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192 - [TheRedPill] Cues of upper body strength account for most of the variance in men’s bodily attractiveness

[-] OutsideTheCage3 167 Points 4 months ago

Really, you don't need much beyond the title, but:

None of the 160 women in our study who rated attractiveness produced a statistically significant preference for weaker men (all p . 0.05).

There is a reason why lifting, diet, and body are the first things RP and game guys tell you to work on. They are within your control and they matter if you're going to be in the game. Women judge you based on your strength and fitness. Women prefer stronger to weaker men, all else being equal.

122 - [TheRedPill] "Women Want Short-Term Mates, Too?" You don't say...

[-] OutsideTheCage3 54 Points 4 months ago

Remember that lots of chicks want to be seduced. If five chicks say no, and the sixth says yes, that's a huge win for the guy.

178 - [TheRedPill] "The results of the study note the ‘queen bee syndrome’, in which powerful women at the top levels of management are not supportive of female managers attempting to climb the ladder."

[-] OutsideTheCage3 50 Points 2 months ago

Smart guys and smart organizations are very careful about putting chicks in supervisory roles. Smart guys are also wary of having female managers, as that can be a career dead end. One of my own early career mentors was a woman and she was great, but she was also very unusual. She would also complain about putting energy into young women, most of whom did not sustain early ambition. Most women have a kid and then lose their early ambition. Most men who have kids work more and their ambition increases. Being at home with a baby is also not very fun or masculine, so guys prefer to work more instead.

Hat tip to @rolfdegen for the title.

163 - [TheRedPill] Don't Do What Donny Does (AKA: Don't Try to Red Pill Your Friends...)

[-] OutsideTheCage3 38 Points 4 months ago

These are some principles around talking about the Red Pill.

Short version:

  • Be cool / desirable / popular FIRST.

  • Don't use the jargon.

797 - [TheRedPill] Mindblown: My girlfriend just confirmed TRP to me.

[-] OutsideTheCage3 34 Points 3 months ago

That girl is also a fuck buddy, not a long-term partner. Chicks suitable for longer-term things want a mix of comfort/intimacy and dominance/power. If they only want the latter, they are short-termers only.

232 - [TheRedPill] Let's talk about congruency

[-] OutsideTheCage3 30 Points 4 months ago

In most stories you only see the tip of the spear.

Being congruent is being the whole spear. And using it. Or being it.

27 - [AskTRP] Why do most girls nowadays claim to have 'anxiety'? What's up with that?

[-] OutsideTheCage3 28 Points 2 months ago

It's just another way of declaiming responsibility for her actions. If she has "anxiety" then what she does or doesn't do isn't her own fault.

Also, there is a book called iGen the OP should read.

122 - [TheRedPill] "Women Want Short-Term Mates, Too?" You don't say...

656 - [TheRedPill] Revenge Story: This was in my Quora this morning, I thought I'd share (copied and pasted)

[-] OutsideTheCage3 22 Points 3 months ago

Virtually all jurisdictions have processes for evicting someone from their apartment or home. If she had called the police and said that she wants to re-enter her home because she has been unlawfully evicted, they would likely help her. She would also be able to sue him for unlawful eviction.

Now, it's possible that the chick in this story was sufficiently humiliated to just "go away," but, if she hadn't, he would not be writing a smug story.

243 - [TheRedPill] Quitting my Obsessive Game Addiction

[-] OutsideTheCage3 20 Points 4 months ago

Yes. For most guys video games are a waste of time. They're okay in small amounts, like other forms of leisure, but for many they become substitute reality.

129 - [TheRedPill] [FR] First One

[-] OutsideTheCage3 20 Points 3 months ago

In addition, it's important to know that, when comparing yourself to others, you often only see the tip of the spear. It's the years, sometimes decades, of effort behind the spear that matter.

29 - [TheRedPill] Girls's feelings are far more important than the truth

[-] OutsideTheCage3 18 Points 3 months ago

Unless, that is, the girl wants to live in a building that doesn't fall down or ride in a plane that doesn't crash. Then the truth is very important. But most chicks live in an emotional stew that is not accessible to guys, who have to abide by reality to a greater extent.

146 - [TheRedPill] Reaching the "Saturation Point" for True Abundance

[-] OutsideTheCage3 17 Points 2 months ago

This gave me leverage to focus on quality over quantity.

You'll also really know it when you find yourself turning down marginal notches, which it sounds like you're doing.

142 - [TheRedPill] The symbolism of the line of men grilling in the GILLETTE AD | "Barbecue men are deeply invested in family life. They are fathers. What is the easiest way to produce boys who do not understand or respect the boundaries between positive and negative masculinity? Take away their fathers."

[-] OutsideTheCage3 14 Points 4 months ago

It is past time to mail our razor handles back to Gillette. That is the protest that will catch their attention, much more than social media videos.

234 - [TheRedPill] When girls shift from pure party mode to preferring guys with resources

[-] OutsideTheCage3 14 Points 2 months ago

Early slut (18-20ish) very easy, very high demand

Does not seem that easy to most guys, and is often not that easy for me.

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