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51 - [AskTRP] Who here has decided to quit alcohol? How has it improved or hindered your game?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 32 Points 12 months ago

Booze is one of the worst things you can put in your body if you're going to be serious about fitness and lifting. Personally, I feel way better about myself whenever I go out and have a better time sober than most people do when they get drunk. No hangovers, no gut, more awareness ( which I think helps with game ). Dont hinder yourself. Plus chicks have the attention span of ants when theyre drunk. Gaming is easy af. Your energy is what matters to drunk people more than the words you say.

102 - [AskTRP] Have you fucks just ruined every romantic film ever made for me?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 21 Points 10 months ago

" You're putting the pussy on a pedestal man"

"What does that even mean, I dont get it"

8 - [AskTRP] Young man looking for hobbies, nerdy shit encouraged

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 9 Points 10 months ago

I work in the casino industry and if numbers are your thing you'd enjoy being and advantage player. There's lots of books on it. It's not cheating it's just taking advantage of statistical and procedural errors and advantages to shift the odds of winning into your favor. It takes a lot of work to get good at but it's well worth the payout if you do manage to get good.

8 - [AskTRP] Young man looking for hobbies, nerdy shit encouraged

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 6 Points 10 months ago

Not a lot of people can generally count cards that good. In the whole world I'd wager there's about one to two thousand total. Those are the guys killing the casinos and even then that's up there. Advantage play is hole carding, edge sorting, collision with other players and creating teams to play games among a few other strategies.

8 - [AskTRP] Young man looking for hobbies, nerdy shit encouraged

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 4 Points 10 months ago

Depends. It takes money to make money. You need a bankroll. If you plan on sitting there for 12 hours a day getting 100 - 200$ max then you best not waste your time.

165 - [AskTRP] Why are you putting your brothers down?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 3 Points 11 months ago

In my experience you have a feminine way of helping somebody out. Almost motherly. Personally, i appreciate it if somebody might tell me im acting like a bitch because I know that I can be honest with myself enough to know if I am or am not and analyze my actions to see if theyre right. I appreciate tough love. I dont like sugar coated information and feedback. I understand that my way of thinking isnt for everybody but I think masculine forms of feedback and criticism involve tough love and for a lot of people here they might be going through the experience of learning how to dial it back.

768 - [TheRedPill] The Essence of Stoicism

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 2 Points 12 months ago

Anything by Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Musoniis Rufus. Also anything you can find by Chrysippus and Zeno. Zeno is credited with being the founder of the school of stoicism but his writings have been lost. Stories of him and quotes still exist today though. Also im currently reading "How To Be A Stoic" by Massimo Pigliucci which offers more of a modern day take on stoicism with the advances that we as humans have made in knowledge of self kept in mind.

17 - [AskTRP] How do you get women when you don't have a social life?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 2 Points about a year ago

Your priorities are wrong if youre worried about getting a woman in your situation.

51 - [AskTRP] Who here has decided to quit alcohol? How has it improved or hindered your game?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 2 Points 11 months ago

I dont think that a glass of red wine a day is bad if you must but its been proven that there are better sources of antioxidants and resveratrol.

165 - [AskTRP] Why are you putting your brothers down?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 1 Point 11 months ago

From an older males standpoint these type of comments do not make you look or seem alpha at all. In fact when I see answer/insults such as these, I imagine a fat ass wearing tighty whities, a stained wife beater shirt, with a face that is acne ridden covered in sporadic patches of what he deems a beard and Cheetos. Probably sitting in a dark room in his mother’s basement.

This is what you sound like to me. Somebody that's just whining. If you're so old and wise you'd understand that if you get into a ball bustong contest with somebody and you start to go rational and on a long speech that most people are not going to give af. They're going to see you as an uptight prick that lets other peoples words affect him. In the end who really fucking cares about the intent behind my words? Is it helpful or is it not? Thats what matters.

0 - [AskTRP] Join team red pill, helping young bro's by educating ho's

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 1 Point about a year ago

So babysit the boys and take care of life for them so they can continue to be set in their blue pill ways without ever actually having to man up and do the work themselves? You sound like an overbearing mother and nothing like somebody who has actually internalized anything abour TRP.

Women want to play the game. They dont want to be told about the game or educated on it. They want to see that you understand and can play.

3 - [AskTRP] How do I get motivated?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 1 Point about a year ago

Motivation comes and goes. Discipline stays.

14 - [AskTRP] Red pill youtubers?

[-] PM-ME-GROCERIES 1 Point 11 months ago

The Philip Black show is pure gold.

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