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107 - [TheRedPill] The Most Simple Guide to Maximizing your SMV. Betas will fight this!

[-] Excuses365 18 Points 2 years ago

The order you do this is also important. Nutrition and eating clean is 80% of a lifting routine (caloric maintenance, macros, etc).

All change starts from the inside out. Mentality before reality. One time I wanted to buy new clothes but I said, why change the outfit when I can change the mannequin (my body)? Once you lift and gain some mass and stop looking like a DYEL pasty 14 year old, it's intuitive that your confidence will snowball your attractiveness, which goes into your SMV, then your skill set, you start getting paid more, etc.

Or you can be a lethargic POS all day. Your choice, sunshine.

87 - [TheRedPill] Bad Side Effects of a Sexually Needy Man (Topic on Masturbation Porn Addiction Problems)

[-] Excuses365 8 Points 2 years ago

Just wanted to say hello and offer my strategy: complete disengagement from the Trigger sources. If it's via mobile device (most of the time due to ease of access), laptop or etc., make the device inaccessible during Trigger periods (esp. late evenings before bed). For me this means sometimes I have to leave my phone locked in my desk at work and forgo using it. Also, move your phone charger to the living room and not the bedroom. Porn (PMO) is a quick peak and leaves you spiritually drained when abused. Hence the feelings of shame and guilt. It's unnatural and has only come into existence within the last few years via high speed Internet so it's a new challenge as males (and females, because they can overdose too) to confront. Be aware of your triggers and you gotta give up those old bad habits from 16 years old in order to make new habits for a successful and fulfilling career. Good luck and have a great day.

134 - [TheRedPill] An 'asshole' and a 'bad person' are two very different things, remember this.

[-] Excuses365 2 Points 2 years ago

Excellent post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, brother. Being called selfish or an asshole brings a smirk to my face because it's meant to be an insult.

1673 - [TheRedPill] Vagina Envy

[-] Excuses365 1 Point about a year ago

Live for the woman, become the woman.

87 - [TheRedPill] How do you get over being alone?

[-] Excuses365 1 Point 2 years ago

Good morning and thanks for sharing your troubled thoughts.

I would caution you from being too consumed in one issue (med school exams) but take a holistic view that nutrition, sufficient sleep and physical fitness all contribute to your overall emotional condition. I have spent 2 years after finishing undergrad working a crushing corporate job but I am now a more stoic and emotionally firm person. I call it intestinal fortitude. Being alone is normal...get to know yourself. Do hobbies (gym, I like the gun range, library has DVDs for movies...walking outside...reading). Know thyself so the enemy won't.

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