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82 - [TheRedPill] Launching Red Pill Meet Up Group - Washington D.C.

[-] JamesSkepp 213 Points about a year ago

Globalism is basically communism

With the exception of less regulated international, global-scale trade and movement of capital. IOW it's not communism it's capitalism.

and that is why you need to hate globalism.

You wrote that on a computer or a mobile that was built somewhere in South East Asia. You're a meme - the hippie girl that resists capitalism on her Iphone7.

1338 - [TheRedPill] The Psychology of Approaching Groups Of Very Hot Women In Bars.

[-] JamesSkepp 211 Points 2 years ago

Best Game related post of 2016.

  1. It's called a "pivot" and it does work.

  2. The step by step breakdown is actionable, down to what and when to say, word for word.

  3. The explanations of what happens in each step are amazing. The breakdown is accurate and simple to understand.

IMO this is how a post should look like - it immediatelly makes me think - dude you got handed, on a sliver plate, how can your game look like, step up.

326 - [TheRedPill] On keeping your game simple and old school.

[-] JamesSkepp 194 Points 2 years ago

You don't need "game"

Right, you don't need game. But you do approach? You do open? You do ask for logistics? You do pass shit tests? You plow through ASD and LMR?

You don't need game, but you do.

241 - [TheRedPill] Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe Member Gets a Girl...Goes Hunting...Girl Sleeps With His Brother

[-] JamesSkepp 193 Points 2 years ago

This is what half (the bigger one) of TRP doesn't understand. AWALT is not caused by modern feminist-infected society, leftists, liberals and so on.

AWALT is built in to their biology, no amount of being a redpill-unicorn woman will turn it off.

509 - [TheRedPill] Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo CEO who flushed the company down the toilet will end up with around $219 million after being sold to Verizon today

[-] JamesSkepp 191 Points 2 years ago

This reply will sound as defending her. Part of it is defending her...

  1. There's no guarantee that a non feminist woman or a man in place of Mayer would do better. Yahoo's position was bad for a number of years before she was hired.

  2. She was HIRED, therefore it's reasonable to assume that it wasn't b/c "we need feminist woman to appease the market". She was most likely hired b/c of her experience (she had plenty).

  3. It's very hard to get to the bottom of why a company fails, especially a company as big as Yahoo. Hindsight is 20/20.

...part of it is "reexamine your thinking redpill, b/c you will cling to any single fact you can to bash women, even if it's a singular event and not something that is a statistical fact".

917 - [TheRedPill] Welcome New Subscribers! The newcomers from Reddit's yearly "THE REDPILL WILL KILL YOU INSIDE" post are arriving.

[-] JamesSkepp 170 Points 2 years ago

A man who "whores himself around"

You're comparing apples and oranges. Male equivalent of a slut (sex with any man) is a a dude who gives commitment to any girl immediately after meeting her.

160 - [TheRedPill] Operation "No Pay": Houston woman goes 31 dates in 31 days via Tinder

[-] JamesSkepp 165 Points 2 years ago

Operation "No Fucks Given": Houston man goes 31 pumps'N'dumps in 31 days via Tinder.

BTW: gentelman, you have my (and should give it to yourself) permission to treat any and all woman as sexual objects ONLY, without any regard for her feelings, opinions and other irrelevant stuff.

Here are the rules:

ANY converstion has to have sexual context. (you say "the current interest rates of china are a threat to small buissness in south east asia" while visualizing fucking her - this is FYI how you create sub-communication).

ANY interaction must end in either pushing things "FORWARD" (open>push for meet> push for pull to your place. etc) OR if she refuses "HARD NEXT" (dump her then and there, no reason, no explanation, no contact). IOW she has to experience "I'll either let him escalate or he'll next me".

ANY "hard next" must be followed by immediately (as soon as it it possble in your context) switching to next hot girl in your sight (use "hey newgirl meet my sister oldgirl" in club/pub - works/tested - social proof for new, competition/withdrawal for old).


"Maybe that’s wrong, but I have 30 other women who are willing to do that.”

13 - [TheRedPill] Do NOT Buy This Gender Fluidity Horseshit for a Single Second: (SEE ALSO:)New Young Thug Album Cover

[-] JamesSkepp 164 Points 2 years ago

Oh look a reasonable non-globalist-conspriacy driven explanation.

299 - [TheRedPill] Here's The Original

[-] JamesSkepp 160 Points 10 months ago

No need, just breathe in your balls.

130 - [TheRedPill] Article about how a woman doesn't think cheating is bad and rationalizes having sex with other men while in relationship

[-] JamesSkepp 156 Points 2 years ago

Cheating makes me feel alive!

So if your bf/husband cheats on you, you feel amazing?

Oh, you mean "YOU cheating", not "cheating on YOU".

Typical woman. Me me me.

597 - [TheRedPill] How To 'Hypnotize' A Girl With Your Personality

[-] JamesSkepp 155 Points 8 months ago

If this is field tested, keep it coming.

For the newbies: this is not going to be a shortcut to attracting your oneitis. She has to find you attractive first to submit, b/c if she doesn't submit she won't follow your "relaxed frame" leading.

189 - [TheRedPill] Wall-approaching long-term GF suggests opening up the relationship, gets mad when BF gets 5 plates in 3 months while she can't get anyone to sleep with her

[-] JamesSkepp 149 Points 2 years ago

516 - [TheRedPill] 6 blue pilled behaviors, disguised as red pilled, that trap men in blue pilled beta purgatory.

[-] JamesSkepp 132 Points about a year ago

For some reason so many ignorant types think PUA and TRP are the same thing. They aren't.

This is true. I found TRP after multiple PUA years. TRP is "better" in the sense that it actually cures not the symptom "lack of women" but the cause "beta/BP", it has also an added benefit that it cures A LOT of other "symptoms"

The problem with PUA is that the mission is not yourself, the mission is women.

Also true.


Regardless of that, it would be unfair to PUAs not to mention 2 things: TRP has it's origins in PUA community and it does work IF you commit to it.

496 - [TheRedPill] Woman makes an app to rate people: is now not comfortable with people rating her. AHAH. OH WOW.

[-] JamesSkepp 129 Points 3 years ago
  1. Lmao
  2. Call the UN, she's the victim of bad "cyber touch".

392 - [TheRedPill] Go Out and Test It.

[-] JamesSkepp 123 Points 11 months ago

"97% of Climateologists say Global Warming is Here, it's Real, and it's a Threat to Us All."

"Steven Hawking Says the Development of Strong AI Could Destroy Civilization."

"New Medical Study Reveals Coffee is Better For You Than We Thought."

"Nobel Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman Says Trade Deficits Are Not the Enemy."

These have nothing to do with "scienceism", these are ALL headlines from media articles not written by scientists. 99/100 articles like that says nothing like the quoted study or scientist actually said.

In each case, the scientist, researcher, or "expert" is being treated as a priest, who transmits revealed truth, rather than a teacher, who is supposed to explain why this is so

Pure bs. Scientists are NOT there to teach anyone. Their role is to find out why and how stuff happens. You want to understand astrophysics, go get a uni course where TEACHERS teach and you learn. Hawking's job when he's dabbling in theoretical physics is not to give quotes to media that a non-physicist will understand, his job is to advance the science.

The Scienceist may, in any case, be the scientist himself who demands unquestioning acceptance of his utterances, the reporter who only reads abstracts

Guesstimate the percentages of how many scientists and reporters are doing the above, b/c I smell a lot of bs in the idea of throwing those two categories together.

Ask you what your relevant expertise is for disbelieving something, as if you needed permission to be a skeptic.

You're inviting scientific illiterates like NRS to just deny something on the basis of "scientists lie to get grants so i don't have to understand his study or know the subject to question it's contents". "Do you believe in anthropogenic global warming? No, I don't. Do you know anything about that subject? No, but it just seems like bs and TRP says you should trust your gut". Your above idea is carte blanche invitation to be an uninformed idiot.


What you should actually do is make an effort to read the article in question, find it's source study, skip the abstract and instead read the "results" and the "discussion". Very often the last part contains exactly the opposite statement than what the first article claims. You'll never understand global warming if you rely on other people reading and understanding that for you. IOW, it's not going to be your informed opinion, it's going to be Bereitbar's opinion or Foxnew's opinion. That is not TRP, that is being a follower.

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