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853 - [TheRedPill] Oh, The Feminist Jimmies This Will Rustle

[-] NightwingTRP 441 Points 4 years ago

Oh, Milo you magnificent faggot!

How do you combine rational logic and trolling all into one? NEVER FEAR! MILO WILL FIND A WAY!

I would bet money that TRP will end up funding several grants.

367 - [TheRedPill] Woman hits the wall at 25, has mental breakdown: single mother with no money comes to realise no one wants to date a single mother, has vitriolic anger towards her ex who's still living a happy life and having relationships.

[-] NightwingTRP 364 Points 3 years ago

The guy however, he's paying the child support he needs to, doing the quota of parenting he needs to, and still manages to get around having some action. Absolute red pill by the looks of it.

Yeah, there's nothing red pill about being a voluntarily absent dad. Try to control your revenge fantasy hardon.

(Edited to remove the word "deadbeat." It wasn't the correct description.)

748 - [TheRedPill] I Met an Orbiter

[-] NightwingTRP 321 Points 3 years ago

"Thanks for worrying about my feelings. You're such a nice guy."

Ooooh, stone cold. That's an ice burn.

126 - [TheRedPill] Newly Divorced Beta Gets His Heart Crushed in Under a Week

[-] NightwingTRP 262 Points 4 years ago

On the upside, now you can write more realistic female characters.

1530 - [TheRedPill] I'm Milo Yiannopoulos, AMA

[-] NightwingTRP 251 Points 4 years ago

Hi Milo, thanks in advance, it's very generous of you to give your time here.

Despite the rise of the cultural libertarians online, here in the UK we still have a deeply engrained sexism within our political system that allows female politicians to openly state words to the effect of "fathers don't really matter" (Harriet Harman) and openly laughing at the male suicide epidemic "because every day is international men's day." (Jess Phillips.) Naturally any male politician who said the female equivalent would have been sacked on the spot. It is truly galling to see Jess Phillips is still in post.

Given the way our political system works, that most politicians come from very privileged backgrounds, do you see them actually coming around to balance things out? From what I can tell, it's in their favour to keep the focus on sexism and racism as a distraction from rising levels of inequality and poverty. (Particularly given the recent research from the LSE indicating that there is a glass floor for people born into wealthy and powerful backgrounds.) I'm not really convinced that there is a significant level of either sexism (against women at least) or racism in our society, and I'm also not convinced these people are genuinely as stupid as the SJWs who think there is. That's my educated explanation of the situation. Would be interested in your thoughts.

128 - [TheRedPill] Take her out to breakfast the morning after

[-] NightwingTRP 184 Points 2 years ago

Breakfast won't save you. Waste of money. She'll just go how she was intimidated into doing what you told her to do. Or she reluctantly went along because she didn't want to anger you etc.

The text message is the best thing to get. Something which gets her saying how she had fun etc because it's practically impossible to twist that type of evidence.

651 - [TheRedPill] [FR] Plate's friend got violent with her boyfriend

[-] NightwingTRP 184 Points 4 years ago

Exceptional FR. Personally I think situations like these have no perfect way to handle them given the way the law operates (i.e. in some domestic abuse situations, after the woman has hit the man and there is a visible sign of injury, the police will just arrest the man without any questions.) You did extremely well OP.

As practical advice for all Red Pill men... if any woman you're involved with shows signs of attempting violence against you, it is an automatic hard next regardless of circumstances. No ifs or buts.

My interpretation of this FR reminds me of something similar which happened to me, without the escalation to violence. I would say that she saw your high SMV and resented what she couldn't have. Attempts to shame you would have demonstrated you were beta and so nothing to want anyway. But you held frame and batted away her nonsense very well. So were obviously not beta. As she gets more and more upset about the fact you're high SMV and she can't have you, she throws a temper tantrum like the child she is and then lays into her punching bag... literally.

Women will call high SMV men "asshole" in two different tones of voice depending on where they perceive their own SMV. He's an asshole with a smile and adoring eyes if she thinks he's within reach. He's an asshole with venom and hatred if his SMV is too high for her and she can't have him. (Therefore must sabotage him and make sure he gets with no woman. But that never works. It's just petulant childish behaviour driven by jealousy. Or maybe it's the old fallacy about "I don't want that" which you couldn't have anyway.)

I've received both statements in a night before with a mate, his gf and her friend. My mate was well aware that I did nothing remotely different or offensive either at the start or end of the night. However his gf cock blocked me expertly. Her friend was lapping up the kino and taking pictures with me... (Then begging for it not to be put up on facebook because "they'll know I slept with him." -yes, I found that particular choice of words interesting too, so it stuck in my memory.) then goes to the bathroom and when she comes back I brush against her arm and she practically cried rape. While my mate wouldn't blame his gf, he certainly noticed a very distinct shift in her friend's behaviour. He'd seen her lapping up my attention earlier and figured she was just a crazy woman. We know better gentlemen. My mate's gf must have subtly hinted that her friend's social status would have been at risk if she continued enjoying herself with me. Standard cockblock. But I'd say there's similar feminine hypergamy influences causing it.

544 - [TheRedPill] GaylubeOil's Guide to Using Meals to Give Women Feels

[-] NightwingTRP 170 Points 3 years ago

Around six weeks into a hookup relationship women start feeling self conscious about getting creamed by a dude that only sort of remembers their name.

We have to remember their names now? God dammit! This sub just keeps raising the bar.

281 - [TheRedPill] Don't Use TRP To Empower Women

[-] NightwingTRP 155 Points 3 years ago

Women who are sluts suffer whatever the psychological equivalent of money illusion is. For those who want a quick definition, money illusion is where you get a raise of 2% but inflation is at a higher level, say 4%. You feel richer, but you're actually poorer.

By broadcasting her sluttiness, she gets attention and sex at will, selecting the more attractive of men in her circle. This makes her feel more attractive. However her sluttiness means no self respecting man or high value man will ever consider her relationship worthy and she's actually significantly less attractive. Such is the problem of operating on feels first.

169 - [TheRedPill] Why you HAVE to be a social butterfly

[-] NightwingTRP 152 Points 3 years ago

Even if you're ripped, well dressed, and handsome, they're still going to peg you for a loser.

This is the stupidest statement I've ever read. If I could take away points from you, I would. A ripped, well dressed, very handsome guy will have women wanting to get to know him. Through the halo effect, his looks will make them assume that he is very popular.

144 - [TheRedPill] "He understands how lucky he really is"

[-] NightwingTRP 151 Points 4 years ago

Newsflash for the newbies: she's going to bang Chad anyway.

853 - [TheRedPill] Oh, The Feminist Jimmies This Will Rustle

[-] NightwingTRP 149 Points 4 years ago

If that happens, it'll start discussion. Discussion is what Milo wants! He is deliberately provocative for this reason.

Why are we accepting black-only scholarships? Why are we accepting women-only scholarships? Yet we can't accept a white-male-only scholarship? That is discrimination against white men.

The logic works and the grievance is valid. This is how Milo will fight the politics, and he will get supporters who believe in classical liberalism. I take your point that you believe none of this will make a difference and he'll just get shouted down to maintain the narrative... but the thing is, for Milo to fight the system like this... he's coming from the starting assumption that he can change things. - And I'm starting to think his assumption might be fair. I'm not saying it'll be easy, but it could be possible because he's written about the rise of the cultural libertarians. I don't know about the US... but in the UK, privately, an increasing number of the population (men and women) are getting more and more pissed off at the blatant anti-white sentiment everywhere, less so about the anti-male sentiment but many blokes have noticed it.

This is the culture whose national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala. Seriously, most Brits don't give a shit what colour you are, but they are getting tired of being put down for being white. Milo knows this... and you only have to look at his rise to fame to see that people are starting to feel like they can actually say something about it.

360 - [TheRedPill] OP's girlfriend doesn't want to be sexy for him, even though he tries to "be understanding", "negotiate", etc. Relationship subreddit calls him a misogynist anyway. Geez, there's just no winning with these people...

[-] NightwingTRP 143 Points 3 years ago

Just to give you a different perspective, I am a woman who personally feels that lingerie is a pretty sexist, as there just isn't a male version of it.

Yes there is. It's called a Power Suit. Women love taking that off slowly.

239 - [TheRedPill] Sweden, the most cucked country in the world says they've had enough.

[-] NightwingTRP 138 Points 3 years ago

It doesn't matter how many times you deny it... reality will keep slapping you in the face until you accept it. It won't tire.

1095 - [TheRedPill] ATTENTION: Visitors from VICE

[-] NightwingTRP 136 Points 2 years ago

She misses the follow-on sentence: this is because the ideas hold up to real life scrutiny of what is independently observable. You can literally go out and test TRP ideas and get positive results.

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