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1792 - [TheRedPill] AWALT Confirmed. Thanks Redpill, I owe you one.

[-] OneRedSock 412 Points 2 years ago

My 7 year BP relationship from college ended on mutual terms, but a point of contention was definitely when I saw that her coworker was texting shit like "I bet you look good naked" and her responses were smiley faces and "Oh, you..." types of responses. I quickly found a history of many texts from him like this, and not once did she rebuff him.

I only happened to see it pop up on her phone one day, otherwise I never checked her shit -- trust and all that. When confronted she played it off as "Oh, he's just kidding. It's no big deal" The usual bullshit.

The irony, of course, being that she would constantly try to check my phone which bothered me, as I was 100% faithful. The lack of trust pissed me off, but even more so was seeing that she was doing the exact shit that she suspected me of doing.

TL;DR AWALT is fact.

240 - [TheRedPill] How to Avoid False Rape Accusations

[-] OneRedSock 243 Points 2 years ago

include in your dirty talk some acknowledge from her that she wants it.

Dirty Talk 2017:

"Yeaahh, you want my big dick in your tight pussy"

"Yeah, I do want that dick"

"Yeeahhh, you consent to getting fucked by this big dick."

"Mm yyeah"

"No, say: "I consent to getting fucked by your big dick"

"... I consent to getting fucked by your big dick"

"Great, mmm yeah -- please sign here agreeing to this consent. Oh, mmmm, that signature's so hot"

So this is pretty much where we're at as a society.

696 - [TheRedPill] Man immediately breaks up with his girlfriend of 5 years after she suggests an open relationship. She doesn't understand why and is "heartbroken."

[-] OneRedSock 130 Points 2 years ago

An instant classic, and a great reminder.

If a woman ever brings up this type of topic, it's always better to listen instead of immediately shutting down the conversation with a hard line opinion. They'll openly admit to red flags, then you can make your move based on what they say. Maintaining a playful, nonchalant demeanor while probing further into the topic will result in a lot of free information about who this person really is.

Whatever type of relationships you pursue with women, whether plates or LTR, always foster open dialogue, but never give up more information than they do. Remember, it's not a debate -- people rarely deviate from their belief systems. You take the info and make the best move for you.

449 - [TheRedPill] Don't sleep with crazy women for the sake of your children. My story of being raised by a single Mom.

[-] OneRedSock 94 Points 2 years ago

My brother and I grew up without our fathers. Separate fathers, same mother.

Not too long ago he equated their relationship to "emotional incest" in regards to the relationship he had with our mother. I don't think she was particularly abusive, but he does make a good point that he was expected to take the father-type role in the family; since he was the older child.

The more I look back and consider it, the more I recognize that as kids we were required to act like men and "do our jobs" to help our mother; but how could we, when we didn't have any men to teach us how? If my grades slipped it wasn't because I had no one to guide me, but because I wasn't "doing my job". I needed real guidance, but I didn't receive it because a single parent simply doesn't have the time.

What's worse, despite my grades slowly declining, my mother forced me into higher level classes -- AP and IB programs -- in High School, saying that I simply wasn't being challenged enough. Her pride and ego in simply giving birth to me out-shined the glaring truth that she couldn't handle being a single mother. No, I had terrible work ethic and I simply had no one teaching me discipline; I know this now. Not having discipline and doing advanced programs? I had my first serious suicidal thought at the age of 14, when the work load got too burdensome and my grades had hit rock bottom; after all, I wasn't "doing my job".

I look back on my childhood with regret at the lack of male models from which I could learn. Being almost 30, I've been playing catch-up my whole life.

TL;DR: OP is right.

44 - [TheRedPill] askTRP Megathread March 08

[-] OneRedSock 63 Points 2 years ago
  1. Save history of the shit she says (the stuff you notice, don't go out of your way to find this shit).

  2. Don't give a fuck.

"But why the fuck would I save her shit if I am not supposed to give a fuck" you might ask. Sure, in reality, the shit she says has zero impact on your life; none, nada, zero, zip. It should have no sway on your frame and definition of who you are as a person; it literally has no real world repercussions. She is a drop in a sea of 7 billion people; she's a nobody.

HOWEVER, if for some reason she attempts to actualize her anger into threats against aspects of your life -- tries some twisted way to get you fired, tries to break up other friendships you enjoy, maybe at some point tries to retroactively accuse you of rape (yes, this is the world we live in), etc -- then when you are confronted with this situation, you simply say: "Oh, her? Yeah I think she may have issues. Here's some stuff that she's written over the years (exhibits A through C). And that's just scratching the surface!"

Whoever you're engaged with will immediately write her off as crazy. As simple and nice it is to simply say "move on with your life", the reality is that you need to always think of protecting yourself and always have a card up your sleeve.

1643 - [TheRedPill] The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari

[-] OneRedSock 57 Points 2 years ago

I wanted validation that it was actually bad.

Women outsource their concept of self. Just like they outsource the burden of responsibility to men -- mansplaining, consent under the influence, etc. -- they outsource their feelings to the closest friends. You've seen it before if you've ever been around a few women: one is happy about a certain situation, then two others gang up on her and tell her how she should actually feel the complete opposite, and suddenly she starts to waiver and before you know it she's just as angry about it as they are.

This is because women take the shape of their container, but when it's just women talking they're formless and without a container. The only thing that creates the container is the one (or ones) with the stronger emotive skills at that moment.

In the case of a one-on-one female interaction, this would be whoever currently sounds most authoritative. This would be the one who is not suffering from some recent heart break or current bout of minor depression. The weaker one therefore hears any bullshit this person says and takes it as gospel, simply because she is in a more emotionally weak position at the current moment.

In the case of multiple women, even if they were all roughly at a similar emotional equilibrium, if the majority of the group simply says a minority is incorrect, then the minority will begin to take the belief systems of the majority to properly correct itself and to fit in better with the group. Even if this is not an immediate response, you will see them begin to doubt their own thoughts in the moment; sooner or later they will correct these thoughts to fit the majority.

This is why unicorns don't exist. Even if you think you found a woman raised by old-school parents who believe in a solid husband-wife relationship that seems to have a perfect family up-bringing; you will still be disappointed. Simply because your woman is still outsourcing how she should feel about you to not only her parents -- especially mom -- but also all her new-agey feminist friends; and they all dislike you if you show even a modicum of authority.

791 - [TheRedPill] Women don't actually want their men to "be in touch with their feelings". Men don't show emotion or share their feelings because there is no benefit for them to do so in society or their relationships.

[-] OneRedSock 56 Points 11 months ago

Women do not want men who are in touch with their (his) feelings, but ones who are in touch with their (her) feelings. It's gynocentrism.

This is why even when practicing RP techniques with a plate or LTR, when you indicate a boundary they have crossed their first response is: he's so sensitive (bad). If the boundary is not clear to them prior to crossing it, they assume it's sensitivity nonsense and not something that matters. It's not until you instill dread and revoke your attention that they start to get scared and pretend that they understand why they shouldn't cross that boundary.

They will come up with apologies and reasoning as to why they should not have crossed it, but none of the reasons are the same as yours; and that's because they do not and cannot understand your reasons no matter how much you explained it. Therefore, do not offer more reasons to defend the position or try to explain it to them; you simply indicate the problem and revoke your time and attention until they realize that it's serious.

Any time you enforce a boundary, women will 100% see it as sensitivity and shit test until you revoke your time and attention, then they start to pretend like they understand. They will hamster a reason. However, if you (1) enforce the boundary and they say you're just being sensitive and (2) subsequently you cave (BP), then you have reinforced the weakness of your boundaries and your weakness in their eyes -- as being overly sensitive (being too in touch with your feelings and not her feelings).

154 - [TheRedPill] Today im gonna take the pill

[-] OneRedSock 54 Points 2 years ago

Plenty of time for you to catch up.

First off, ignore the JBY (Just Be Yourself) mentality that dude posted. That's some feel good, empty bullshit. JBY mentality is a pillar of blue pill mentality and is poison. There is no JBY; how would you even define JBY. No one is the same person at 15, is the same person at 23, is the same person at 30. As you read and learn more and change your thought processes in regards to women, your previous mentality will slowly die and a stronger one will take its place. To go from blue pill to red is to kill off a vast majority of your thoughts in regards to women. This requires you to be the exact opposite of "yourself", in its original definition.

Switching to red pill is a lot like the Ship of Theseus. You slowly improve little pieces of yourself over time, and before you know it you're almost completely different than you were at a previous moment in time. Are you still the same person now as before? You can argue both ways, but what does it matter if the destination at which you have arrived is the one you are most proud of.

Read the Rational Male, and then go deeper. You would do well to read "No More Mr. Nice Guy", as it sounds like a lot of your issues stem from acting as a nice guy.

47 - [TheRedPill] False Rape Allegation

[-] OneRedSock 52 Points 2 years ago

First: ditch the reefer until this shit blows over. If you can't, you're addicted.

Second: See if you have old text messages from her that you can save. They may help exonerate claims based on their dates/times.

Not much else at this point, until you can see what the exact claim is and work a defense from there. This is a little taste of the reality of why there's TRP and growing Men's Rights movements. The definition of rape is slowly being changed to include more innocuous interactions, data is constantly being manipulated to create a rape-fearing society (especially on campuses). It's easy enough to google campus sexual assault statistics; you can see a huge variety of information that is very questionable.

Keep your nose clean, head on straight. And consider what kinds of precautions you will take in the future to protect yourself from these types of allegations. I've read on here about men who put cameras in their house or recorded their interactions with women; and it's not crazy to take these steps. Women have this weird way of changing their minds after the fact, depending on how their emotions change and their memory changes as time goes on.

300 - [TheRedPill] FR: Tinder Insanity

[-] OneRedSock 52 Points 2 years ago

So you started actually hanging out with her on the 18th and you think

she's starting to seem like someone I could see myself rolling with.

Bro, today is the 20th. You haven't even known her for two whole days. Slow your roll. I know the dry spells can be tough, but pump the breaks. Of course she seems like she's interested in everything you are interested in; that's because she's hit the wall:

is comfortable jumping right into dating me

She starts probing me for my views on relationships

She hit the wall so hard she obliterated it; all that's left are a few bricks strewn about. You guys are just meeting for the very first time and she's made all these decisions about you. That's called desperation:

Afterwards, she cleans my house

"I know you would do whats best for both of us"

Yeah, maybe we can make a nest out of these few bricks that are left from that pesky wall. She is definitely the clingy type of girl, as she's already referring to you two as a couple. She showed she can hustle guys for drinks, so she's not afraid to hustle for whatever she thinks she deserves from you.

I would be very careful with this one. That clingyness can manifest into very ugly situations when you don't reciprocate how they perceive the "relationship".

183 - [TheRedPill] On Doxxing and Protecting Your Identity

[-] OneRedSock 51 Points 2 years ago

This ties back into a lot of the push-back I saw in the community in regards to the "TRP App". A lot of people don't seem to understand how easily anonymity can be compromised on the web, or further don't understand the havoc that can be wreaked once they lose their anonymity. When it comes to TRP, your life can and will be ruined by zealous feminists and most liberals.

This CNN situation is a great example of why you always need to use a separate account strictly for TRP and is not used in any other sub, especially ones that can compromise your identity. And this second account needs to be tied to an email address that in no way can compromise your identity. Make no mistake, reddit has a cesspool of SJWs and hardcore feminists who have nothing better to do than ruin your life simply because they disagree with your views.

584 - [TheRedPill] On the Myth of a Western Rape Culture.

[-] OneRedSock 41 Points about a year ago

The most egregious danger of the Western infatuation with rape culture and putting the onus on the accused to prove their own innocence is the slow deconstruction of something so concrete as the temporal. Time passes inexorably forward and what has happened is done and cannot be changed. Yet the feminine imperative seeks to actually reach into the past and change the meaning and reality of events that have already happened based on the fluid and subjective feelings of women as years pass, based on current norms in social interaction today. We should all be very, very concerned about this manipulation of past reality.

We see this with so much of the MeToo movement, where women are calling out men who had socially acceptable interactions 10, 20, 30 years ago -- the climate then was less insane -- and now upon reflection find that what happened is not acceptable, by today's ever-increasing feminine authoritarian reality.

The erosion of innocent until proven guilty and the instability of temporal reality are serious dangers to the stability of law and objective rationality, which are some of the most important pillars of Western democracies. While TRP is excellent at operating outside social norms in regards to sexual exploits and gratification, none of us should be encouraging or ignoring the move towards guilty until proven innocent and giving credence to women who find their sad lives as a cat lady aren't what they thought it would be, so lets call rape on the guy who alpha widowed them 20 years ago.

414 - [TheRedPill] men are increasingly undergoing vasectomy's to avoid having kids

[-] OneRedSock 39 Points 2 years ago

Ding ding ding -- we have the winner.

Further to this point, we have the research into a birth control pill for men. I am certain that at least 50% of men will take that -- no more fear of condoms breaking, no more fear of crazy girl fishing a condom out of the trash. How many times do you think a man will utter the following: oh, dang -- I forgot to take my pill! Not even once.

Currently, the biggest tool for siphoning money from a man is marriage and children. Male pills, similar to vasectomies now, will remove that second issue entirely; which will most certainly reduce the former as a consequence. No more "happy little accidents" that lead to "it's your duty to marry her".

Regardless of how each of us views the male birth control pill, it will certainly change the complexion of the sexual market place; specifically, who actually holds the power. Expect the shaming to grow exponentially and enjoy the decline.

1088 - [TheRedPill] Young men who come here to create value in their lives, please stop smoking weed.

[-] OneRedSock 38 Points 2 years ago

The only top-level response worth reading. The denial in this thread is palpable. The vast majority of the responses are from potheads who would rather spend more time hamstering over their pot use than consider an alternative to their current life style.

Then you have the guy talking about how he gets high all day but it's okay because he's really made it in life; you see: he's a delivery driver. Well call the bank to enlarge their vaults, we got a delivery driver over here about to make a deposit. Totally ignoring the fact that he can't handle living his life without the veil of pot clouding his mind all day. He literally lives on assistance every waking hour, but sees this as totally not a problem.

The only reason you should be living on any drug-related assistance for every waking hour is if you have some malignant form of cancer that is slowly killing you and the only way to make the pain subside is with constant pot use. I've seen this in a family member, so I understand the importance for those who spend almost every moment of what little time they have left on this earth in severe pain as their insides are eaten away by multiple forms of cancer.

Any other reason for constant drug use is the result of a weak mind that can't handle the real world, and requires a crutch to survive. It ain't making you stronger, I can guarantee that. And when the shit hits the fan and you can't find any pot around to take the edge off, I guarantee you're about to hit an all time low.

882 - [TheRedPill] Women are taking on substantial more debt than men to get objectively useless degrees. Patriarchy is blamed.

[-] OneRedSock 35 Points 2 years ago

This is going to keep snowballing into even higher levels of unhappiness for women. Which means more blaming. Freedom of choice comes with a price.

Jordan Peterson has some great videos that touch on the burden of choice, and also some great videos about the big lie that is being told to young women: that a career is the main goal in life. Now, he diverges off and makes a point about the importance of children and marriage, but his main point is that the majority of people do not have careers, they have jobs. The latter of course does not add significant meaning to one's life.

He has examples from his clinical work where law firms find it impossible to retain their top level female lawyers. Why? Because by 35 they realize that working 90+ hour weeks and not having a family is soul-crushing -- regardless of the pay. They typically are married to high power male lawyers who are pulling in 250k+, so why bother working anymore?

Feminists don't know this because they aren't the lawyers, the doctors, etc. They're just getting degrees in women's studies. If they actually wanted to "fix the imbalance" -- as they perceive it -- they would, themselves, strive to be lawyers and doctors. But it's so much easier to point the finger, do none of the work, and reap all of the benefits.

In fact, while feminists are asking: "why are there less women in high power careers", what they should be asking is "why is any man willing to do it at all". It's not easy, no matter what gender you are; but men are more prone to finding meaning in their lives by striving for hard shit that most soft people can't even fathom. A lot of them are hard asses who find the money is a secondary goal; what they really live for is the feeling of conquering their profession. Men have been conquering since the dawn of time, it's natural. It's not all cigar smoking and relaxing at the top; and if it is then they've already put the vast majority of their life to attain that level.

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