 2 years ago

They don't know any better. Sometimes you say you prefer what's available to you because then you can lie to yourself and say you have a choice or you're happy with what you have.

Your experience is also why one should at observe people's actions and not their words. They may not know what they want but their actions will tell you for them.

28 - [AskTRP] GF wants to experience uni life and go casual. I'm hurt what to do?

[-] TheStumblingWolf 61 Points 3 years ago

experience things

Things = dicks

That should tell you everything.

30 - [AskTRP] A question from a girl who stumbled upon TheRedPill through her ex.

[-] TheStumblingWolf 53 Points 2 years ago

We don't all hate women. As was said the best thing you can do for yourself is develop a life that will allow you to be happy on your own. I look at happiness as a liquid. Most people try to have other people fill their cup which means they're constantly running around asking people for happiness. The best way to go about things is to try and see what you can do to fill that cup yourself. If you manage it, romantic relations will eventually seem borderline trivial, however welcome as a bonus to an already fulfilling life.

Right now and here - what you can do is keep yourself busy. See other men and friends, get busy with hobbies etc.

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