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289 - [TheRedPill] Zero Fucks Given (A guide to social confidence, pt 1 of 3)

[-] Fraita 19 Points 2 years ago

My weakest attribute is that I've got weak frame and can't control my "emotions" (?).

Just an example is when some one is yelling, questioning my decision/view or I get in some lively argumentation. I start looking down to the floor because I get watery/tears in my eyes? I don't necessarily feel threatend and could proably stand my ground because of the logic, but when my eyes start feeling teary/watery I can't proceed arguing because it looks like I cry.

Does anyone have/had same problem? How to fix it, I loose much confidence/frame because I can't win with this weakness. Just because it looks like i'm going to cry if I argue over what we should do this weekend...

294 - [TheRedPill] Never Get a Woman to Do a Man's Job: 3 Swedish Female Police Officers Embarrassingly Fail at Restraining Rowdy Migrant

[-] Fraita 8 Points 2 years ago

I live in the second biggest city of Sweden (Gothenburg), close to the central city. The thing is I don't notice the migrants that much, sure I see them. But often they stay for them self or in their own groups and don't engage that much when they are in the city.

Though there is a area, cirka 20 min from city that is called Biskopsgarden. The police won't even enter the place because it's to dangerous, they only go in when some gangmember kills a 8 year old with a grenade (

This city is probably the biggest "hipster" city in Sweden, so you can guess how the guys are... and also the girl with their no bras, hairy armpits and WOMEN-RULE-THE-WORLD-ideolgy.

In Stockholm (Our main capital)! They throw rocks at the ambulance and close them in because they don't "know" the diffrence between "help people car" and "get people to jail car"

No, I'm not racist or somthing like that. One of my best friends is dark skinned, but the problem is that Sweden goverment thinks the solutions is to get all of the imigrants to the country, then help them. It's just to much people that wont adjust to the system. And I understand why you wont adjust when you can get rich/powerful e.t.c. or die tryin far easier then to sit at a school bench for 13 years.

326 - [TheRedPill] International Feminists Go Nuts About 12 Step Guide to Being A Beautiful Woman

[-] Fraita 7 Points 3 months ago

Not sure if you follow his email list, but he was "disappointed" that he didn't use the word fit instead of thin, but he was in a "writing rage" when it happend, but shit happens and you only get one chance. We understand the point he ment.

He wrote a long email to all his followers with what he meant with all the points.


302 - [TheRedPill] Creating the moment

[-] Fraita 5 Points 5 months ago

A thing that always stuck to me is when you see in movies a bad/smart character answer a question with a story or just start randoming telling a story with a purpose.
For example, "The Blacklist" Raymond always tells a story before coming to a conclusion and sometimes you don't even know the answer.
Probably hard as fuck to do IRL, but would probably doing a lot for you socialy. Especially if you can capture yourself in the end.

724 - [TheRedPill] A woman's prime directive is emotional conquest

[-] Fraita 3 Points 5 months ago

Shit, this really hit me. Started dating a girl like 2 months ago, we met 4 times and i fell so fucking hard. I've been reading/study TRP for almost 10 years. Know the ground rule is not to let in, but fuck, shit happens.

I KNEW that i wrote to much on Facebook to her, I KNEW that i pushed to much to meet her (Rear of the year ;) ) , I know how much I failed. But the blue pill Fraita had a super strong urgent to write, see if she was online e.t.c. Every time my phone went of, my first reaction was to see if it was from L.

And I wonder "why" she went home with one of my buddies right infront of me without saying a single word like "hi". Haha shit, just to jump the horse again and let the monk mode do the shit.
It feels like I also needed this defeat, been going to well for me the last year. I really get super motivated to improve every aspect of my life just to show a long and a hard fucking finger to the girl that crushed me.

140 - [TheRedPill] Tools to begin Hammering your HB10's, Fitness and Mission - Looking at Monk Mode

[-] Fraita 3 Points 2 years ago

Don't get all the "hate" you get, especially with the HB 10, lets just say "Get your self to be the Chad that everyone wants to be".

The monk mode is about improving your self, and you seem really dedicated to it :)! Good for you and I like the way you link all the books and other posts.

I'm somewhat similar situation with the monk mode. Not that hardcore though, but I like my situation. Not been happier in many years, best of all was to ditch all the energy vampires!

Good luck in your journey

289 - [TheRedPill] Zero Fucks Given (A guide to social confidence, pt 1 of 3)

[-] Fraita 3 Points 2 years ago

Thanks for the comment!

I can really imagine how I would say somthing like that (sideway grin and look them in the eye with a playful/evil smile), I guess you really need to have such a strong frame that they wont "counter punch" it. Especially for someone like me that not yet master this.

Thanks! Will save this comment also

EDIT: And I promised my self today that I will also start with some kind of martial arts, so I also feel confident if somthing would escalate when being an asshole.

119 - [TheRedPill] Common mistakes, misconceptions and hamstering from newcomers

[-] Fraita 3 Points 2 years ago

Grew up with "2" moms and two girl cousins. (same age and 5 years older)

No i didn't have two moms, they are twins and none of them have a male in their life since 20 years back. So they decided to move in togheter for economic reasons.

I can talk to any girl (dosen't matter HB-rank) "good" if you ask a beta-guy. But I've probably got friendzoned like 20, if not more, times in my life... Even had guys tell me that they are jealous of my socialskills with hot bitches, but they've not been in my shoes and get friendzoned by everyone...

I've slowley been crawling out of the feminine traits that i've received from living with four womens.

629 - [TheRedPill] How to Train Your Brain to Wake Up Like a Coked Out Madman

[-] Fraita 2 Points 2 years ago

Ever since new year, I've been going with a routine in the morning. (Monk mode)

Made me so happy and it even go so far that I've want to go to bed early at the evening, so I can wake up again and feeling badass. PS. I've always been a morning person, so it can be a reason why it works so efficient for me.

My routine so far:

1) My alarm will go off 03:30. Often I'm already awake (I'm that kind of person that has an "alarmclock" in my mind, so I can most likley wake up at the same time everyday, if i've trained in the "daily rythm" for a week).

2) I will check the phone just to get my eyes adjusted to the light (Iphone got that "night shift" mode, otherwise I will get totaly flashed by my ordinary lamps), no risk for me of going back to bed.

3) Turn on the computer & and fix a "drink" with Resorb fluid replacement & vitamins. Put on some deep house (the one where they mix songs). Start reading diffrent TRP forums/bloggs e.t.c. Around 04:15-25 I will mix PWO/Proteinpowder. Let the mind race until 04:57. Then I start walking to the gym (2 min away).

4) 05:00, gym door unlocks... The last couple months I've totaly crushed it on the gym, personal record in atleast one of the exercises, everytime I go to the gym.

5) Around 06:30 I'm done with the exercises and will hurry back home to fix me up (shower, get dressed, walk to the bus) before the work that starts at 08:00. On the way to the work my mind is still racing because of the PWO/gym, so I read, listen to music, wondering about life, writing some notes, meditate or just space out.

6) 08:00 - 17:00 I work, feeling the energy slowly get drained. 18:00 I come home, fix some food, watch American dad or w/e. 19:30-20:00 I get to sleep and repeat the same process.

This routine really works for me and I'm crushing the businessdays, but the effect still holds on the weekend. So I fall asleep around 21-22 and wake up around 4:30-6:00. So I'm not especially social with anyone. Just hitting the gym and sit at home watching netflix/playing video games.

Before you "you can be social during the days". Yeah, but most of my "friends" are night owls and just like to get wasted on the nights and sleep all day. And I barley drink anymore because of alcoholic delirium, I've got(get?) every symptom except coma/seizures/fevers at 23 years old, I tried to live up to my "finnish alcholism genes" from 15 years old, and it punished me really hard.

Sure I could go to the local mall and socialize with random people and find new "friends"/plates or whatever. But i've not yet overcome that anxiety, and Swedish people (from Finland, live in Sweden) are very shy and difficult to day game ( ) (an excuse? Yes), but I'm trying to over win my "fear" of approaching.

So I really like my routine, but is somehow flawed because I'm only social on my work (work as an shipping-agent, so I talk a lot at work) and people can't understand my routines and I'm the boring person because I'm not up late and don't drink.

1326 - [TheRedPill] Taking care of your body is easy, you keep away from shitty foods and smash some deadlifts. How about your mind though? Here is a list of 8 things that you can start doing if you want to get smarter. It's about time you started taking care of your brain.

[-] Fraita 2 Points about a year ago

Förstod precis allt ;)!

Good luck with your Swedish lessons, really have challenge myself to learn a new language too.

768 - [TheRedPill] The Coward's Glance: A Common Folly of Men New to Red Pill Philosophy.

[-] Fraita 2 Points 2 years ago

I somehow got to think about the ending of Batman, the dark knight rises.


When Alfred goes to France just to see Bruce sitting their with a hot chick. And their glace meet eachother and Bruce bring forth a small smile and SLOWLY (important) turn his head (down in this case, but to the sides would be better) like he is acknowledged the person.

Or like Leo in Django Unchained, Like that, but SLOWLY like an acknowledged

268 - [TheRedPill] Finding Your Mission

[-] Fraita 2 Points 7 months ago

Good post!

I was thinking about the books, I've read maybe 50-100 through my life. It was more fiction the facts.

Then i went to College and learned that I can listen to the teacher and remember very much, so i skipped the books/writings all together and just sat in front row and listened.

Today i use audiobooks instead ordinary books, so i can listen everywhere I go and i must say. With every book, i go through (it's most facts, biographies e.t.c.) i learn something new i want to spread around to my closest.
When you listening/reading books, don't focus 100% what they say, try to make some own "sentences".
With this ability to make your own sentences you can practice what you learn on new areas, which will make your smarter.

Sorry for some bad sentences, the PWO is killing my writing focus.

529 - [TheRedPill] I can choose to display a Red pill OR a Blue pill self...and the results are predictable like clockwork.

[-] Fraita 2 Points 2 years ago

Just an little anecdote

I was wondering, can this backfire as hell and make the girl want to stay even more? I think I read somewhere that some girls (redflag) wants BP-guys. So they can take care, control and know where they have their "little" boy. More insecure and vulnerable, the better!

I guess the RP can just take another road if the "beta smokescreen" dosen't work, but I was aiming for the guys that maybe don't know any other strategi to get a girl out of their lives without drama.

EDIT: Saw now that OP said "that SOMETIMES blue pill tactics can be great..."

29 - [TheRedPill] Learn to fight.

[-] Fraita 2 Points 2 years ago

I've been looking at krav maga for a while (never moved my ass to the classes though), what do you think about that?

30 - [TheRedPill] A Guide for young TRP'ers Part 3: Connections

[-] Fraita 2 Points 2 years ago

I like that you bring up the "party part". I actually did that, party hard as hell every summer from when I was 15, since the first time I got drunk I loved it! (alcoholism runs in my finnish family). Today, at 22 years old, I got problem with my mind, hard to remember stuff/faces/facts, it's a mess in my head. I guess it's a result from my blackout (only way I knew to drink) drinking since 15. I remember storys/facts e.t.c. but when I try to talk about them I just mess the storys together and comes out as a mess.

Lesson of the story: dont be like Fraita, not that fun when people don't take credibility in what you say because the facts is messed up. And can't be close to your "friends" when they drink because they start to "group push" (?) and say stuff like " you are so much fun when you are drunk" etc.

So focus on improving yourself and you will kill the 20s

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