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28 - [RedPillWomen] A Warning About Reddit Removal

[-] LaneysWorld2 27 Points 9 months ago

This place is so peaceful and harmless, why would they remove it?

19 - [RedPillWomen] Pulling the weeds

[-] LaneysWorld2 24 Points 7 months ago

When you do something wonderful like that for him always keep in mind what he does for you in turn all the time and try to be grateful for that.

Don't ruin your favor by complaining to him afterwards, just remember that you won't have to do it again soon.

22 - [RedPillWomen] What does a masculine man feel about his wife initiating sex?

[-] LaneysWorld2 21 Points 9 months ago

Try to initiate sex in which you are still the submissive one who is pleasing him, not the one who controls it and he won't feel emasculated.

60 - [RedPillWomen] I just want to be more feminine, how did you do it?

[-] LaneysWorld2 13 Points 9 months ago

It's a small gesture but all men appreciate it! After you bring the food from the kitchen serve your boyfriend first, fill his drink and ask him if he wants something else. Make sure he never has to do anything himself.

Be ready to bring him what he wants, spices, another drink or an additional snack. Always smile and show him you're happy to serve him a meal you cooked just for him :)

Put on a cute apron beforehand, not the one you wore while cooking of course, and it's perfect ;)

Cooking and serving a meal is the ideal time to show your value and femininity to him!

10 - [RedPillWomen] Tips on how to be more feminine in my relationship

[-] LaneysWorld2 10 Points 9 months ago

Maybe he doesn't make decisions because he thinks you won't let him? You can just tell him you want him to be the one who decides and every time a decision has to be made try to stay quiet and ask him what he thinks.

For example ask him what you two should do together when going out instead of just deciding it on your own. You are the one who has to give up control before he can take it.

28 - [RedPillWomen] A Warning About Reddit Removal

[-] LaneysWorld2 10 Points 9 months ago

You mean the male redpill? They are not like us at all in my opinion. And many women here don't agree with them.

24 - [RedPillWomen] Reminding myself that everything I do is for him and our future

[-] LaneysWorld2 8 Points 9 months ago

Did you create a new account to engage in discussions here? If so, welcome! I'm glad you're working on improving yourself, it's one step at a time ;)

How old are you? I'm still young too and I believe I've already found the man of my life <3 This sub and the ladies here helped me to improve myself so much!

31 - [RedPillWomen] where do you/did you meet your high quality man?

[-] LaneysWorld2 8 Points 10 months ago

A christian dating group, we are still courting :)

13 - [RedPillWomen] FAQ: Advice for an RPW Teenager

[-] LaneysWorld2 7 Points 10 months ago

I'm 18 and will continue to stay a virgin until the man I'm courting and me will become a married couple. My advise would be to stay a virgin until you find someone to truly commit to and even then wait for the ideal moment, which for me is marriage.

4 - [RedPillWomen] Does your SO have a say in what you wear?

[-] LaneysWorld2 5 Points 10 months ago

So what do you have to wear when going out? He likes to see me in high heels so I trained quite a lot to wear even taller ones when going out. I can now wear them while walking gracefully but it was hard at first!

28 - [RedPillWomen] Was Esther the OG Red Pill Woman?

[-] LaneysWorld2 5 Points 10 months ago

Exactly, she learned to trust and respect him and let him lead her.

53 - [RedPillWomen] SAHWs and housework

[-] LaneysWorld2 5 Points 10 months ago

May I ask how much time you spend on daily housework? Are there days when it's more or less time?

16 - [RedPillWomen] Marriage prep programs?

[-] LaneysWorld2 5 Points 12 months ago

I was part of a catholic courting group and still am! The man I am courting right now is wonderful and I hope we can get married by the end of the year, I'm so excited!! :)

40 - [RedPillWomen] Feminine vs Masculine Energy: Surrender and Nonresistance

[-] LaneysWorld2 5 Points 9 months ago

That sounds beautiful! Often women who refuse our kind of thinking and philosophy simply don't understand that submission is our strength.

It's build on trust, love and the desire to support and respect a man who did everything to prove he is worthy of it. We want to surrender to such a man.

4 - [RedPillWomen] Does your SO have a say in what you wear?

[-] LaneysWorld2 4 Points 10 months ago

Four inch is also my highest! I am actually able to walk in four inch ones comfortably, but not all day of course. I'm still amazed I'm able to do that!

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