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426 - [TheRedPill] Girls and Personality

[-] RaughKee 160 Points about a year ago

If you've ever had the horror of dating someone with BPD or NPD, they do this to an extreme in the early "idealization" phase. It really fucks with you, especially if you're a BP beta and have never had that kind of interaction with women before.

37 - [AskTRP] Girl said she likes to tell her how I fucked other girls while fucking her

[-] RaughKee 99 Points about a year ago

That's a kink, not a shit test. Enjoy!

20 - [AskTRP] All my old friends started hating me since when implementing trp

[-] RaughKee 75 Points about a year ago

You need to work on your charisma. Successful men are charismatic, look to build new social circles with people who share your ambition and interests. As children we make friends out of proximity as adults we choose friends out of coherence to our goals, interests, and lifestyle.

16 - [AskTRP] Did I have an absolutely terrible sex experience, or is something wrong with me?

[-] RaughKee 38 Points about a year ago
  1. Don't be too stoned or drunk., it fucks with your performance and/or desire.
  2. If you are actually attracted to her every escalation point feels great. Doesn't sound like you were.
  3. You don't become a magically different person after you have sex, don't sweat it, find someone you want to be with and then go for it.

122 - [TheRedPill] The "I'm Waiting on Commitment/Marriage for Sex" shit test

[-] RaughKee 35 Points about a year ago

If sex is an exchange, you are her beta and the frequency will be decreasing while the price increases. A woman will crawl over land mines and barb wire to be with an alpha.

1432 - [TheRedPill] Jordan Peterson just went full Red Pill on Joe Rogan Podcast (Talks about alfa fucks/beta bucks, sexual marketplace on college, incels, and other Red Pill theories)

[-] RaughKee 16 Points about a year ago

In a tribal setting long term monogamy wasn't as necessary because the tribe was the family and children were the future of the tribe. Monogamy was a later adaptation to agriculture and land ownership where paternity became more of an issue due to inheritance. It looks very much like we are moving to a new, yet to be defined paradigm where monogamy is most definitely broken, the government and courts have stepped in to enforce financial support but no one has figured out how to give children the emotional and developmental support that a nuclear family or tribal family could provide.

39 - [AskTRP] When a girl isn't interested

[-] RaughKee 9 Points about a year ago

It's a funny conundrum, the chicks you aren't attracted to bring out the better DGAF attitude and you become more attractive. You are likely, at least at the subconscious level, showing too much interest in the ones you are attracted to and it's lowering your SMV.

70 - [TheRedPill] Field Report: Transitioning away from a severe case of Oneitis

[-] RaughKee 9 Points about a year ago

The second she says that, she's externalizing that she's thinking about having sex and doesn't want to be seen as a slut. This is the point where I excuse myself and pop a viagra, but you're young so not necessary. Ignore and continue escalating.

7 - [AskTRP] Would you recommend disclosing height on Tinder?

[-] RaughKee 8 Points about a year ago

5'4 is not 5'7, women are going to feel fully catfished meeting him in person. The interaction will start so negatively he won't be able to recover. OP's going to have to own it up front take his diminished returns. Tinder is pretty superficial, I'd think gaming in person would work better for someone in OP's circumstances.

7 - [TheRedPill] Toronto Van Attacker Warned of "incel rebellion" Hours Before Killing 10, Injuring 15

[-] RaughKee 8 Points about a year ago

He also had Asperger’s and was known in high school to only make cat noises. Not really a great example of why feminism is poisonous.

134 - [TheRedPill] Bouncing back from a hard fall. A brief note from a broken man.

[-] RaughKee 8 Points about a year ago

+1 for truth.

It does pass, remain stoic and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

84 - [TheRedPill] “Age of the Twink” ... rise of the beta male...

[-] RaughKee 7 Points about a year ago

I just threw up a little, who writes this shit.

57 - [AskTRP] Favorite plate broke down crying after sex

[-] RaughKee 7 Points about a year ago

She'd be out banging the next Alpha dude, totally not his problem. This isn't a morality sub this is a sexual strategy sub and OP's doing it right.

260 - [TheRedPill] Teacher Tales: opportunity costs

[-] RaughKee 7 Points about a year ago

Man, you have no idea how to be a professional or the code of ethics one is required to uphold in a position of responsibility. I've never been a teacher but was a military officer and OP was absolutely obliged and in the right to do what he did. He has a family to feed and is in no way responsible for the idiotic actions of his colleague. The second he knew he had to take action. The action that he took was about as decent as it gets.

1029 - [TheRedPill] She Said, "We're Not Going To Have Sex," Three Times. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

[-] RaughKee 6 Points about a year ago

She's trying to qualify herself as an intelligent and different from the rest of the hotties there, I'd take something like that as a conversational IOI.

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