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401 - [TheRedPill] Accidentally swiped Tinder matches right in front of my date. Then she offered to come back to my place.

[-] Metalgear222 422 Points 11 months ago

Don't mean to burst your bubble but swiping in front of her was pretty insignificant unless the swipes were matching with equally or more attractive girls.

Just chalk it up to good confidence and kino, and probably that she was itching to get dicked down being that she's the one that proposed you leave to your place.

987 - [TheRedPill] Don't be a slave

[-] Metalgear222 184 Points 4 years ago

Got my haircut the other day, and the hairdresser asked me what I was doing for V day. I mentioned how I didn't care much for it and its just another night for me. After mentioning I had plans but wasn't getting roses or anything, She tried 6 TIMES to get me to at least get the girl I was meeting with a hallmark card.

The conditioning of women's entitlement has become so bad that a complete stranger will fight to try to get you to a buy a woman they don't even know a gift. Real.

548 - [TheRedPill] [FR] First night f-close on my gym crush

[-] Metalgear222 146 Points about a year ago

620 - [TheRedPill] Charm is probably the most powerful tool when it comes to women, and social interactions in general, more so than money and looks.

[-] Metalgear222 137 Points about a year ago

My most charming moments was on the comedown of hallucinogens and MDMA's. It's damn near like gravity. Everyone is pulled to you. They feed off your energy but you have so much to give that it doesn't even phase you. If only I could find a way to be in that state of mind on command.

1420 - [TheRedPill] Frame for Dummies. What it is and ways to build (and keep) it.

[-] Metalgear222 137 Points about a year ago

Very true. Taken from another post a few days ago:

"Remember, her preaching about honesty is only to get you to show your hand so she can fuck you in the ass with your own masculine values in a pseudo-pegging frame power grab."

1535 - [TheRedPill] Fuck your male hamstering

[-] Metalgear222 137 Points about a year ago

On top of this, anyone who has every reached a great physique knows how much their quality of life has improved. The respect, status, discipline, and social benefits from lifting are literally rivaled by nothing except celebrity fame.

What a time to be alive when TRP has a post like that upvoted. Confirming what we already knew; a few of us will put in the work, most of us will read it.. feel good for a couple minutes and not change a damn thing.

368 - [TheRedPill] Physical traits to help hold your frame and confront situations.

[-] Metalgear222 131 Points 10 months ago

I have a post on frame that touches on the basics of mental aspects rather than physical for those who're curious.

Last Sunday a plate tells me she's never wanted to try to please a man so bad in her life (she really does go the extra mile all the time). I asked her what the the biggest difference between me and the other guys she'd been with was. Her: "it's just the way you carry yourself"

Then I remember that prominent female vocalists and songwriters sing about that exact thing often. How a man carries himself.

Walk like a king would around peasants. Like this earth was built to serve you.

Master your walk and relaxed movement.

1083 - [TheRedPill] While you're talking to her about TRP, I'm fucking her in the ass

[-] Metalgear222 119 Points about a year ago

It's already dumb enough to talk about it to your guy friends. To tell it to a girl (whom he probably wants to fuck?) that's full-retard.

2059 - [TheRedPill] The main lessons I've learned after 3 years of implementing TRP

[-] Metalgear222 116 Points about a year ago

I attribute much of my success to that much needed move to a fresh start. I was able to be exactly who I wanted to and no one could say shit or know my past failures. To be frank, I kind of forgot them myself. Just focused on being the best I could be, now.

61 - [TheRedPill] Found an alpha in the family (why belief is everything)

[-] Metalgear222 108 Points about a year ago

Or you know.. Lift so people think twice about slapping a stranger in the face rather than rallying the entire cities population for a pointless slap-fest. Just a thought.

449 - [TheRedPill] Frame when it comes to women: Become delusional

[-] Metalgear222 101 Points about a year ago

I'd start by saying hi to someone. Then the next person I'd say hi and ask them how their night was going?

My favorite RSD lesson. I use this every time I go out now. Literally can turn an introvert into a social butterfly. All about getting warmed up and in the zone.

The mindset is my favorite take away from this post. "Assuming the attraction" really works. Confidence oozes off of you. Wets panties from across the room.

84 - [AskTRP] Have any of you experienced this feeling of not giving a shit about any type of romance/sex?

[-] Metalgear222 89 Points 11 months ago

Many of the people that come here for pussy, leave hardly caring for it. Typically these are the ones that actually swallow the pill. This is because when the reality that women are largely a waste of time sets in, you're truly free.

That being said if you're exaggerating or being dishonest with yourself and us, I've heard it best summed up like this;

"If you are having success with women and doing it right, you aren't going to go MGTOW."

386 - [TheRedPill] FR: She cheats because she is bored.

[-] Metalgear222 86 Points 3 years ago

Saw it today on the beach. Multi million dollar home on the beach, stay at home hot mommy is looking towards the ocean from her balcony with a sad look on her face. Walks out on the shoreline, stands there for 30 minutes checking out every last guy that walks past her. She gives up and turns to head back inside, I catch a glimpse of easily a 20k diamond wedding ring.

Call me crazy, but I'm willing to bet I know what would of happened if I approached her.

542 - [TheRedPill] 30 year old Megan Fox shames Will Arnett for dating young women

[-] Metalgear222 83 Points 2 years ago

the woman who openly stated she fucked her way to the top is now publicly shaming a man who SHOULD have a young hot piece of ass? What a surprise

19 - [AskTRP] How do I fuck her properly if I lose arousal?

[-] Metalgear222 79 Points about a year ago

Stop fucking to ejaculation. Take breaks and go down on her. Pull out and kiss her or spank her. The less time you're inside her the longer you'll last. I've noticed my control of cumming got a lot better when I would get right up to the point cum then do one of the above. The more you practice, the better you can control it.

The other thing is jerking off is fine. Porn is not.

Another thing, typically I fuck a girl about 3 times an evening and once in the morning if she stays the night. Each boner is less potent than the last. I've noticed my pleasure decreases and I last longer for each, but she enjoys it and cums about the same (or even harder since I'm so desensitized and numb and can pound away uninhibited. I don't always come after the first one either)

Lastly, even if you're not in the mood or the horny thoughts go away, play with her and get her wet, you'll get hard as she gets wet. I don't buy TRP's "Sex is only for your pleasure, don't care about hers." My arousal is directly correlated to her getting wet and getting off. It's not all about how her pussy feels wrapped around my dick. I would be bored as shit if she didn't moan or cum. Unpopular opinion but I don't give a shit.

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