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168 - [TheRedPill] Women can be fucking evil... especially the ones you don’t expect.

[-] NavyBlueCrow 23 Points about a year ago

Man are you stupid? This guy just gave you great idea. Send anonomys complaints for them and they will start to ignore them. I mean, its just stupid anyway to fire someone because of crap like this. Just dont send all at the same time.

550 - [TheRedPill] Living with a female roommate after swallowing the Red Pill

[-] NavyBlueCrow 16 Points about a year ago

These guys have no dignity.

266 - [TheRedPill] Simple tips for approaching optimal hormone profile

[-] NavyBlueCrow 12 Points about a year ago

Why masturbation increase cortizol but sex decrease it?

9 - [AskTRP] Just did the most beta thing imaginable. How to recover and never do it again?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 10 Points about a year ago

Look at this from the other side. You could say fuck off, argue with him, but for what reason? What would you gain? You were smart and you wasted his time. Being alpha isn't about "come at me bitch i'm gonna destroy you" it's about being smart and free of bullshit.

2 - [AskTRP] LTR with a girl who wants no sex before marriage?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 10 Points about a year ago

Next, it's not worth it, trust me. Been there. You can probably bang her at one point if she will be horny but there is high chance she will despise you for that

2 - [AskTRP] Why do some men ask other men if they are virgins?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 9 Points about a year ago

Better ask yourself why you look to others like a virgin

4 - [AskTRP] Gym date - good idea?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 6 Points about a year ago
  1. Temple like guys above said. Once I met a girl from my gym who wanted to fuck but you know what? I didn't wanted that, I mean she was hot but you don't shit where you pray.

  2. Gym? You mean the place where a lot guys are top5% Chads? Yea, looks like great place to impress her.

3 - [AskTRP] What are some hobbies for TRP man ?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 6 Points about a year ago

Wearing womens' clothes


298 - [TheRedPill] Beta Guys Are the Most Dangerous (in my experience)

[-] NavyBlueCrow 4 Points about a year ago

I fucking hate this to. Once a guy wanted to fight me at the toilet because I was apparently staring at his gf. Yes, I was doing that, I was looking at them while thinking why an average girls are with guys who looks like redneck and gopnik mix.

It's stupid because it's never worth it. If you try to fight then a) you can got hurt b) you will be thrown out from the place c) you will boost the cunt ego because she will think that "boys are fighting over her" fucking joke

1 - [AskTRP] How to game European girls? Get rejected too much.

[-] NavyBlueCrow 4 Points about a year ago

And where are you from?

Anyway, your should already know that SMV depends on more things than looks. It depends on more things than even you.

For example you can be an alpha in your small city but in bigger city your are just an average guy because everyone are lifting, taking care of themself and have money. It's the same. That's how the world is.

It even depends on club. In some clubs I'm pulling like 90% girls but in the others I can't pull even 40% because every guy there look like a Chad and men:women ratio is for example 2:1 so they can behave like fucking princesses.

1 - [AskTRP] How to game European girls? Get rejected too much.

[-] NavyBlueCrow 4 Points about a year ago

You need to understand that Europe is different than USA. Here even being from poorer/richer country works on your SMV. I'm serious right now. Say to a girl in UK or Germany you are a guy from for example Ukraine or Romania and u you can take -2 points from your SMV.

Also this is redpill so I'm not gonna lie, most white girls wants white guys here. You can pull it if the girl doesn't care or you can pull that exotic guy image.

It's still numbers game tho.

Also don't forget that they know what's going on there. If 10 girls rejects you in the club then why the fuck the other 40 would like to dance with a guy that noone wants. Social prof, don't forget.

0 - [AskTRP] Picking up girls in the gym

[-] NavyBlueCrow 3 Points about a year ago


1 - [AskTRP] How should I handle getting pushed and choked by some woman's older "friend" on the dance floor?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 3 Points about a year ago

Why? The mid 30's thing I mean

2 - [AskTRP] This asshole is trying to take my girlfriend, how do I get rid of him?

[-] NavyBlueCrow 3 Points 11 months ago

Been in something similar. Yes, we had great relationship. And yes she fucked him. It's her not your job, and this phone thing nahh brother. You are cucked or you will be cucked.

78 - [AskTRP] So a guy slapped my girl's ass when we were walking at night...

[-] NavyBlueCrow 2 Points about a year ago

what if they hit u and just run? how to get them then?

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