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772 - [TheRedPill] I Archived The Entire Subreddit And Coded A Simple Website To Read It

[-] El_Ejcovero 3 Points 7 months ago

You can never have too many backups, especially with the purging of "controversial" content and people online as of late.

342 - [TheRedPill] Random Thoughts after Twenty Years of Game

[-] El_Ejcovero 3 Points about a year ago

Takei has been a menace long enough, I really hope this will take him down. But if this allegation doesn't do it, I am sure something else will come up. That guy has baggage and a sick attraction to underage boys that will come out, sooner or later.

465 - [TheRedPill] Dark times : For some of us, we’re already fucked, don’t be like the rest of us.

[-] El_Ejcovero 2 Points about a year ago

The media is only panicking because their "men" turned out to be pedophiles and "abusers." So I agree there is no need for any of us to panic, especially because their "men" weren't even remotely masculine to begin with.

9 - [TheRedPill] What if all men had a curfew, Discussion on The View

[-] El_Ejcovero 1 Point 7 months ago

Well, it was also spread by Twitter, that is probably where the idea came from.

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