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605 - [TheRedPill] "On Tinder the top 20% of men are competing for the top 78% of women"

[-] SpiritStatic 89 Points 5 months ago

No "Pay to Win" — but you can get these in-app credits called "Super Likes" that basically bonk a girl over the head with an alert that you like her, so she can skip swiping through the stack of schmoes and decide whether she'll raise the gate for you or not.

You get 1 per day..but Tinder definitely incentives you to spend $4.99 at a time to get 5 a pop. It can add up real quick. You'll get suckered in, thinking, "Oh I really want to match with this girl, and she'll never see me because the pool is so saturated...!"

On the one hand, it increases your visibility, and when I was an active user I got quite a few acceptances to my Super Likes and dates that came out of it.

On the other hand, it inadvertently reeks of thirst...even if there is a logical reason why you have to do it to get VIEWED, it still can come across as needy or even desperate to certain women.

All in all, I left Tinder because I really felt like they had a powerful algorithm that was making massive profit off of the pitiful optimism of men...and that the swiping functionality was kind of ruined the moment that the user base exploded the way it did. Seeing 1 profile at a time is just a slow process.

Tinder is kind of like a grab bag, it can be fun to see what you're going to get. You might get something "good" or you might get nothing at all.

The trouble is when you start spending a lot of cash on grab bags or you notice that you have a bit of a gambling problem and are spending a lot of time at the "Casino" if you follow my metaphor.

I was an early adopter to Tinder, dating back to its first year. Before all of the TRP'ers put their guides together and whatnot. I was super bluepilled when I started, but it was actually TRP that shifted my mindset into wanting to leave.

I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It's a fine supplement to your game, but I do not consider it to be a valid a substitute for it.

That was probably more information than you bargained for.

157 - [TheRedPill] A Reminder of Reddit’s Definition of “positive” male content

[-] SpiritStatic 66 Points 7 months ago

I know’s actually fascinating how thin the “logic” goes on these kinds of pieces. The author basically just outlines how he bent over and did whatever she wanted, didn’t have a problem with it, and thinks that any man who WOULD has a “small penis.” Wow.

Good men project! Good dog, have a treat.

356 - [TheRedPill] The Hypergamy Illusion

[-] SpiritStatic 35 Points 9 months ago

Your analogy is funny because it's so accurate — our attraction to women is pretty mono-dimensional in comparison to theirs.

It starts (and maybe ends) with appearances, so simps can get confused when women aren't playing the market based on the same figures.

"Why him? He's so ugly!"

They haven't come to realize that women evaluate men similar to how a prestigious college screens its applicants.

147 - [TheRedPill] The Bittersweet Life Of Famous Instagram Model Amanda Lee - RooshV: "She is a slave to digital responses in a virtual reality that is accessed through her smartphone. She is an addict to loveless attention that keeps her in a prison of materially comfortable insecurity."

[-] SpiritStatic 34 Points 8 months ago

Even outside the fundamental RP principles here, it's a platinum-tier reminder of why you shouldn't be comparing your life to anybody else's inside of a social network.

686 - [TheRedPill] This community is quarantined: It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content. For information on positive masculinity, please see the resources available at Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

[-] SpiritStatic 27 Points 10 months ago

Hardly even surprising after some of the shit this year has produced.

It sure feels like all of the awful social politics are reaching a crescendo.

This isn't my primary account, but I've spent 2 years here on TRP. While not everything that's come through the feed has resonated with me, it's undoubtedly empowered me with a real perspective on being a proper man.

Thanks for all the great lessons. Even if the sub gets deleted, I've already swallowed the pill.

302 - [TheRedPill] What we can learn from the conga line of female teachers who are having sexual relations with their underaged male students.

[-] SpiritStatic 24 Points 8 months ago

You have a promising career ahead of you in erotic writing.

486 - [TheRedPill] Teacher Tales: Play Misty for me

[-] SpiritStatic 19 Points 11 months ago

Adding "pre-instagram times" to my official world calendar.

327 - [TheRedPill] How is frame so damn powerful?

[-] SpiritStatic 17 Points 9 months ago

You're right on.

I even had a 1st-hand look at this earlier tonight. There's a hole-in-the-wall bar/restaurant that I visited, and sat up at the bar to have a burger and beer on my own. It's always fun to see who is around and just be part of the environment..maybe have a good conversation.

A "couple" joined me up at the bar, but sat a few seats down. I want to say they were probably each no older than 24? The girl was probably what would be considered a HB8 and the guy seemed pretty well put together.

Now it's not to say that they didn't appear to be getting along, or that he made "mistakes," but she was running the whole frame of the conversation. Telling him things that he is, things that he does, similarities between him and his parents that she's noticed...laughing at him, kind of belittling him, etc.

Each time she did, he would just kind of rub his neck and try to politely argue, which of course just allowed him to get steamrolled further by her.

Once you're introduced to the idea of frame, you start to get a pulse on who is running the frame in all kinds of interactions. And when the girl is running the frame for too long, she'll eventually run you out of it entirely.

357 - [TheRedPill] The Paradox of Choice and Online Dating (AKA What Killed the Sexual Marketplace; recommended for beginners)

[-] SpiritStatic 15 Points 7 months ago

I love that you're all in agreement on this, as I've operated under this notion for awhile now. Even as I've been rejected in-person (for one reason or another), women still seem to treat you a little differently merely on the basis that you're live and in front of them.

Not to mention that a heavy reliance on swiping apps for a few years sorely suppressed the development of my in-person game. I'm coming up on a year (in February) of being off of the app game.

534 - [TheRedPill] Women will prove AWALT out of nowhere.

[-] SpiritStatic 13 Points 6 months ago

It's a huge catharsis to read your remarks on that — when I was more prolific on Tinder/Bumble/etc I couldn't get over how many women led in with their "BURNING" desire for travel, and why it always seemed to come with a twinge of arrogance.

When I was younger, I always thought that I was just insecure because I wasn't traveling as much as they did...and therefore I was the one who was "less interesting."

The last few years have really lifted the veil.

96 - [TheRedPill] High School Nerd Kisses One-itis - 24 years later!

[-] SpiritStatic 12 Points 10 months ago

217 - [TheRedPill] Stop getting on the Hub

[-] SpiritStatic 9 Points 9 months ago

That's great. I stayed away from it until I was almost 21, and only watched it because I felt like I was the weird one for not partaking. One of my worst "follower" moments.

It's like my spirit was trying to guide me away from it the whole time, but I ultimately decided to dive in anyway.

362 - [TheRedPill] Hitting the Coveted Top 20 - No, You Don't Need to Be the Next Boy Band Sensation

[-] SpiritStatic 8 Points 8 months ago

Look man, women aren’t attracted to men 100% the same way that we’re attracted to them. Physical appearance plays a PART, but not the whole.

The main difference is that women date up and across dominance hierarchies. Have you familiarized yourself with how hypergamy works?

Women select primarily based on status and dominance. Appearance absolutely is involved, but this explains why you can see guys with faces only a mother can love paired up with a HB7+.

There are more factors, but you have to let go of feeling like appearance is the be all end all. Behavior is bigger, does she get the sense that you’re large and in charge? Or are you waiting for permission to speak in all of your groups?

30 - [TheRedPill] Dalrock: Grill envy | "No matter how hard they try, they can’t do something simple, something effortless for men. They can’t grill with the aim of caring for others. If they can’t have what men have, then they have to tear it all down."

[-] SpiritStatic 8 Points 6 months ago

What the hell is wrong with these guys? I mean, how are you that resentful of your own nature and intuition?

I want to be mad at him, but it's just pitiable how deeply nested the thought contagion of feminism is in his head.

Probably will do a follow-up post about his "penis guilt" at the rate he's going. How do you even cure something like that? Is he going to pop one day like a firecracker?

493 - [TheRedPill] The Death of "Online Game!" The End of social media

[-] SpiritStatic 7 Points 9 months ago

There’s tons of ways that you can improve your online game, but the main issue is that the bay is full of boats with their anchors dropped and their fishing lines out.

There ARE plenty of fish in the sea, but you wouldn’t want to catch and cook each one of them.

Beyond that, the fish that are worthwhile only want the most premium bait, and even the low quality fish have ample hooks dangling in front of them.

It’s tough to get the impression of how saturated it really is, because everything comes through 1 by 1 (if you’re using a swiping app).

So there are fishing gurus who will teach you where to park your boat and how to create the most appealing bait, and it certainly will improve your chance of success.

But gone are the days where there were only 50% of the boats there were now and ample fish to catch for everyone.

I did Tinder/Bumble/OKStupid between 2013 and 2017, and it got worse and worse each year. Lots of “success stories” but mainly the utterly crazy.

I left swiping apps for good back in January this year, and the only real regret I have is that I don’t have a steady pipeline of absurd experiences to laugh about with friends.

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