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391 - [TheRedPill] High N-count is acceptable for men but not for women

[-] LastRevision 172 Points 2 years ago

You're definitely right about the degree of effort between men and women getting laid- it's like night and day. A man must go out and hunt for his lay. Even the top 20% Alpha will have to hunt if he wants a top 20% woman, while the bottom 80% of women have to spend 15 minutes at a bar, socially available and dressed for sex.

However, I don't think that's the heart of the issue. A woman is best left innocent for her own sake. The leftist push since the second wave of Feminism has been mocking that premise, that women should get to experience the same things men experience, and that men we're oppressing this because insecure, small dick, blah blah. Tradition existed for a reason and it wasn't stupidity or naivete on the part of our ancestors- another stupid leftist meme (take a look at the Hollywood movie "Pleasentville" to get an idea of what these types think of tradition or social restraint; or the No Doubt song "Just a Girl" is another example).

When you dive deep into the psychology of what makes a relationship work, a task our generation was was burdened with at the cost of survival, women need to actually believe their man is an Alpha male. Since women love value, and men love sympathetically (all of her faults and inabilities are just so adorable! I must protect her!!), for a relationship to work a woman must respect her man. This is something that gets increasingly difficult as the relationship gets closer, both in literal proximity and emotionally. Eventually, the man he tries to be- the man his dog will always think he is- will naturally falter. There will be breaks, or disruptions, in his frame. He will get sick. He will break down. And even if he can be man enough to pick himself back up and soldier on, she will be immensely aware of these weak moments. Now, compound that with the times his leadership isn't something she's happy with; when he has to tell her NO, when he makes a decision that isn't fun for her, and those moments will become exaggerated to her. This is a lot like when a kid doesn't like a parents parenting, even if it's whats right, and will throw the parents failings or weaknesses at them as a result... the only difference is that, at the end of the day, you're eternally the parent- a frame which is much easier to maintain; a relationship with a woman is always a temporary state- thank you, Marriage 2.0.

The more men she's been with, the less respect she'll have for her own man in these times of weakness or struggle. Remember, she's buying the idea that Game is real. She wouldn't have fucked Chad if she didn't buy into the authenticity of his Alpha credibility. When things get hard with her husband, even if he's a good man who tries his best, even if he's Alpha aware, Red Pill aware, and tries to make the right decisions for his family, the specter of Chad remains... and with it, the idea that she made the wrong decision; that she partnered up with a pussy, that had she been able to snag a guy whom only showed her his real self top shelf Game, that she'd be happy.

And the more Chads she's been with, the more those apparitions remain a reality to her.

727 - [TheRedPill] “I’ve been hurt in the past.”

[-] LastRevision 125 Points 5 years ago

"I think on some level, they want to love that nice guy who’s going out of his way for them, but they just don’t."

Replace "nice guy" with husband and the amount of guys blindsided by this would be truly shocking.

A relationship/"I love you" is not something static; at best it is a weak verbal contract being assessed and reassessed daily, whether you are aware of that or not.

352 - [TheRedPill] Jk Rowling is mad that her female readers are tingly for Draco Malfoy.

[-] LastRevision 123 Points 4 years ago

"I told them, rather severely, that Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering at prejudice."

And they all got even more turned on...

EDIT: That should read "sneering prejudice" not "sneering at prejudice"; not that it would matter to women, the right alpha can be KKK racist for all they care, so it's cute how this lady thinks pointing out the characters prejudice will change their minds.

422 - [TheRedPill] Screenwriter of "Legally Blond" has to pay alimony to her husband, has a DEFCON-1 meltdown.

[-] LastRevision 115 Points 5 years ago

""There's no way he would ever ask for that. That would be such a pussy move.""

It always comes down to "be a man," now don't it?

188 - [TheRedPill] A beta-knight trying to fight the patriarchy. Evil Voodoo. Happy End?

[-] LastRevision 113 Points 5 years ago

"He has a strong dark magic aura that I succumb to whenever he's around. He makes me not myself."

It's super cute how creative girls get with the "it just happened" clause. This little one has been watching a lot of Lord of the Rings, I see.

There should be a museum for this stuff.

478 - [TheRedPill] Feminism will actually destroy the West

[-] LastRevision 103 Points 3 years ago

A civilization can only be as successful as to the extent of which it is able to control female sexuality. This makes women our primary interest in society, just not for the glamorous reasons they would like to believe.

A controlled female sexuality allows men to remain naïve (blue pill). When more men remain naïve and are guaranteed a woman and a family, they will be at peak productivity in making that civilization optimal. They will raise the most stable children who guarantee a positive future for that civilization.

Granted the patriarchy wasn't perfect, some men were abusive or took advantage of the easy power they were given, but the system obviously worked more times than it didn't and we need to structure a society around what works for the majority of the time.

As female sexuality is unrestrained in today's world, far less men are guaranteed a woman and some reject it due to all the exposed pitfalls (the naïve man becomes the red pill man). Instead of having men working collectively to build a strong civilization for their offspring, we have men working for their own individual gain as the world burns.

This is why we say that the system cannot sustain itself and will collapse; the system runs best when female sexuality is restrained and men are naïve.

260 - [TheRedPill] A primer on posture

[-] LastRevision 95 Points 5 years ago

This kind of post makes me so happy I found the TRP community and proud to be a part of it as both a reader and occasional contributor. It makes me sick to think that we are so heavily attacked as rapists and misogynists and abusive when posts like these, of course, are invisible to those looking to "ban" our community (when I can name at least five subs off the top of my head that are actually, objectively, offensive).

It's a fucking post on POSTURE... Wow, we sure are the devil.

493 - [TheRedPill] 36-year-old single mother divorcee asks how to lock down a man. Gets angry and defensive when people tell her it's probably not gonna happen.

[-] LastRevision 94 Points 4 years ago

The reality is that it's her against her; which is the struggle for most women.

It sounds like she is retained her beauty, as much as a 36-year-old can, and if so the reality of the situation is that for most thirsty beta-males, her partner count won't matter; when she says that she can't differentiate between a man becoming interested in her long-term or a man just trying to fuck her, it's because she can't bear to deviate from the high(er) sexual market value men who would never date her, and give Betamax Barry a chance who would probably cut off a pinky to have a relationship with her.

The real damage of the carousel is how entitled she feels to the high sexual market value men who only want her for sex, thereby making Average Alan seem like a retarded pedophile.

325 - [TheRedPill] Fat woman on okcupid learns the hard way that men will sleep with her - but never commit.

[-] LastRevision 94 Points 4 years ago

I love how women would rather ruminate, and reflect, and analyze, and let their feelings out, and post to the internet and..... anything but losing weight and fixing the problem.

380 - [TheRedPill] If a woman lives in or has lived in Party World, she's already an Alpha Widow.

[-] LastRevision 88 Points 4 years ago

"How can a quiet night in with hubby and the kids ever compare to doing lines of blow in a Vegas penthouse and "having some fun" with Chad Thundercock in a sexy threesome?"

The sad thing is, divide that by 1/8 and it still holds up.

How can a quiet night in with the family compare to getting pumped and dumped by OKCupid half-alphas, and giving anonymous blowies in some local dance club?

357 - [TheRedPill] The Paradox of Choice and Online Dating (AKA What Killed the Sexual Marketplace; recommended for beginners)

[-] LastRevision 84 Points 7 months ago

"I met a man in real life instead of tinder, so therefore i'm better than you other sluts"

No matter how normalized online dating gets- no matter how they all do it anyway- this sentiment of pretension will always matter; women see online dating as losery, and will always value a more "authentic" (lol) meeting over meeting online.

450 - [TheRedPill] Girl asks if guys would look past her 60+ partners by age 23 and accept her for a long term relationship, or is she should lie about her body count.

[-] LastRevision 84 Points 3 years ago

A blue pill man will gladly buy the pair of damaged Nike's on discount, and when the excitement of a great deal fades, he's going to suffer all the typical "promiscuous girlfriend blue pill anxieties" that clutter all the blue pill relationship subreddits every day.

108 - [TheRedPill] Obama: "Our society still does not sufficiently value women."

[-] LastRevision 81 Points 4 years ago

Imagine the SHIT STORM x 1000 if he had said, "our society has begun to not sufficiently value men."

51 - [TheRedPill] "I'm getting really tired of the bullshits that goes with being a single mom."

[-] LastRevision 77 Points 5 years ago

I don't see anything wrong with her rant- she's looking for honesty, which is a fair, though sadly unrealistic, expectation.

351 - [TheRedPill] The Men of Reddit(And America) are terrified to admit women have ruined their favorite activities.

[-] LastRevision 77 Points 3 years ago

In every Batman movie Alfred bitches that Bruce doesn't have a girlfriend because we're supposed to feel there is a kind of selfishness and immaturity to a billionaire enjoying his life on his own terms.

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