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216 - [TheRedPill] Don't Be A Homo

[-] Kurush559 76 Points 5 months ago

If you think being able to take a 8 inch dick in your ass isnt manly, you didnt get enough time in sunday school as a kid

435 - [TheRedPill] The vast majority of your problems stem from thinking about your feelings.

[-] Kurush559 75 Points 9 months ago

I'm going to present a slightly different interpretation of what you're saying (which I agree with).

The problem isn't men thinking about their feelings. It's that they DON'T think about their feelings.

Billy beta gets shit tested by Stacy. He suddenly feels offended, hurt, and disrespected. So he reacts in a sad voice, telling her how she's wrong and he feels hurt. He didn't actually think about his feelings though, did he? He reacted without any thought at all.

Chad gets shit tested by Stacy. He suddenly feels offended, hurt, and disrespected. So he reacts in an angry voice, telling her to never talk to him like that again, or he walks. He didn't listen to his feelings either.

I get home, change into my gym clothes, then see the ice cream in my fridge, and fantasise about how much nicer it would be to lie in bed, watch a film and eat the ice cream. So I hop into bed, and 5 hours later here I am typing a response. I didn't think about my feelings, I just reacted.

If Billy Beta had thought, he would've ignored the comment. If Chad had thought, he would've agreed and amplified. If I had thought, I would have realised that my emotions weren't REAL and I would've been productive in the gym.

The problem isn't thinking about feelings, it's following them without any thought. By analysing our feelings and deliberating between beneficial and harmful action, we succeed.

99 - [TheRedPill] You are gross.

[-] Kurush559 64 Points about a year ago

Spot on...imagine the mistakes I made as a teen telling girls about my anorexia...

183 - [TheRedPill] Keep it to yourself. Honestly.

[-] Kurush559 63 Points about a year ago

Learn to control yourself. Practice some stoicism.

191 - [TheRedPill] Why you Should Delete Instagram Right Now

[-] Kurush559 51 Points 3 months ago

This is fantastic, you explained everything I missed out. As you say, its a losing game. Its possible to win, but the chances are, you won't.

448 - [TheRedPill] You're in High School and you just found TRP - a guide

[-] Kurush559 50 Points 10 months ago

This is why I like to encourage genuine appreciation of what TRP does for young people. Furthermore, it's easy for young guys to beat themselves up about being beta at age 15/16, but its helpful to understand how much worse things could have been had they not discovered reality

307 - [TheRedPill] As a Woman the Wall is Inevitable, As a Man your Wall is a Choice

[-] Kurush559 50 Points about a month ago

It would be best to replace every instance of 'content' with 'complacent' - the post would make more sense

448 - [TheRedPill] You're in High School and you just found TRP - a guide

[-] Kurush559 42 Points 10 months ago

Thanks - I understand that its essentially a rehash of normal TRP concepts, but the main goal was to direct it at a certain demographic that gets sidelined by the discussion of older TRP folk. Did I successfully get that across?

58 - [AskTRP] Flirting with girl that's sleeping in the same room as me at hostel. How to close?

[-] Kurush559 36 Points 6 months ago

My concern is if the close doesnt work and i spend another 5 nights with some terrified chick

350 - [TheRedPill] TLC Broadcasts the mutilation of a minor in first recorded and televised "celebrity" sex change.

[-] Kurush559 31 Points about a month ago

Lol sudoku

56 - [TheRedPill] The Royal Wedding.

[-] Kurush559 29 Points 10 months ago

Firstly, if someone marries an actress and his concern is that his wife has starred in sex scenes (not porn, but normal films), I pity him. Secondly, buying into the whole wedding thing (whether you're against it, or for it) just means you got literally does not matter. Though I do wish people would shut up about it (also in England)

140 - [TheRedPill] What Is It Like To Date A Guy? Things Guys Get Right (And Wrong)

[-] Kurush559 27 Points 9 months ago into guys (prefer women 90% of the time) but the main reason i dont ever hook up with men is because i just cannot find 'alpha' men who are also attractive. Guys, im telling you from lots of experience (and experience of many many peers). If you arent needy, are SLIGHTLY muscular, can pass/ignore shit tests, and are comfortable escalating with women, you are above 95 PERCENT of your gender. Seriously.

1463 - [TheRedPill] If guys suddenly stopped asking women out, would women begin chasing men?

[-] Kurush559 24 Points 7 months ago

Actually the UK has had lax immigration laws since the Victorian era, when it branded itself as a haven for immigrants who wanted to make something of themselves in Britain. Immigration requirements are now considerably tougher than they used to be

379 - [TheRedPill] "It's only sexual harassment if you're unattractive"

[-] Kurush559 21 Points 10 months ago

You're right. It's normal. The issue is CRIMINALISING the approach; rather than a man showing interest and getting rejected, its sexual harassment. The issue isn't that men get rejected, it's that it's becoming borderline illegal to approach in the first place.

371 - [TheRedPill] Theres mermaids now ????‍♂️????‍♀️

[-] Kurush559 19 Points 3 months ago

First of all i like your username, mine used to be similar.

Secondly - how many native anglophones do you think have an understanding of the term non-sequitur?

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