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493 - [TheRedPill] Medical issue kept me out of the gym for nearly 2 months. Returned to the gym today and learned that lifting is by far the most important part of TRP. Don't take the gym for granted.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 257 Points about a year ago

I wouldn't worry too much, if you had a long and consistent lifting routine beforehand your muscles will regenerate surprisingly fast. What takes time is generating muscle you've never had before. I don't know the science behind it, but I've experienced it plenty of times. I'm sure someone knows the science details here.

651 - [TheRedPill] The unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 238 Points 10 months ago

All men lucky enough to have a good mother should be thankful. Just like having a good father can give you a leg up when it comes to being a man, having a good mother gives you a leg up when it comes to not trying to find a replacement. Stay close with your mother, no matter how annoying she is. It keeps other women's love for you in perspective.

651 - [TheRedPill] The unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 108 Points 10 months ago

Perhaps better with women on the surface, but higher potential for disaster I think. Once a woman sticks around a bit and gives him a taste of what he's never had. Especially a "good girl" with strong maternal instincts. Good girls are pros at fucking up your typical broken family bad boys. Probably depends a lot on the guy though.

263 - [TheRedPill] Fearlessly Push the Limits with Your Girl

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 77 Points 11 months ago

Always game the shit out of her friends. Even more than her. They think like a herd. Her friends perspective of you has just as much power as her own. She knows when they all secretly want to fuck you, and she knows when they secretly think you're a pussy. For some reason I've found that being overtly sexual with an LTRs friends is kind of acceptable for some reason as opposed to some rando

193 - [TheRedPill] Stop Making Shit So Complicated

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 71 Points about a year ago

You will get both backlash and praise for this post because it hits the bulls-eye 50% of the time and misses the entire target the other 50%. Whether or not you need to keep things more simple is variable from person to person and can change by the day. Also, new guys do in fact do need to type up paragraphs, ponder, and discuss in order to make lasting change in their mindset.

This post is really just kind of pointless.

Also, you state you read this everyday. You're consuming a product daily and then trying to shit on the ones producing it?

694 - [TheRedPill] I hate that TRP is the truth, but it is.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 65 Points about a year ago

If you set a strong frame early on she'll respond well to reestablishing frame if your lull wasn't too long. No one has rock solid frame 365 days a year. The key is her viewing your solid frame as "the real you" and your frame waning as a temporary mishap, not the other way around.

263 - [TheRedPill] Fearlessly Push the Limits with Your Girl

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 49 Points 11 months ago

I could actually write a whole post on the topic of monogamy. Personally, if I state that I am willing to give a girl a monogamous relationship, I will be true to it. After that, I won't cheat as long as she continues to fully satisfy my sex drive (which she had to have been consistently doing already in order for me to offer her monogamy in the first place).

However, the issue is meriting my monogamy to begin with. Women assume that monogamy is as easily given for a man as it is for them to give themselves. However, the drives to opt for monogamy are drastically different. A woman's is a another step in the process of securing commitment. If she dedicates a certain amount of time and effort into pleasing a man, she will require an increasing amount of security, in this case, the elimination of a potential competitor taking a share of what he provides for her. It goes much much much deeper for a man. A woman giving her monogamy to a man is a matter of life or death. Genetic extinction. Potentially spending his entire life providing resources to raise another mans genetic legacy. Every cell in his body is screaming bloody murder, whereas the woman is basically making an economic decision. This is why yes, there should always be an extended period of time where a woman is strictly monogamous to a man while he is not. She is the one that must prove she is worth the great genetic risk she asks of him. And she knows on a primitive level that this must be the case. If she doesn't, the man isn't high enough value or she's a feminist.

Personally, threesomes portray this difference perfectly. New girls that have not committed much energy to me are very open to having fun with another girl, and most times will soak the sheets watching me fuck another woman. There is no genetic cost to her, and it actually confirms her belief in my sexual prowess. However, as the same woman further invests in me the picture begins to change, as her economic situation begins to change. On the other hand, I have no interest in fucking a woman with another man at all. Even a random woman. It isn't erotic, and is stressful on a primitive level. Historically if two men were fucking one woman, times were abnormal for a number of potential reasons and they're all bad. Also, its almost the purest form of male competition. I want to feel relaxed and free when I have sex. Not feel like my species population is under stress and that I have to fuck my genetic spunk into a woman harder than another man in order to come out on the other side. Genetic, not economic.

All that being said, my current LTR worked her ass of to get my monogamy. In fact, due to a few minor red flags very early on, I did not think it possible for this one. But her eventual relentless show of loyalty and affection over a long period of time payed its way. After about a year and a half of her being one sided monogamous, some white knight snapped her a picture of me with another woman at a bar. She confronted me, I admitted to fucking her and told her I fucked a different one the night before. Her genuine despair and futility told me that she couldn't go on much longer so I was forced to decide if she was worthy. Lucky for her, she had actually been worthy for quite sometime, I just hadn't really been forced to reevaluate her, which also helped her case. Never any ultimatums. Never threats of leaving. Just her expressing such persistent dedication to me, and her genuine despair. Even so, she must continue to uphold her side of the bargain, or she loses everything she worked for. My early judgement of women may be harsh, but it ensures that I minimize my chances of genetic catastrophe. Women should act the same with their bodies if they want to maximize their economic benefit in the SMP.

1068 - [TheRedPill] HumanSockPuppet's Guide to Teasing Bitches

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 46 Points 2 years ago

This is where it ends. We can tell you how it works, now you can go out and make your own conversation examples. Game is intuitive not fact and example oriented. The only way to gain more intuition is gain more experience.

916 - [TheRedPill] "Sexual Assault" is Why I'm Endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 33 Points 2 years ago

This "I don't know how anyone could vote for either of them" stuff is an easy copout and really something a woman would say to rid herself of responsibility. You miss the point. This election is a cultural war. Experience, economics, and even the candidate representing either side is besides the point. Each one is fighting for one side of a global cultural war which is being battled in the west, especially the in US. Get over what you are told to think the "important issues" are and realize what this is all about.

113 - [TheRedPill] Imagine learning and practicing the 48 laws consistently since age ~5 and almost nothing else. You now have a vague idea of what a woman is.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 25 Points about a year ago

If that was the case they would have assumed heights of power a long time ago.

A woman assumes power through her influence over a powerful man. Their power is shrouded, which is Machiavellian. The "no claim to power throughout the ages" is a trick they use to gain more power. From the manipulated man: The "weaker" sex holds all of the aces.

The vast majority here have been stung because they fell for a womans beauty. Nothing more.

Beauty is only a catalyst for manipulation. These men most definitely fell into a womans Machiavellian frame, their beauty just made it easier. Furthermore, beautiful women develop Machiavellian traits to a higher degree, which is why they seem stupid. They've put all of their eggs in one basket because they can.

My writing does almost tip a hat to "the feminine mystique" which was not intended. Women aren't mysterious, but they are effective and ruthless in getting what they want.

651 - [TheRedPill] The unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 22 Points 10 months ago

Basically AWALT. You're rolling the dice no matter what, that's why red flags early on are so important. Better to roll 1 or 2 dice than 9 or 10. The more red flags in the beginning, the more dice you're rolling down the line. But even if you're rolling one, there's still a 1 in 6 chance to hit.

Btw, I wouldn't ever consider a girl "unicorn potential" to begin with if she lacks a strong family background, high self-esteem (for a girl), and a non-checkered past. Bad call on your part, but either way, it can always happen regardless.

Really good insight man.

651 - [TheRedPill] The unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 18 Points 10 months ago

and WHY she was inspired to follow your unicorn directions

Wording made me laugh.

But basically just being red pilled. And to be honest, not wanting an LTR to begin with. At all. Tried to drive her away for a long time. Weirdly enough, that period of time made her want to be my unicorn. Masochistic little sluts aren't they. I'll get thinking on a post.

611 - [TheRedPill] What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 17 Points 12 months ago

They're all whores. But the ones with significant sized tattoos are the ones that make me feel like I just got fucked not the other way around. Definitely a positive correlation in my experience.

Yes, it's only a social stigma of tattoos being for whores. So what type of girl uses that social stigma plus the plausible deniability that your statement gives them?

230 - [TheRedPill] Don't attempt LTR unless you know you're good enough. If you are, it's still playing with fire.

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 17 Points about a year ago

Every LTR I've had ends up always asking me "how are you good at everything?"

Be even slightly masterful with everything you do and you will seem like an omnipotent being to a woman. They have no concept of mastery or skill. I've had one even compliment how thoroughly I brush my teeth.

241 - [TheRedPill] Collection of Studies About Human Sexuality And Behavior, With A Brief Summary Of The Conclusion Of Each

[-] SexdictatorLucifer 16 Points 2 years ago

A combination of both. No matter the case, the institution and social constructs that came with it highly benefitted human societies. Once these societies created too much abundance and comfort, women realized they had the freedom to indulge in their primitive desires. Once they indulge for too long, abundance and comfort will be lost. Then a different kind of sexual revolution will occur.

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